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5 Minute Total Body Strength And Mobility Circuit

A climbing workout.

Climbing rep for rep... how high can we make it up this mountain?

Are you ready to find out?

This is an advanced workout only in the sense that some exercises require more mobility and joint movement.

I'll show you some simple modifications if you struggle to get into some of these positions.

But enough talk already... let's get into this workout.

4 Exercise Strength And Mobility Circuit Breakdown

Here's the workout circuit:

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    # Lunge with hop

  • Bullet point

    # Single leg burpee (half burpee modification)

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    # Swings

  • Bullet point

    # Candlestick (jump and switch)

The hash marks are placeholders for the reps because you start with 1 rep.

Each round you'll add in one rep... so you're just going up by one each time.

How far can you get in 5 minutes?

Dan made it into his 6th round and he got 1 candlestick completed.

I made it into my 7th round!

What did you do?

Leave a comment on the YouTube video and let me know how far you got.

Let's break these exercises down so you know exactly what to do.

Kindal squating and working out hard to get out of a workout rut. Kindal squating and working out hard to get out of a workout rut.

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4 Exercise Strength And Mobility Exercise Breakdown

Lunge with Hop

Kindal is standing up (not in the best posture) ready to lunge back as she pre-engages her core and legs.
Kindal reverse lunges back and keeps her front knee past her foot so she can explode up.
Kindal drives off her back toe and from her front foot so she can get a little hop and push her quads to the next level.

Keep it bodyweight with this one. We want to go for speed.

If you're a regular FWW reader or watcher... you know I'm not a huge fan of jumping. So be careful with your hop.

Make sure you land into your next lunge... accept the landing.

Step 1

Start standing straight up... but with your knees slightly bent in an athletic position.

You are going to step back into a reverse lunge. Take a good sized lunge back... you want to work into your hips.

Step 2

Drive off your back toe as you press into your font foot. This is going to provide the power you need for the hop.

As you bring your back leg forward... swing your knee up so to help create some upward momentum. The video will help demonstrate this.

Then as your leg drives up in front of you... hop into the air a little bit with what was your front foot.

This is similar to a jump rope style hop. Nothing insane.

Step 3

As you land from your little hop... immediately take the momentum from landing and go straight back into the next reverse lunge.

This will make sure you don't land hard and rattle your joints. Plus it will immediately put your muscles back in tension.

It will also test your balance which helps you get more from the exercise.

These are faster reps... one to the next with smoothness. That's the goal at least.

Single Leg Burpee

Kindal is started balanced on one leg ready to go down into her burpee. She is pre-engaged and ready to move.
Kindal goes down to find her hands. She is loading her leg and getting ready to jump back.
Kindal jumps back landing softly into a single leg plank position locking her legs and core for the pushup.
Kindal goes down into a single leg pushup holding her leg tight and making sure her chest is past her hands.
Kindal pushes straight up from the bottom of her pushup and pre-engaging her toes so she can jump back into a tuck position.
Kindal jumps back into a tuck position so she can explode from here to the jump of the burpee.
Kindal is exploding from the tuck position of the burpee using her single leg to muster all the plyo strength she can.

Such a simple burpee variation... it should not be as hard as it is (but it is very hard).

Whichever leg was the leg you were hoping from during the lunges... this is the leg you're going to use for your burpees.

The goal is not let the leg you're holding in the air ever touch the ground. You want to burn your support leg out.

Obviously... if you lose balance... reset and start back into it.

Step 1

Of course... make sure you're on one leg.

Slightly bend down and get your hands on the ground.

Your single leg will be bent and this already will start to make it burn.

Step 2

Press your hands into the ground so they are ready to take some weight.

Jump back into a top of pushup plank... again... ensure you stay on your one leg.

Knockout a good pushup - on one leg.

If you need help with a burpee modification.. you can use a box like I showed with elevated pushups .

Read my post about floor pushups if you need a detailed breakdown of a good pushup.

Step 3

When you get back to the top of your pushup... lean back a little into your one foot so you can jump up back into a tuck position.

Listen to your leg. You may find your ankle or the stability of your joints is weaker than you anticipated.

Once you're in the tuck position... jump up and out using only your one leg.

You don't have to jump if you don't want to. You can simply stand up (using only your one leg) and reach into the sky.

Step 4

As you land from your little hop or from reaching to the sky...

Try to immediately fall into the next burpee. You don't want to reset too much.

It's crazy to think but resting on one leg will actually fatigue it faster. Stay moving!

Kettlebell Swings

Kindal in the loaded position of the kettlebell swing ready to fire from her hips to get the kettlebell moving forward.
Kindal at the top of the kettlebell swing fully locked out and kettlebell at chest height and her body in near perfect balance.

We're going into double handed kettlebell swings to give your "single" leg a break.

It needs a little breather.

If you want a very detailed breakdown, read my post of the two handed kettlebell swing .

Step 1

Get the kettlebell in a loaded power position.

This is your hip hinge position. Slightly bent legs and a solid - balanced - grip on the ground.

Remember to keep the kettlebell close to your crotch so it's loaded into your hips.

This keeps your back from getting engaged.

Step 2

Fire from your hips. Your hips are providing the power that gets the kettlebell moving.

Your arms are just holding on the kettlebell and keeping it from flying forward. Keep your shoulders packed.

As the kettlebell comes through your legs... you'll be nearly standing straight up.

The kettlebell will travel up... but only to chest height... maybe a little higher.

Your quads are fully locked out and your butt is squeezed.

Step 3

As the kettlebell comes back down to your legs... don't hip hinge too early.

Wait just as the kettlebell is going to hit your thighs. It's as if the kettlebell will push your hips back to the loaded - hip hinge - position.

From there just keep rocking out reps.


Candlesticks depend heavily on your mobility. You will need a yoga mat for this exercise.

This is a very difficult exercise to complete for most people.

I highly recommend you do this barefoot. Shoes elevate your feet making it harder.

The modification is below.

Step 1

Start by standing... pretty normal.

You are going to crouch down and get your butt as close to the ground as possible.

This requires a good deal of ankle and hip mobility.

Think of this as getting into a tucked position as if you were going to hug your legs.

Step 2

Roll back onto your spine.

This is a roll... so you want your spine rounded as you roll.

You will roll all the way back to your shoulders and up on your shoulders.

Your hips will be over you. If you want this to look pretty and graceful... keep your legs straight and point them to the sky (this is a beginner gymnastics exercise).

Step 3

From the "top" position roll forward by flinging your legs down.

As you roll onto your butt... bend your legs and try to make the heels of your feet hit your butt.

This will put you into a tight tuck position...

And this will help you get your weight over your feet so you can roll onto your feet a stand up with a little plyometric hop.

This is the hardest part of the exercise.

From here... immediately go back into the next rep by going down into your tuck and roll.

Exercise Modifications


  • Bullet point

    Use a box so you can do an elevated burpee... but stay on one leg

  • Bullet point

    Forget about doing a single leg burpee and just do a normal burpee


Over my years of training women... I've always made the modification for candlesticks, inchworms.

It's a completely different exercise... but if you do inchworms without a pushup.. it takes about the same timeframe to knockout a rep.

Kindal squating and working out hard to get out of a workout rut. Kindal squating and working out hard to get out of a workout rut.

have your

results stopped?

and now you're...

stuck in a

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Kindal squating and working her way through a tough metabolic strength workout

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