Kindal doing a high pull and just getting into the rough parts of Keith Webber's kettlebell cardio workout.

Keith Webber's Kettlebell Cardio Workout

This workout is a kettlebell classic.

In fact the entire workout DVD is a classic.

When I was learning kettlebells, I purchased Keith Weber's Extreme Kettlebell workout. Keith was a pretty famous RKC kettlebell instructor... and one of my kettlebell certifications is under RKC.

If you were into kettlebells back then (back in the day) you were almost required to buy this program.

This is just one short workout from the entire DVD... it's Dan and I's favorite circuit.

The Cardiovasculor Kettlebell Workout

This is Keith's cardio workout from the DVD. The entire DVD consists of:

  • Squat workout
  • Lunge workout
  • Ab workout
  • Cardio workout (this fitness test)

Dan and I love this workout because it's perfect for a hardcore cardio fitness test.

When you want to see where you stand in a conditioning aspect... this is one of the best workouts you can do.

Here's the workout layout:

  • 10 Kettlebell snatches weak side
  • 10 Kettlebell snatches strong side
  • 10 High pulls weak side
  • 10 High pulls strong side
  • 10 Kettlebell swings weak side
  • 10 Kettlebell swings strong side
  • 10 Clean to press weak side
  • 10 Clean to press strong side
  • 20 Alternating kettlebell swings
  • 10 Kettlebell snatches weak side
  • 10 Kettlebell snatches strong side
  • 20 Double handed swings

This workout is actually easy to remember... here's how to think about it.

  • 10 Kettlebell snatches per side
  • 10 High pulls per side
  • 10 Single swings per side
  • 10 Clean and press per side
  • 20 Alternating swings
  • 10 Kettlebell snatches per side
  • 20 Double handed swings

You have to complete all 10 reps on one side before you switch to the other. No going back and forth.

Track the total time it takes to complete the workout. One fast round through!

The Kettlebell Cardio Rest Kicker!

Here's the deal...

You have to get through this entire workout without putting the kettlebell on the ground.

You can rest... BUT... you can't put the kettlebell down on the ground.

Here are two good options for getting some active rest:

Mini Swings

Mini swings are double handed kettlebell swings where you don't get the kettlebell high at all. You're barely using any hip effort... it's an active rest swing.

This is a good option if you're new to kettlebell training.

Around The Worlds

Video pause cover

This is my preferred way to achieve active rest without putting the kettlebell down.

Look at the little video... all you're doing is passing the kettlebell around your body. The trick to learn is how to change directions.

You can use these active rest exercises whenever you want during the workout.

Remember, the goal is to track the total time required to get this workout done.

Keith Weber Kettlebell Cardio Exercise Breakdown

Kettlebell Snatches

Snatches are a dynamic strength based kettlebell exercise with insane cardio built in. Here's how to do the kettelbell snatch :

Step 1:

Start by hiking the kettlebell back into the loaded position. Make sure you have good contact with the ground and balance.

Step 2:

Fire from your hips and as the kettlebell passes through your legs... tug straight up on it with some force.

This redirects the path of the kettlebell up so it can get above your head.

Step 3:

Keep your elbow closer to your body and as the kettlebell travels just about to shoulder height...

Punch your hand around the kettlebell and up to the sky. This punch helps to control and position the kettlebell for...

Step 4:

Reach your arm up to the sky and press the kettlebell high. Make sure you maintain complete balance over your feet during this process.

Step 5:

Depending on your kettlebell experience, you can either come straight down from abover your head into the loaded position...

Or you can bring the kettlebell to rack position first. Then throw it off your chest into the loaded position for the next snatch rep. Keep in mind... this will slow down your pace.

So it's a great idea to go learn how to workout with kettlebells .

Kettlebell High Pull

Here is a great kettlebell exercise. I don't use enough in my FWW workouts.

The high pull is typically used as training exercise to learn how to pull up on the kettlebell for snatches and cleans. But it can be a great exercise in it's own right.

Step 1:

Hike the kettlebell back into the loaded position with one arm.

Just to mention, this is the same position for single arm kettlebell swings... snatches... cleans... it's the loaded kettlebell position.

Step 2:

Fire your hips and as the kettlebell comes through your legs tug up on the kettlebell so it's path is redirected straight up.

This is identical to performing a kettlebell snatch so far.

Step 3:

Here things get a little different.

Keep your elbow stay high. You want your elbow to stay higher than your wrist through this process. Make sure you look at the pictures and this will be clear.

As your elbow stays high... you want to pull your elbow back... while keeping the kettlebell handle inline with your forearm.

Step 4:

Once you're in the top loaded position. Again study the pictures for this because it is very hard to explain in words.

You'll punch the kettlebell out in front of you so the kettlebell can swing back into the loaded position.

The kettlebell high pull takes practice to learn. The top position is hard to understand until you perform it over and over again.

Single And Double Kettlebell Swing

You should know how to do kettlebell swings.

Single swings are swings with one arm and double means you're holding the kettlebell with two hands.

Read this post about how to master the kettlebell swing .

Keep in mind when you're doing a single armed swing... your shoulder line will rotate as you go back into the loaded position of the swing. This is unlike the double swing where you're shoulder line stays parallel to the ground.

Take a look at the pictures and you'll see what I'm talking about. Ask me in a DM on [Instagram]() or [YouTube]() and I'll make sure to help you out if you need it.

Alternating Kettlebell Swings

These are fun. I always feel like it's easy to get lazy with alternating swings and just go through the motions. So make sure when you swing... you still swing hard.

Step 1:

Hike the kettlebell back and get into the loaded position like a normal single armed swing.

Step 2:

Fire your hips and perform a single armed swing... and here is where the small difference comes in.

As you get to the top of the swing... rotate the kettlebell handle so it's perpendicular to the floor and your thumb is at the top of your hand.

Bring your other arm up with the swing motion and you're going to let go of the kettlebell with the one hand... and grab the handle with the other hand.

Step 3:

Then just fall back into the next loaded position of the swing.

When you're doing alternating swings... it's easy to focus so much on the passing of the kettlebell... you lose focus to fire with your hips. Plus by this time of the workout you'll be tired.

Do your best to keep the hip power going strong on these swings.

Kettlebell Clean and Press

This used to be the hardest part of the workout for me. But lately I feel things have changed. I think I struggle the most during the second round of snatches. But that's just me...

Pay attention to where the workout gets the hardest for you. This is a good signal of what you need to improve on.

Let's get into the clean and press.

Step 1:

Hike the kettlebell back into the loaded position.

Step 2:

Use your hips for the power and clean the kettlebell. Make sure you read my post about how to master the kettlebell clean .

Step 3:

Now you press it over your head. But for this workout... since it's so exhausting... you can push press the kettlebel.

Bend at your knees just a little and use the momentum built up to get that weight straight up.

Step 4:

Bring the kettlebell back down to rack... with control... toss it off your chest and get it back into the loaded position.

Go Try Kettlebel Cardio And Let Me Know How You Do

Remember, the goal of the workout besides going as fast as you can...

Is to not put the kettlebell down on the ground.

  • You can use mini swings as active rest
  • You can use around the worlds for active rest

But if you HAVE to put the bell down... put it down. There are no real rules and you need to listen to your body... that is always rule number one.

If you enjoyed this workout, go checkout Keith's DVD. As far as I know... you will need a DVD player. I don't think there are digital copies.

If you want to do kettlebell workouts like this... but with me... LIVE... where I workout with you... and where you can talk to me...

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Now go give Kettlebell Cardio a go and remember... you're stronger than you think you are.

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