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5 Minute Kettlebell Cardio - Directions

Bent over.

Breathing hard.

Can't catch your breath...

Give me a couple minutes.

Are you ready to be completely wrecked?

In one of the best ways possible?

You're going to LOVE this workout. Just like last weeks Chest Burn , this workout is semi-inspired by Keith Webber's Kettlebell Cardio workout .

Let's get into it so you can enjoy breathing hard and drenched in sweat.

Direction Kettlebell Cardio Workout Breakdown

This is an all out sprint style... suck it up... and give it all you got style of workout.

It's a strength cardio workout... one of my favorite styles.

Here's the workout circuit:

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    20 Swings

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    5 Lateral Burpees

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    10 Start Stop Swings (heavier)

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    5 Burpee Swings

Workout Goal

Get as many rounds as possible. AMRAP!

I got just over three rounds in 5 minutes.

If you can... workout with me and let's sweat this out together. I'm going to push it hard... but I know you can hang with me .


This is a great assessment workout you can use over a 30 day period. Learn more about how to use assessment workouts to get stronger FASTER!

Kindal squating and working out hard to get out of a workout rut. Kindal squating and working out hard to get out of a workout rut.

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Direction Kettlebell Cardio Exercise Breakdown

Kettlebell Swings

Kindal is in the loaded position ready to fire her hips but this entire time her balance is near perfect.
Kindal firing her hips and you can see as the kettlebell passes her legs she is nearly standing straight up.
Kindal at the top of the kettlebell swing. Her legs are fully locked out and her core is tight. Kindal's balance is also near perfect at the top of the swing.

If you've been around FWW for a little while... you know we do swings a lot!

Read my full kettlebell swing breakdown for the nitty-gritty of the kettlebell swing .

Step 1

Get the kettlebell into a strong power position... with a strong hip hinge and really good balance over your feet.

Make sure you keep the kettlebell close to your crotch... your crotch, your center of the hips are where your center of gravity is in this position.

Step 2

Fire HARD from your hips by thrusting them forward just as if you're standing straight up with some power.

Let your hips move the kettlebell. You should be nearly standing straight up as the kettlebell moves through your legs.

At the top of the swing... your butt is squeezed and your legs are locked out.

Lateral Burpees

Kindal down in the burpee tuck position keeping her body position close to the kettlebell.
Kindal at the top of the pushup plank getting ready for her pushup.
Kindal dropping down into a great burpee pushup with her elbows straight back.
Kindal completes the pushup and jumps back into the burpee tuck getting ready for the lateral jump.
Kindal making her lateral burpee jump over the kettlebell and making sure she can complete the jump and the distance.
Immediately on landing Kindal falls into the next burpee tuck and right into the next rep.

For this exercise... I jumped over a kettlebell.

You don't have to jump over anything. You know how I feel about jumping .

You can just hop laterally... or you can take a big lateral step. The idea is to move laterally.

Step 1

Get into a crouched position and jump back into the top of a pushup plank.

This is your normal burpee so far. Make sure you focus on keeping your core and body tight when jump back.

Step 2

Do a great pushup.

If you need some form help checkout my box pushup blog post and my floor pushup blog post .

You can easily do burpees from a box if you need help with the pushup part.

Step 3

As you come out of the pushup... jump back into a tucked (crouched) position ready to hop back up.

As you jump up... jump up and off to the side.

This little bit of extra lateral movement forces your brain to talk to your muscles in a new way... increasing coordination and muscle recruitment.

Small changes make a big difference.

form tip

Two things... first - jumping

You don't have to jump. You can take an athletic style step off to the side. Even a lateral step will really help.

If you're doing your burpee from a box... you can hop laterally and just hop back to your box for the next burpee.

You should not fall too far behind by doing this little double hop.

Start Stop Swings

Step 1

Start in start-stop position.

Your stance is a little wider than shoulder width.

The kettlebell is in-front of you and forms a triangle between the kettlebell and your feet.

Your hips are already hinged back and your spine is straight.

Step 2

Hike the kettlebell back into the power position.

Focus hard and keeping really good balance over your feet. Don't rock back or stay too far forward over your fore-foot.

Fire your hips hard and do one powerful swing really focusing on your butt and hamstrings.

Step 3

As you bring the kettlebell back into the power position...

You'll return the kettlebell back to the start stop position and let it hit the ground... and rest... momentarily.

This is a split second of rest before you hike it straight back into the power position for your next rep.

This is a great exercise to work on the the hip pop and on balance while producing power. Your butt and hamstrings are going to feel this one for sure!

Burpee Swings

A great exercise combo that works seamlessly.

And it turns up the dial on the burpee... big time.

Step 1

Start with a kettlebell in-front of you. Far enough so you have room to knockout a pushup.

Normal burpee stuff here...

Get down into the crouch position and jump back into the top of pushup position.

Knock out your pushup and this is where things are going to change...

Step 2

As you jump back into the tuck (crouched) position... jump your feet a little wider.

You're setting your position up for a kettlebell swing and you need a strong (balanced) stance ready to go.

Step 3

Grab the handle of your kettlebell (it should be right there)... and hike it back into the power position.

You're essentially doing a start stop swing from here.

Power your hips and do a strong swing.

Return the kettlebell back to the start stop position... place your hands on the ground and immediately go into your next burpee.

This is hardcore burpee variation... so focus on your form and power. You got this!

Kindal squating and working out hard to get out of a workout rut. Kindal squating and working out hard to get out of a workout rut.

have your

results stopped?

and now you're...

stuck in a

workout rut?

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Are You Ready Take Your Workouts To Another Level?

How did you do?

How many rounds were you able to get?

Make sure you push hard... but make sure you're having fun too.

The intensity of this workout is what makes it fun... engrossing!

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Your Real Trainer

Kindal squating and working her way through a tough metabolic strength workout

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