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5 Minute Leg Workout - Sturdy

Are you ready to make your legs jello?

Today's workout has some insane "total leg" exercises that hit your hamstrings and your quads at nearly the same time.

And the focus of this workout is a not really speed like so many of the Fit Finishers... rather it's control and balance under load.

But enough build up. Let's get into this one.

Weighted Leg Workout Breakdown - Sturdy

Here's how this workout breaks down. Then I'll explain the goal and how I want you to approach it.

Workout Circuit:

  • Bullet point

    12 Tick tock lunges - half and half

  • Bullet point

    Fast complex

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    12 Squat lunges - half and half

  • Bullet point

    Fast complex

  • Bullet point

    20 Wounded solders - half and half

  • Bullet point

    Fast complex

Fast Complex:

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    20 Mt climbers

  • Bullet point

    20 Flutter kicks

This is a 5 minute AMRAP... or "as many rounds as possible"...

But don't worry so much about getting as many rounds as you can... rather I want you to choose a challenging weight.

You can use dumbbells or kettlebells for this workout.

The leg exercises in that use weights are really tough exercises.

Not tough as in really hard to do... but tough in they require a lot of muscle control and energy.

Let's break these exercises down so you can do Sturdy .

Sturdy Exercise Breakdown

Tick Tock Lunges

Kindal is stepping back into a reverse lunge and working hard to maintain good balance so she can push off her feet hard.
Kindal is stepping all the way through and working hard not to tough the ground with the leg that is stepping through.
Kindal stepping all the way through to the front lunge and keeping her balance really strong so she can lunge straight back.

Step 1

Get your weight in rack position. You can also hold it in a goblet position.

Read my post about how to hold a dumbbell in goblet position . You have a lot of options.

With good balance... lunge back first just like you're doing a reverse lunge.

Step 2

This is the hardest part. There is an easier way and a hard way. I will do the hard way first because I want you working towards it.

Hard way:

Push off your back foot and into your front foot and step your leg all the way through... and forward... into a forward lunge.

Watching the video is going to help so you can see this in action. It's hard to describe in words.

Easier way:

Push out of the reverse lunge so you're back into a full standing position.

Then step the same leg that went back... forward into a forward lunge.

Step 3

Now you're in a forward lunge.

Push hard off your front foot and bring the leg back...

Hard way:

Bring the leg straight back... all the way through... so you're back in the reverse lunge.

Easier way:

Bring the leg back so you're in the standing position... find balance... and then step back into your reverse lunge.

A complete set of tick tock lunge is done one side at a time and it's pretty fast once you get your balance and rhythm in sync.

Tick tock lunges are about balance first. Work to keep your torso upright and core tight to help with the proper bracing.

Squat Lunges

Kindal braced in a good pre-squat stance. This will be the last time during the exercise where Kindal will be standing straight up.
Kindal is at the bottom of the squat ready to come up and go straight into her lunge.
Kindal comes out of the squat but not fully and as she nears the top she immediately goes into the reverse lunge.

Step 1

Get your weight in rack or goblet. Either will do.

Brace like you would for any squat. Take the squat stance that's right for your body and slightly **twist your feet into the ground**.

Squat down.

Let's shoot to get below parallel and you'll see why now...

Step 2

As you're coming out of the squat... come up right before your legs straighten.

As you hit this point... step one leg straight back into a reverse lunge.

Remember... when you're in the reverse lunge... your front knee should be positioned over the outside of your foot.

Don't let your knee cave in towards your midline.

Step 3

Come out of the lunge and as you're about to put your foot on the ground...

Step wide so you can immediately go into a squat stance and go straight into your next squat.

The squat to lunge and lunge to squat flow together in one nice movement. They are not two distinct movements.

Again, watch the video for this one. It will help you see the smoothness and how to connect the squat to the lunge and visa versa.

Wounded Soldiers

Kindal at the bottom of the wounded soldier... balancing on her one foot and using her hands to keep balance.
Kindal does a small hop from the bottom... only trying to get a few inches off the ground.
Kindal landing back down to the bottom of the wounded soldier and this is where the hamstring really gets worked hard.

This is an exercise you probably have not done before. It's a strange exercise to say the least too.

But your hamstrings are going to burn like crazy. If you have more than 5 minutes... I challenge you to increase the rep count to 40 for wounded solders.

Let that burn sink in.

Step 1

Stand on one foot.

Lean (hip hinge) over your leg while keeping your leg slightly bent.

You can have your hands close enough to the ground. You will use your hands to assist with balance corrections by actually touching the ground.

The "form" for wounded soldiers is actually sloppy.

Step 2

Remember, the other foot is off the ground behind you. You can keep your leg bent.

Hop off the foot... only a couple inches off the ground.

Land softly back on your foot and just keep barely hoping up and down.

Use your hands to help with balance because the idea is to never let your lifted foot hit the ground.

This is not realistic... but do your best.

Mt. Climbers

Kindal is driving her knee hard forward and trying to get it as far as she can. This is what really activates the abs during mt. climbers.
Kindal driving her other knee as far forward as she can get it. Activating the abs and pushing through her shoulders.

This is part of the FAST circuit... so make sure you go blazing fast!

Step 1

Get in a top of pushup plank.

Start with one leg pulled in as if you're trying to get your knee through your arms.

This is the ideal starting position to help make finding your rhythm easier.

Step 2

Go fast and drive your one leg up as you drive your other leg back.

Make sure you try and go as high as you can. I like to give the image or trying to get your knee past your elbows.

If you're new to Mt. Climbers...

You can tap your toes on the ground as your legs come up.

This makes it easier because it will slow the pace down so you're able to find better control.

Hollow Flutter Kicks

Kindal is crunching really hard and pushing her low back into the ground while kicking her legs fast and with a pretty large kick.
Kindal maintaining flat abs as she braces them and pushes her low back down into the ground.

The hollow is important. DO NOT sit on your hands... use your abs to tilt your hips back (or up depending on how you look at it).

Step 1

Lay on your back and get into a hollow position.

Start with your legs staggered... one leg high and one leg low.

Make sure you're legs are straight (or with a very slight bend) and you're hyper focused on pushing your low back into the ground the entire time.

Step 2

Flutter your legs up and down as fast as you can. Try to make the max distance between your legs about 2 feet.

Don't make your kicks too small... you want to create some momentum with your legs and that will engage your core more.

Focus hard on keeping your shoulders crunched up and your low back pressed down into the ground.


The goal of the workout is to go pretty heavy and test your strength and stability with the:

  • Bullet point

    Tick tok lunges

  • Bullet point

    Squat lunges

When you get to the speed circuit... go as fast as you possibly can.

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I hope you do this workout and go heavy. Feel it out and see how you do during the tick tock lunges and squat lunges.

Total body exercises like this will help your body work together better and that is what will pay huge dividends in future workouts.

If you have any questions about the workout, ask in the YouTube comments . I'll always answer you.

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Kindal squating and working her way through a tough metabolic strength workout

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