5 Minute Total Body Workout - Empty The Tank

You know the feeling of sprinting and your heart pounding?

You're bent over... leaning on your knees... breathing hard?

That's what we're doing to do!

This workout will get your heart pounding out of your chest harder than an all out sprint.

I am going to show you how weights can be used to ramp up your heart rate and feel like an all out cardio workout... while getting an insane strength workout too.

5 Minute Total Body Workout - Empty The Tank Breakdown

Try to use heavier weights for this workout.

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    The reps are low and they will get lower... go heavier

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    The exercises are perfect for challenging weights... go heavier

Here's how this workout flows:

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    6 Dumbbell pull throughs (going down)

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    6 Dumbbell floor snatches (going down)

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    12 Dumbbell goblet squats

This is NOT an AMRAP... rather this workouts is a race to zero.

The Workout Rules

Each round the reps for the plank pull throughs and the floor snatches are going to drop by one rep.

Just to be clear...

6 > 5 > 4 > 3 > 2 > 1

The dumbbell goblet squats are going to remain at 12 reps the entire workout.

You have 5 minutes to get to zero.

If you can't get to zero... and you have extra time... keep going and track how long it takes you to get to zero.

The Exercise Rules

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    The dumbbell pull throughs are total... so 6 reps total

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    The floor snatches are total... start on your weak side and alternate sides each round

Again, try to go heavier in weight to challenge yourself.

If you need help or want some modifications you do see in this post... contact me... and hit me up on YouTube for this workout.

5 Minute Total Body Workout - Empty The Tank Exercise Breakdown

Plank Pull Throughs

Kindal at the beginning of the dumbbell plank pull throughs with the weight outside of her hand. Her plank position is very strong and her body is in a straight line.
Kindal grabbing the weight with her opposite arm bracing her body and getting ready to pull the weight to the opposite side of her body.
Kindal pulling the dumbbell all the way through so she can repeat the process with her other side. Notice her body is still tight and straight.

Step 1

Get into a top of pushup plank. Take the dumbbell you're going to use and place it outside of one or your hands.

For the setup... let's say the weak hand. The dumbbell or kettlebell will be in line with your wrist... but to the outside.

intensity tip

How you place your feet will greatly impact the level of intensity you'll experience. Here's what I mean...

Wide feet... if you keep a wider stand, you'll have better balance. This will give you more leverage to pull the weight.

Feet together... if you keep your feet together, your balance will be tested. You'll have to brace your legs and core a lot more to pull the weight to the other side.

Play with both of these setups and see how they change the workout. Small tweaks like these are what makes having a personal trainer so much fun .

Step 2

Reach your opposite arm... in this example, the strong arm... and grab the handle of the dumbbell.

You'll have to reach pretty far and rotate your body to get the full grab. This is where your balance during the plank is going to be tested.

The further away the dumbbell is from your hand... the further you have to reach... and the harder the exercise will be.

Step 3

Pull the dumbbell all the way over to the other side of your body. Make sure you pull it far.

Try to lift the weight all the way over... though if you're going heavy... you can drag the weight.

Just make sure the ground you're using can get scuffed up a little bit.

Just rinse and repeat... pulling the weight back and forth. Each time you pull the weight to one side... that is one rep.

Dumbbell Floor Snatches

Kindal hinging her hips into a strong position so she can grab the weight and get ready to pull up hard. Notice her spine is straight and her abs are engaged.
Kindal firing hard from her legs and hips and pulling hard on the dumbbell to get it weightless so she can start to make the transition.
Kindal's elbow stops and comes down a little. This is the start of the transition so she can then get the dumbbell over her head. Notice her legs are locked with all power going up.
Kindal at the top of the dumbbell floor snatches fully locked out and ready to come all the way back down for the next rep.

Okay... these are hardcore. I really love them. Make sure you take the time to practice and get good at them.

Step 1

Stand over the dumbbell so it's in-between your feet. I prefer the dumbbell so it's inline with my ankles. You want to almost feel like its slightly behind you.

Hip hinge down and grab the handle. DO NOT lean over and grab... hip hinge down.

Read my post about learning the kettlebell deadlift to get the exercises queues for hip hinging.

Step 2

Slightly twist your feet into the ground so you're legs are fully engaged. You want them flexed because your legs are going to start the movement.

Grab the dumbbell and squeeze the handle. You do not want a relaxed arm during the first part of this exercise.

Finally... pre-pull the dumbbell just a little bit. This will help so you don't get yanked forward.

Step 3

Push into the ground with your legs as you pull up on the dumbbell with your arm. This is a simultaneous movement.

This is why you have to be engaged to start. If you're too relaxed... your form will breakdown and you can injury yourself.

As you pull the dumbbell straight up... keep your elbow going high.

Step 4

As you're pushing into the ground and exploding up... the weight should become nearly weightless. This is how hard you want to pull on it.

As the weight gets to about stomach to chest high... you'll slightly pull your elbow down towards the ground to get your hard under the weight.

Step 5

As your hand gets under the weight... push the weight up the rest of the way until you're fully extended and pressing the dumbbell up to the sky.

You explode with such plyometric power that you may jump a little off the ground as you reach the top.

Step 6

To get back down... let the weight come straight back to the ground.

Make sure as the weight gets your hips... you hip hinge down and do not just lean over.

This is a technical exercise. You will have to practice the movement to get efficient at it. This is good though... the coordination you learn here will translate to many other exercises.

This is a good reason to join Fit Women's Weekly LIVE to get the training to learn these skills fast.

Dumbbell Goblet Squats

Kindal at the top of the goblet squat standing tall and getting ready to squat down.
Kindal at the bottom of the dumbbell goblet squat. Notice her knees are pushed out and her torso is really tall and core engaged.
Kindal showing how to hold the dumbbell vertically for a goblet squat.
Kindal showing how to hold the dumbbell horizontally but by the handle.

Step 1

Get the dumbbell up to your chest. There are a couple ways you can hold the weight.

I prefer holding the weight with my hands on the bells of the dumbbell.

You can also hold it by the bell part... keeping the dumbbell vertical.

Dan loves to hold the dumbbell by the handle... keeping the dumbbell horizontal.

Make sure you checkout the images.

Other than this... get into a normal squat position.

Step 2

Slightly twist your feet into the ground so your legs are engaged and not just sitting there relaxed.

Keep your body weight towards the outside of your feet as you squat down.

Keep your torso tall. The weight should help. And keep your core pulled in... don't let your form breakdown.

Then just keep rocking out squats for this workout.

Exercise Modifications

Dumbbell Floor Snatches

If you're struggling with floor snatches... try dumbbell clean and presses instead.

Just clean the dumbbell up to a racked position. Then press it overhead.

This will slow down the rep a lot making it hard to keep pace with me in the video. If you modify this... go on your own and see how fast you can go.

Create a Full Workout Experience

Are you ready to pair this workout with some of our other 5 Minute Fit Finishers?

Here's a list of three workouts that pair really well with this workout. I've chosen three other workouts.

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    Do each for the 5 minute period

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    Push hard and give each your all

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    Track your results

And then hit me up on YouTube or Instagram and let me know how the full workout went.


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