5 Minute TRX Workout - Suspended Balance

Okay... I'll admit it...

Not everybody will be able to do this workout.

And it's going to be hard to do this workout with me... unless you don't mind blasting your phone or iPad in the gym...

Which should be awesome. I bet you'll be able to get other people to do the workout with you.

We can all do it as a group!

Okay enough dreaming of fitness kumbaya.

Let's get into this workout.

5 Minute TRX Workout - Suspended Balance Breakdown

There are two distinct circuits for this workout...

Circuit 1: TXR Show Down

  • Bullet point

    12 Split squats

  • Bullet point

    12 Hanging climbers (one leg count)

  • Bullet point

    12 Hanging shoulder taps

Circuit 2: Upper Body Superset

  • Bullet point

    8 push-ups (normal)

  • Bullet point

    8 rows

For circuit 1 you're going to do 2 rounds where each round is a 2 minute AMRAP.

Then you'll finish off with circuit 2... a 1 minute blazing fast AMRAP.

Remember... AMRAP stands for "as many rounds as possible".

Track both circuits... but the focus of this workout is circuit 1.

This is a simple design so let's get into the exercises... things are about to get really fun!

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Suspended Balance Exercise Breakdown

Obviously... you need a TRX or rings for this workout to work.

Sorry... I just wanted to design a workout for those who have a TRX. Personally, I don't use a TRX a lot. I prefer rings... they are a little more versatile.

TRX Split Squats

Kindal at the top of the split squats with her foot in the TRX and she is engaging her leg to keep her balance.
Kindal at the bottom of the split squat focusing hard on keeping her balance on her front foot.

This is tough and you need good balance. Pay attention and if you struggle or you're a little nervous... do normal split squats.

Step 1

Carefully get one of your feet in the TRX loop or ring. Keep good balance on your other foot.

Try and jump/hop out a couple steps so your back foot is being pulled by the TRX... you'll feel this when it happens.

Step 2

Squat down so the knee of your back leg grazes the ground. Go down with control... this should happen automatically as you'll be working hard to keep your balance.

When you hit the ground just come back up and keep repeating.

What makes the TRX split squat so effective is the balance aspect.

When you're struggling to keep your balance... all of the large and small muscles throughout your legs are turned on.

This will make it harder to use momentum when doing reps. That's a good thing!

TRX Hanging Mt. Climbers

Kindal holding her body tight as she is in the top of the plank with one of her feet in the TRX and she is holding the other next to that leg.
Kindal pulling her TRX leg as far as she get it. This really engages her legs her core.
Kindal driving her non-trx leg in and this is much easier so you can drive the leg in much further.

Okay... next warning. These can be tough on your wrists... just pay attention.

Step 1

You're going to get in the top of a pushup plank with only one foot in the TRX loop.

Lock your legs out and keep your shoulders over... or... a little past your hands.

The leg not in a TRX loop is going to be held next to the TRX leg as if it were in a TRX... fully engaged.

Step 2

You are going to drive one leg in towards your chest at a time.

You're only going to count when the TRX leg come into your body. This is the "hard" leg because you're pulling against the TRX.

Really pull the TRX leg in hard. You'll notice how your entire body engages when you pull this leg in.

The non-TRX leg is much easier but it helps you sets you up for the TRX leg. You - definitely - can use some momentum to help.

Hanging Shoulder Taps

Kindal in the top of a TRX plank with one leg in the TRX and the other leg being held next to the TRX leg.
Kindal taps her shoulder which keeping her body engaged and trying to minimize the nature sway from the TRX.
Kindal returns to the TRX plank and this is a brief moment to get balance and re-brace the body for the next shoulder tap.
Kindal tapping her other shoulder and working really hard to minimize the sway of her body that is going to happen because of the TRX.

Same setup as the Mt. Climbers. One leg in the TRX strap and one out being held by you.

Pay attention to your wrists on this exercise as well. Going from the mt. climbers to the shoulder taps is tough if your forearm and wrist strength is lacking.

Step 1

Get in the top of a pushup plank with one leg in the TRX strap and the other held by your own power next to the other leg.

Make sure your hands are directly underneath your shoulders... if not a little closer to your hips.

Step 2

Take one of your hands and bring it up fast and tap the opposite shoulder.

Then go back down and repeat with the other arm. You want to keep going back and forth as fast as possible.

This is a fast exercise

Make sure you engage your entire body so you minimize the rocking back and forth. It doesn't matter how hard you try... you're to rock back and forth... you're goal is to minimize it as much as possible.

TRX Pushups

Kindal at the top of the TRX pushups. Notice the strap is over her shoulders and the angle of her hands is 45 degrees.
Kindal at the bottom of the TRX pushup. You can see how far back her hands go and this is one reason why the TRX pushup is such a great exercise.

After you complete the first circuit... it's time for a more conventional superset or pushups and TRX rows.

In the workout I did TRX pushups... but you can do regular pushups if you want.

I did TRX pushups to keep the theme going... but I'm not a huge fan of doing pushups on a TRX. For some reason, it doesn't feel right.

I love pushups on rings though.

Step 1

Get in the top of a pushup position.

Remember, if you're newer to pushups of your can't do full out floor pushups ... read my exercise database posts about knee pushups and elevated box pushups.

Make sure in this setup position... your body is engaged and your hands are slightly twisted into the ground so your shoulders are turned on.

On the TRX... the set up is the same. Grab the TRX handles with your hands. Your feet are together on the floor.

Rather than twist your hands into the ground... you'll squeeze the handles of the TRX.

Step 2

Squeeze the handles pretty hard because you'll need your arms turned on.

Your arms will automatically be pulled in close to your body... this is one thing I LOVE about TRX and ring pushups.

(This does make TRX and ring pushups really good for learning to keep your elbows close to your body.)

Go down and come back up squeezing your chest at the top.

One thing I HATE about TRX and ring pushups is the straps will rub against your arms. Just keep this in mind.

TRX Rows

Kindal at the bottom of the TRX row with her arms fully extended but her body is straight and fully engaged.
Kindal at the top of the TRX row. She is squeezing her shoulder blades together hard and getting her hands all the way to her chest. Her body remains engaged and tight.

Step 1

Flip over from the pushups so you're hanging back. Your feet are on the ground... and your arms are fully extended.

Slightly squeeze your legs and hold your core tight so your body stays straight for the entire rep.

Step 2

With your body tight and straight... pull so your hands come right next to your chest if not slightly below your chest level.

Pull your shoulder blades together and really squeeze them.

Step 3

Lower back down to full extension. Remember, this is the negative part of the rep ... a very important part. Don't just fall back down.

When you get to the bottom don't "bounce" at the bottom.

Hold a quarter second pause before you pull back up. You want to get rid of the momentum.

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Share your experience.

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