Kindal in mid shuffle as she get's to the other side of her yoga mat to touch the ground.

Dragon - 5 Minute Fit Finisher

You're lungs will be burning... you'll feel like you're breathing fire.

This 5 Minute Fit Finisher workout is all about cardio...

  • Ramping up the heart rate
  • Maximizing calorie burn
  • Testing your ability to push when you're breathing hard

Let's dive into this workout. It's a fun one.

Dragon Workout Breakdown

This workout is very simple.

Here's how the workout flows:

The "#" mark means the reps are going to change... I'll show you the rep schedule after the short exercise list.

  • # Burpees
  • # Mat shuffles

Rep Schedule


  • Round 1: 6
  • Round 2: 4
  • Round 3: 2

Mat Shuffles:

You will need a yoga mat for this workout or at least something that is about as long as a yoga mat.

The mat is used for the shuffle distance... which is about 6 feet long.

  • Round 1: 2
  • Round 2: 4
  • Round 3: 6

Here's how this works...

You'll do 6 burpees at the end one side of your yoga mat. Outside of the mat.

When you're done... you'll stay in an athletic position and side shuffle to the other end of the yoga mat... touch the ground... and come back. This completes the 2 lengths.

  • Do 4 burpees
  • Do 4 shuffle lengths

And keep going as fast as you can. Make sure you touch the ground when you change direction on your shuffles.

When You're Done With Mat Side Shuffles

You should be able to get through all the suffles in the 5 minute time period.

Ideally, I want you to switch to doing kettlebell snatches .

But if you're not experienced enough for kettlebell snatches... do squat to press with a dumbbell or kettlebell.

Because the reps are so low... make the weight challenging. This will also keep your heart rate high.

If you finish all the rounds with snatches... switch back to side shuffles.

Dragon Exercise Breakdown


Your classic burpee... but at Fit Women's Weekly we focus on doing a great pushups. Let's break it down...

Step 1:

Crouch down and place your hands next to (and outside) your feet as you jump back into the top of pushup plank.

Keep your core engaged and try to land your feet softly on the ground.

Step 2:

Perform a rock solid pushup. Don't get sloppy.

If you need help with learning pushups, checkout:

How To Do The Pushup: Exercise Database

My 7 Step Pushup Progression

Kindal pushing really hard in a pushup
Intensity Tip

If you're good with pushups and you want to make burpees a little tougher... try this...

When you jump back into the pushup start to lower into your pushup. You'll need to keep your bodyweight a little further over your arms.

As your feet (gently) hit the ground you're already in the bottom of your pushup.

This is very tough because it demands a lot more strength from your arms and control.

What I love about doing this is the smoothness you create. You end up making the burpee look graceful like it's one graceful movement.

Give it a shot and if you need some help... shoot me a DM on social.

Step 3:

After your pushup... jump your feet back in so you return to the tucked position.

I've done this both ways over the years... but rather than jump your legs outside your hands... jump them inside. I think this puts in you a tucked position that demands a little more from your thighs.

Step 4:

Explode from the tucked position all the way up. Here you have a choice...

You can jump up as the reset of the burpee rep.

But if you're not a confident jumper or you lack coordination... don't jump. Just stand up and reach your arms up to the sky.

Then fall right back down into the next burpee rep. You want to connect these reps and make them look good.

Yoga Mat Shuffle

I have an old knee injury so I actually don't enjoy side shuffles.

However, they're great because a small... seamingly... easy movement will skyrocket your heart rate and make this workout so much tougher.

Step 1:

Get into an athletic stance. This is where you have your knees slightly bent and your butt pushed out.

Remain on your forefeet... closer to your toes.

Step 2:

Side shuffle... but NEVER let your feet cross.

If you're feet cross... the chances of you tripping go way up. Tripping in a side shuffle could be bad. Dan's Mom actually tripped during a side shuffle... fell on her hip... and broker her hip.

Granted her - not so smart - trainer was having her throw and catch a medicine ball at the same time. Not a good idea.

Step 3:

When you change directions... reach down to floor and touch the ground.

Make sure you're past the end of your mat. You want to go a little longer than the mat length. I hope that makes sense.

This little extra movement will get your heart rate up... making the workout that much tougher.


A yoga mat is just about 6 feet tall or wide depending on how you look at it.

So if you don't have a yoga mat... you want something that is about 6 feet so you can repeat the same distance over and over again.

Side Shuffle Modification

If for some reason you can't do side shuffles... maybe you're like me and you have an old injury... do this...

  • Mini sprint forward past the end of your mat
  • Do a quick stop
  • Back peddle back to the other side of the yoga mat

This can be tough too because back peddling requires coordination.

Kettlebell Snatches

If you've been doing my 5 Minute Fit Finishers... you know I love kettlebell snatches . One of the single best kettlebell exercises .

Step 1:

Hick the kettlebell back so you're in the loaded position. This is the same loaded position that nearly every kettlebell exercise uses.

For the snatch... make sure the arm that is not holding the kettlebell goes behind you. This helps load you up.

Step 2:

Fire your hips forward and as the kettlebell goes past your hips... pull up on the kettlebell to redirect it up.

You should be nearly standing straight up at this point.

Step 3:

As the kettlebell is traveling up from the momentum of your pull and as it gets to chest level or a little higher...

Punch around the kettlebell so it can easily transition onto your arm.

Step 4:

As you punch around the kettlebell... you're also extending your arm straight up to the sky.

This is all one smooth motion.

Are You Ready For Your Lungs To Burn... Go Give Dragon A Go!

I really enjoyed this workout. These cardio based workouts are test you physically and mentally... when things get hard... can you keep pushing just as hard?

This is what I enjoy feeling. Can I push myself just as hard when I'm breathing hard.

Go give Dragon a go and let me know what you think. Workout feedback is always helpful.

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