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5 Minute Strength Cardio Circuit - Chest Burn

This is such a fun... challenging... and pretty insane style workout.

It's one of those workouts where your chest is going to burn from breathing so hard.

I love strength cardio workouts like this.

It reminds me of [Keith Weber's kettlebell cardio workout](/link-to-post).

So if you're ready for a total body burn out... let's get into this workout!

Chest Burn Workout Breakdown

You only have 5 minutes to see if you can get through this entire circuit.

This is a race workout.

Make sure you have all of the weights you need around you so they are easy to get to.

Here's the circuit:

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    20 two handed swings

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    9 burpees

  • Bullet point

    16 snatches (8 per side)

  • Bullet point

    8 burpees

  • Bullet point

    14 cannonball presses

  • Bullet point

    6 burpees

  • Bullet point

    12 reverse lunges with kick (all on weak leg or most unstable)

  • Bullet point

    4 burpees

  • Bullet point

    10 half burpee floor snatches

Workout Goals

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    Can you get through the entire circuit in 5 minutes or less?

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    How heavy can you go and still - at least - get where you tend to always finish?

The second goal is perfect for repeating this workout.

And just to clarify...

Say it takes you 7 minutes to complete the workout... 7 minutes becomes your new workout limit.

Now see how heavy of a weight can you use and still complete the circuit in 7 minutes or less.

This workout is ideal for [repeating as an assessment workout](/blog-post).

Workout Strategy

Let's strategize a plan of attack and increase the odds that we'll be able to accomplish our 5 minute goal.

Burpees are repeated and go down. Burpees should be an exercise where you can make up some time.

Keep in mind the burpees will spike your heart rate.

The cannonball presses are brutal on your shoulders... but they are FAST. So if you can buckle down and just knock out all 14 in on go... you'll make up a lot of time.

The half burpee snatches are by far the toughest and will probably take the longest.

If we can get to burpee snatches faster... we should be able to breath a little before we rock out all 10 reps.

Let's get into these exercises.

Chest Burn Exercise Breakdown

Kettlebell Swings

Kindal is in the loaded position of the kettlebell swing getting ready to fire her hips and get the kettlebell moving.
Kindal at the top of the kettlebell swing with a fully locked out body and staying well in balance.

Choose a tough weight for these... but keep in mind you're going for 20 reps straight. Form is going to matter.

Step 1

Get the kettlebell in to a balanced loaded position.

This is your hip hinge position. Because we're going for 20 reps... start right now to focus on keeping your feet planted on the ground.

Don't learn too far forward or back.

Step 2

Fire hard from your hips to get the kettlebell moving. Remember to delay the kettlebell... this will ensure your hips are doing the work.

At the top of your swing... squeeze your butt hard and lock your legs out. This will help keep your feet planted.

Step 3

As you let the kettlebell back down... remember to start by disengaging your legs and slightly bending them.

This will help make sure you get into a hip hinge that loads your hamstrings and not your spine.

Now just rock those reps out!

Burpees (With A Pushup)

Kindal crouches down into the tuck position with her hips low and getting ready to jump back into a plank.
Kindal jumps back into the top of a pushup plank ready to do her pushup.
Kindal at the bottom of the burpee pushup and working to get her chest low. Plus notice her straight body and hips no sagging.
Kindal completes the pushup and jumps back into a tuck position ready to jump up and out of the burpee.
Kindal fires from the bottom of her burpee tuck and jumps up so she can fall straight back down into the next burpee.

This is our repeat exercise... and I think this can be a spot in the workout to make up time.

You've got to get it out of your mind... that burpees are the hardest exercise. You got this!

Step 1

Start by standing... and crouch down so you're hands are on the ground.

Jump back so you're in a top of pushup plank.

Make sure you land softly and keep you shoulders over your hands... if not a little past.

Step 2

Go down into a great pushup.

If you want to take your burpee to the next level... as you jump back into your top of pushup plank...

At the same time start going down into your pushup.

You will be at the bottom of your pushup as your feet hit the ground.

Step 3

Come out of your pushup and jump your feet back into a tucked position.

From here just jump up out of the burpee.

I don't always do this... but try to reach your arms up to complete the rep.

I get in the habit of reaching them back behind me. Reaching them up forces you to bring your torso upright. This is what we want.

Go fast here!!!

Kettlebell Snatches

Kindal is in the loaded position of the snatch with her hips back and her balance is really strong.
Kindal is swinging the kettlebell out and redirecting it straight up by pulling the kettlebell up.
Kindal actively punches around the kettlebell so she can fully extend the kettlebell up over her head.
Kindal fully pressing the kettlebell over her head and keeping her balance over her feet.

Going from burpees to snatches and then back to burpees is going to be tough... that is tough spots like this that make a workout fun.

Step 1

Get the kettlebell into a balanced... and strong loaded position.

Remember to have the arm that is not holding the kettlebell to swing back. This arm will mimic your loaded arm through the entire exercise.

Step 2

Fire arm from your hips to get the kettlebell moving.

As the kettlebell passes through your legs... pull up on it pretty hard and keep your elbow close to your body.

This will redirect the kettlebell straight up so you can get it above your head.

Step 3

As the kettlebell passes chest to neck level... punch around the kettlebell as you direct it straight over your head.

Make sure you actively punch through the kettlebell to get it into position. It's an active move and not a passive one.

Learn how to do a kettlebell snatch step by step .

Step 4

After you punch and redirect the kettlebell up and over your head... press it up hard.

Extend through your shoulder and reach up hard.

When you come back down you can go either straight down...

Or you can bring the kettlebell to a rack position first and then get into the loaded position.

Kettlebell Cannonball Presses

Kindal holding the kettlebell by the bell with the handle between her arms. She is in balance with a tight core ready to press it up over her head.
Kindal presses the kettlebell over her head but does not fully lock out her arms. She keeps her core tight so her low back does not arch too much.

These seem like they should be soooo easy.

But they will burn out your delts (top of shoulders) so bad. But fight through the burn... you can make up time here.

Step 1

Get the kettlebell into the correct position.

You'll hold the kettlebell by the bell with the handle in-between your forearms. The images will help a lot here.

Then start with the kettlebell at chest level just like a goblet squat.

Step 2

Press the kettlebell over your head... but only so the bell gets above your head.

You are NOT going to press it and fully extend your arms. Your arms will remain bent the entire time.

This is more of a pulse press.

Just keep rocking out the pulses with me and fight hard to get through the burn.

Again... if you can go straight through... you can make up a lot of time here.

Weak Leg Reverse Lunge With Kick

Kindal lunges back with really good balance and her keeps her core tight and her torso tall.
Kindal kicking as high as she can while keeping balance and preparing to take her leg straight back into the next lunge.

This is put into the workout to make up time.

Our legs should be pretty fresh and with only doing 12 reps... you'll feel a burn but nothing crazy.

Just focus on balance so you can move quickly.

This is all on the weak leg. Your weak leg will be on the ground the entire time.

Step 1

Grab your kettlebell and get it in rack.

Step back into a balanced reverse lunge.

Make sure you keep your torso tall and work to keep your hips square.

Step 2

Press into your front foot as you fire from your toed on the rear foot.

Brace your core so you don't lose posture. Losing posture will throw your balance off.

As your back leg come forward... just kick it straight out in front of you.

Then... if you can... bring the leg straight back into a reverse lunge. Try not to put it on the ground.

Half Burpee Floor Snatches

Kindal goes down into the half burpee tuck over her kettlebell.
Kindal jumps back into the top of the pushup plank landing with control and an engaged body.
Kindal jumps back into the half burpee tuck working on placing her feet so she can start the floor snatch.
Kindal sets her feet and grabs the kettlebell getting ready to fire from her legs.
Kindal fires from her legs and pulls hard the kettlebell to get it move straight up. You can see her elbow is already starting to stay close to her body.
Kindal sets her feet and starts the punch around the kettlebell as it gets to her chest level.
Kindal takes the momentum of her pull and gets the kettlebell fully pressed over her head already getting ready to go straight back down.

Okay... last exercise. Buckle down and get through it. You have all day to rest once this one is done.

Step 1

Start standing (obviously) with the kettlebell directly under your hips.

You are straddling the kettlebell.

Tuck down and jump back into a top of pushup plank.

Step 2

No pushup with half burpees!

So immediately jump back into your tuck position.

But rather than jump up and out of the half burpee... start to stand up.

As you stand up... grab the kettlebell handle.

Set your balance and engage your core.

Yank HARD on the kettlebell so it move straight up.

Step 3

This is pretty tough move to make.

As the kettlebell goes straight up... keep your elbow close to your body.

You have to fire from your legs and pull hard enough to get the kettlebell up to your chest and neck height.

You'll feel a little "scrunched"... the key is to keep your elbow close and high.

As the weight gets to chest height... fling your elbow down so reorient and get the weight over your head.

This is a tough transition and you will need to practice.

intensity tip

When practicing exercises like floor snatches... and kettlebells in general... it's good to go lighter than normal, but not too light.

If you go too light you'll overpower the weight and you won't learn when you need to use power and when you don't.

So go light but try to get to a weight that's heavy enough where you need to use some power.

This is what can make learning kettlebells and other exercises challenging and why you need a good training to coach you.

Step 4

Once you press the weight over your head you can quickly reset...

This is another difficult move because you'll need to get the weight straight to the ground so you can immediately go into your next half burpee.

If you need to... bring the weight into rack and then put it down.

Listen to your body and your confidence. If you're not confident doing this move... take your time and practice.

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