5 Minute Leg Workout - Squat Breath

I didn't know what to call this workout... but as I was testing this workout design... I kept losing my breath during the squat lunges.

So I called it Squat Breath.

So if you're ready for your legs to get a serious burn...

And you're ready for a tough time trial workout...

Let's get into this already!

5 Minute Leg Workout - Squat Breath Workout Breakdown

Here's how the workout breaks down:

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    20 racked squats - more on weak side

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    20 swings

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    8 double presses

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    10 squat lunges - more on weak side

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    10 double swings

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    8 double presses

Your goal is to get 2 full rounds in 5 minutes or less.

It's really hard getting to that level... so if you go beyond... finish off 2 rounds for time.

It's a simple workout design. What makes this workout so much fun is...

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    I want you going heavier with the presses if you can

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    I want you doing more reps on your weak side for racked squats and the squat lunges

This should shake things up.

intensity tip

Weak side training is doing more reps on the side of your body that is clearly weaker.

This is the only way to "even" out your body and bring balance to both sides.

I have a workout called Weakness that focuses 100% on weak side training. It's a great workout to do with this one.

Squat Breath Exercise Breakdown

Racked Squats

Kindal at the top of the racked squat. She is standing tall and ready to squat down.
Kindal at the bottom of the racked squat. She is balanced and standing tall. Read to push off hard and come up.

Remember you have to do more reps with the kettlebell racked on your weak side than on your strong.

If you want... you can go all weak. It will only help!

Step 1

Get the kettlebell in rack position. Read my post on kettlebell cleans if you need help getting in position.

Set your feet to your ideal squat width.

If you don't know your ideal width... start with your feet about shoulder width apart.

Slightly twist your feet into the ground so your leg muscles are activated and ready to squat.

One more thing... slightly squeeze the handle of the kettlebell so you're ready to support the bell.

Step 2

Squat down.

For this workout lets stick to around parallel for the depth. 20 reps is a lot... but you got this.

As you squat down... keep your feet twisted into the ground and your core engaged (pulled in).

Once you hit about parallel come back up with balance.

form tip

When you're squatting, it's easy to end up looking down at the ground. You want to avoid this as it will lead to poor posture as you squat.

I'm found when clients end up looking at the ground they get too far forward towards their toes and they will usually feel the squat in their back a little... or just lose balance completely.

I've found it's best to look about 15 to 20 in front of you. This will angle your head slightly down in line with your spine so it's not arching back.

You'll find it easier to keep your torso tall and your balance will improve as well.

Kettlebell Swings

Kindal if fully loaded ready to fire from the bottom of the kettlebell squat. She also keeps her balance really strong.
Kindal is fully locked out at the top of the kettlebell swing. She is also in near perfect balance.

This first set of swings is going to be the stand two handed swing.

Step 1

Hike the kettlebell back so you're in a strong kettlebell loaded position.

Make sure you stay balanced over your feet... not rocking back to far or getting too much on the front of your feet.

Step 2

Fire from your hips to get the kettlebell moving.

Remember the kettlebell will stay back as long as you can to the point where practically standing before the kettlebell starts moving in front of you.

Really focus on using your hips to generate the power as you grip your feet down into the ground.

Step 3

At the top of the swing... the kettlebell should be at chest level.

Your shoulders are packed into your body. Your arms are bent and not out straight where you lose control over the kettlebell.

Finally... your legs are locked out and fully engaged giving you a strong foundation at the top of the swing.

For this workout if you want you can go a little faster by doing shadow swings. If you don't know what shadow swing is... do not worry about it yet.

Double Kettlebell Swings

Kindal in the loaded position of the double kettlebell swing. It's very similar to a normal swing with a slightly wider stance.
Kindal at the top of the double kettlebell swing. She is fully locked out and in a strong balanced position.

You will need two kettlebells for exercise. If you don't have two kettlebells... just do normal kettlebell swings with a heavier bell.

Step 1

Take a wider stance than normal. You'll need it with two kettlebells needing to fit between your legs.

Same as the normal swing get the kettlebells in a strong loaded position with a balanced hip hinge.

I prefer to keep the handles of the kettlebell always facing the same direction during the entire swing... vertical with your thumbs pointing out in front of you.

Step 2

Focus on good balance as you fire your hips hard. Keep the kettlebells back into your hips as you fire your hips out. This will help you from losing your balance.

As you get to fully standing... really focus hard on locking your legs out.

This leg lock out will help you maintain balance... which with double kettlebell swings is one of the most important things to prioritize.

Step 3

As you come back down to the loaded position... make sure you pre-bend your legs so they are ready to accept the kettlebells.

Do not hinge too early... let your forearms hitting your thighs push you hips back.

If you do hinge too early... you'll lose balance very quickly.

Double Presses

Kindal in a double racked position ready. To pre-engage she is squeezing the handles so she can press with power.
Kindal is fully pressing the two kettlebells over her head. She is fully extending while keeping her core engaged.

You'll need two kettlebells for these too... but you can also use dumbbells if you don't have two kettlebells.

Heck you can get creative and use one kettlebell and one dumbbell.

Step 1

Get your weights into a rack position.

Stand tall with your feet flat and locked into the ground. Keep your legs straight but don't lock them out where they're flexed.

Hold your core in and keep it engaged. This will help from over arching your low back.

Step 2

Squeeze the handles of your weights. Not a death grip but a firm grip.

Start by slightly rotating your arms out laterally.

As your rotating out... press the weight to the sky and press through your shoulder joint.

Your palms should be facing forward.

Return back down and keep repping out.

As you get tired... it's easy to lose the engagement in your core and your low back will start to arch.

It happens to everybody... do you best to fight this from happening.

Keep your core engaged!

Squat Lunges

Kindal is in racked position pre-engaging and ready to squat down.
Kindal at the bottom of the squat. She is engaged and ready to drop back into a lunge.
Kindal comes out of the squat and drops back into the lunge immediately while keeping her legs engaged the whole time.

Okay, this is such a brutal exercise. While it's technically just a combo of two different exercises... if you do this right... it's like one exercise.

Step 1

Rack the kettlebell (or dumbbell) and get into a good squat position. We talked about how to start with feet shoulder width apart if you don't know your... personal... ideal squat width.

Bottom line... just setup like you're going to do a normal squat... because you are.

Step 2

Drop down into a great squat. For this exercise... try to get a little below parallel.

Remember to keep your feet twisting into the ground.

Start to come up from the squat and just as your thighs are about 45 degrees from perfectly straight...

Step 3

Step back into a reverse lunge.

The key is NOT complete the squat. You want your legs in tension the entire time.

Take your step back. You can play around with the width of your lunge to hit the body different... the key is to keep the rep smooth.

Step 4

Once you hit the bottom of the lunge... fire off your front foot to come out of the lunge.

And just like the squat... as your thigh passes the 45 degree mark from being perfectly straight (the top of the lunge)...

Bring your back foot forward and drop right into the next squat.

You will just repeat this...

Again, the key is keep the transition from squat to lunge and lunge to squat smooth.

You'll never come fully out of either rep... rather one leads to the next smooth as butter!

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