5 Minute Leg Workout - Suitcase


A 5 minute workout that's actually 6 minutes?

It's true. Today we are going a little longer than normal... but for good reason...

(I think a lot of my 5 minute workouts go a little long 😁)

This is an amazing workout with some exercise you may have never done before.

The main focus of this workout is a suitcase - uneven - style of the lunges... but there are also some new exercises I want you to practice and have fun with.

Let's get into it.

5 Minute Leg Workout - Suitcase Breakdown

There are two circuits. You'll do each as a 3 minute AMRAP with only a 30 second break in- between.

Circuit 1:

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    12 Rt Suitcase Narrow Lunges

  • Bullet point

    6 Goblet Squats

  • Bullet point

    12 Lt Suitcase Narrow Lunges

  • Bullet point

    6 Squat Jacks

Circuit 2:

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    3 Bear Laps

  • Bullet point

    10 DB Step Ups

Suitcase Workout Notes

Suitcase Narrow Lunges

During circuit 1... focus on the suitcase narrow lunges.

I'll show you want a suitcase lunge is... but the idea is to go heavy to toss off the balance of the exercise off.

You want to engage your core and body to bring balance to the exercise. I'll explain more in a minute.

Bear Crawl Laps

You may have never done a bear crawl before. It's a lot of fun and at first glance... it seems so simple... but you'll feel your quads will start burning like CRAZY!

A lap is down the mat and back. You'll crawl both forwards and backwards.

Take time to practice this outside of the workout. Have some fun and spend time improving your skills.

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Suitcase Exercise Breakdown

Suitcase Narrow Lunges

Kindal at the top of the narrow lunges pre-bracing and getting ready to lunge back.
Kindal at the bottom of the narrow lunge. You can see the knee over the foot and how upright the torso is.

Remember, you want to go heavy enough to make the balance of the exercise something you actively work for.

Step 1

Pick up your weight and hold it like you're holding a suitcase... holding down at your side.

Don't let the weight pull your shoulder down. Keep your shoulder engaged and packed into your shoulder joint.

Stand straight up and find pre-balance over the foot that will stay out front during the lunge.

Hold your abs in so they are engaged and your posture does not break down.

Step 2

Take a smaller step back than you normally would for a lunge.

While you lunge, keep holding the weight at your side. Use your core to help keep balance as you lunge.

The step back for a narrow lunge is used to move your knee slightly past your foot. This will test your ankle mobility.

If you find your heels comes off the ground... take a bigger step back.

You'll need to play around and find a stance that works for your ankle range of motion.

form tip

In my goblet squat post... I talk about getting your knees past your toes or at least to the very front of your forefoot.

This is a test of your ankle mobility. Ankle mobility is something you should actively work on and improve.

If you have tight ankles... you'll know because your heel will come off the ground to increase range of motion.

The more mobile your ankles are... the more forward you can move your knee while still keeping balance over your feet.

Read my post about improving ankle mobility and practice this a few times per week.

Step 3

Press into your forward foot and off the toe of your back foot to come out of the lunge... with balance.

Remember... you're holding your weight at your side so fight that pull with your core engaged.

Once you get back up... just step right back into the next lunge.

Goblet Squats

Kindal at the top of the goblet squat bracing and getting ready to go down.
Kindal at the bottom of the goblet squat. Her knees are pushed to the outside and her balance is near perfect.

If you want a full breakdown of the goblet squat... read my exercise database article breaking down the goblet squat .

If you're using a dumbbell for this workout... how you hold the dumbbell makes a big difference.

Read my post on how to hold a dumbbell during a goblet squat .

Let's do a quick overview.

Step 1

Get your weight into the proper position at chest level.

Stand with your feet just about hip to shoulder width apart. Each person is a little different... it takes experimentation to find the squat width that works with your hip structure.

Slightly twist your feet into the ground. This will active the muscles in legs and give you structure for squatting down.

Step 2

Squat down. For this workout... let's get below parallel.

Keep your feet twisted into the ground. This will make transitioning from the bottom a lot easier and give you more power too.

Two more things...

Make sure you hold your core in. This will help you keep your torso tall.

Squeeze the weight. This will help make sure you're in control and the weight will not pull you down.

Try to go a little heavier for this workout since there are only 6 reps. Make sure your squats are tough.

Bear Crawl

Kindal walking in the bear crawl. Her opposite arm and leg move together in one step.
Kindal taking the second step of the bear crawl and her arm and leg step at the same time.

I love bear crawls. It looks so simple... but it actually takes coordination as you'll see.

Remember... one rep is walking down the mat (about 4 steps) and back (about 4 steps as well).

Step 1

Get on your hands and knees with your hands directly below your shoulders... and your knees right under your hips.

Keep your toes tucked under and lift your knees 2 to 3 inches off the ground.

Step 2

When you take a step... you're going to move an arm and the opposite leg at the same time.

For example... you'll move your right arm and left leg at the same time.

This does take some coordination... but play and practice. You'll get the hang of it fast.

It's a mechanical move but it helps keep your steps as reps and your form tight so you feel the exercise where you're supposed to feel it... your quads.

Step 3

Keep walking forward until you get about 4 steps in. This should be just over a yoga mat length.

When you move backwards... it's the same process, only in reverse. This too will require some coordination. Keep practicing... you'll get it fast.

Move back and forth and make sure you focus on keeping your knees only 2 to 3 inches off the ground.

This requires quad endurance. Your thighs will start to burn like crazy.

Dumbbell or Kettlebell Step Ups

Kindal stepping up one leg and pre-bracing her core to keep control of the step up.
Both feet are on the box and she remains braced.
Kindal stepping down to tap one foot so she can go straight back up to the top of the box.

If you don't have a box or something sturdy to step up to...

Do prisoner squats instead.

As far as box height goes...

  • Bullet point

    If you newer to strength training... don't go higher than 12 inches

  • Bullet point

    If you're experienced... I prefer 26 inches

Step 1

Hold your weight like you would when doing a goblet squat.

Keep your core engaged and step up with one foot. Make sure as you step up... your knee is tracking to the outside of your foot.

Don't let your knee cave in as you step up. Activate the arches of your feet.

Step 2

Step your other foot on the box.

Now you have both feet on the box. Take the foot you stepped up... step it off and tap the ground and step it right back up.

Now both of your feet at back on top of the box.

Step 3

Take the foot you did not step down... and step it down... tap the ground and step it right back up.

Now both feet are back on the top of the box.

You'll ALWAYS have a foot on the box at all times.

Watch the video and this sequence of steps will make a lot more sense.

I recommend you warm up your calves and ankles for this exercise... especially because stepping down will cause some impact stress.

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