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Ab Scorching Workout Called Ab Rotation

OMG... the abs. They burn. They burn bad!

I consider my abs to be strong. I'm pretty capable of torturing them and still maintaining form... and never stopping reps.

But this workout took me to the edge.

I had to stop and take a little break... I couldn't believe it. This workout is that brutal.

Let's get into this one.

If you love for your abs to burn like crazy... Ab Rotation is for you.

Ab Rotation Workout Breakdown

What's really cool about this workout design is your body fluctuates from plank orientation to hollow.

The plank orientation should be easier compared to hollow... but this workout might be an exception.

It's an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)... but what makes it cool is...

  • Bullet point

    You'll go down the list

  • Bullet point

    Back up the list (not repeating the last exercise twice)

  • Bullet point

    Back down the list (not repeating the first exercise twice)

  • Bullet point

    Back up

  • Bullet point

    Back down

I don't think you'll get to 5 rounds. But you never know. You might just enjoy the workout enough that you want to do it for 10 minutes. (That would be so hardcore!)

Here's the circuit:

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    6 pushup plank opener - total alternating

  • Bullet point

    12 luge openers

  • Bullet point

    60 twisie mt. climbers

  • Bullet point

    12 side tucked crunches - total

  • Bullet point

    6 curved ab wheels - 3 per side

Your workout goal is to fight the burn and see if you can get into the fourth round.

Let's get into these exercises.

Kindal squating and working out hard to get out of a workout rut. Kindal squating and working out hard to get out of a workout rut.

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Ab Rotation Exercise Breakdown

Pushup Plank Openers

Kindal at the bottom of the pushup building up energy so she can open up to a good side plank.
Kindal opens up to a side plank fighting to keep good balance and keep her body as straight as possible.
Kindal in the side plank from the back side where you can see she is pushing up her hips and also pushing them forward to keep her body as straight as possible.

Typically I like doing these with a light dumbbell... but we're going all bodyweight so you can alternate from side to side.

So you'll go smoothly from plank opener... into pushup... into the other sides plank opener. Here's how to do these...

Step 1

Get in the top of a pushup plank.

Make sure your hands are wide and gripping the ground because you're going to need the extra balance.

Engage your core... any relaxed muscles will break this exercise down fast.

Step 2

Perform a good pushup. There is no modification for doing these off a box. But make sure you read up on my pushup posts to ensure correct form...

As you come out of the pushup is where things get tough...

Step 3

Push hard out of the pushup so you can go smoothly into the side plank.

This is hard and you need to prepare to stumble a little bit. Do what you need to so you don't fall.

Ideally... you want to open your body into a side plank with a straight body and your feet stacked.

Side planks require a lot of balance and your entire body will be engaged. After a few reps... you'll also feel your core activate hard.

Step 4

Carefully come out of the side plank.

The better you get at this the more smoothly you can fall directly into the next pushup.

Take your time getting out of the side plank... this is the one place where getting a stupid injury can happen.

Once you get the movement down... you can use the momentum of the side plank to help with your pushup and visa versa.

Luge Rocks

Kindal in a a good hollow hold pressing her low back down into the ground while crunching her shoulders up and trying to bring her hips off the ground as well.
Kindal keeping her abs really engaged and rotating off the side which hits the abs in a completely different way.
Kindal rotating off to the side for the luge rock. She is fighting to keep her abs engaged and her entire body tight.

You've probably never done this exercise before... but I think you'll love it.

It's essentially a hollow hold... only a little more brutal.

### Step 1

Step 1

Get into a good hollow hold position.

Make sure your abs are crunched deep and hard to push your low back into the ground.

You want to try and lift your hips off the ground... this will increase the ab crunch.

Make sure your shoulders are off the ground.

Bend your knees as needed to ensure your low back is pressed down hard. If you feel your low back arch up... bend your knees a little more.

Step 2

Keeping your abs and your body tight and in one solid piece... rotate over to one or your sides.

Make sure you go far enough so your obliques get activated more.

Pause in this position for a brief half second so your abs are forced to stabilize.

Then just rotate all the way over to the other side... pause and keep repeating.

Adding this "turn" to the hollow hold will light up your abs more than you think.

Dan and I call these luge rocks because they reminded us of an Olympic luge racer. It seems like they have to keep a hollow hold the entire race.

Hence the name.

Twistie Mt. Climbers

Kindal bringing her knee to her opposite elbow and bringing her knee as far up as she can.
Kindal bringing her knee as close to her opposite elbow and this is what creates an ab crunch with a slight rotation.

Doing these after luge rocks... you're about a feel an intense ab burn that will have you keeling over.

Of course this feels really good. These twistie mt. climbers got me... don't worry... you won't be alone.

Step 1

Get in the top of pushup plank... make sure your shoulders are slightly past your hands.

Take one leg and move the knee so it's reaching to the elbow of the opposite arm.

Keep your core engaged so you're low back is not arching.

Step 2

From here you're going to rapidly alternate one leg up and back as fast as you can.

Just to be clear... the twist is coming from your knee moving to the opposite elbow.

And this little twist adds a nice little crunch you don't get with normal mt. climbers.

Try your hardest to get all 60 done in one shot... it's going to be tough!

Side Tuck Crunches

Kindal at the so called bottom of the tuck crunch. She is pre-crunched with her knees directly over her hips.
Kindal crunches up and to the side working to get as far as she can to increase the crunch and flex of her abs.

Step 1

Flip over and lay on your back... exactly as you would if you were doing a hollow hold.

BUT... bend your knees to 90 degrees with your feet and legs together.

Your shoulders are still lifted off the ground and your low back is pressed hard into the ground.

Step 2

Take your hands and crunch up to one side of your legs.

Crunch hard and high as you can.

Return back to the starting position and then crunch to the other side.

Keep going back and forth... working hard to make your abs BURN!

Curved Ab Wheels

Kindal in the so called bottom of the ab wheel or the start position. She is working to keep her abs engaged so she is ready to roll out.
Kindal rolls out as far as she can because she knows how to engage her abs correctly. She rolls off to the side to engage her abs in a new and different way.

You do need an ab wheel for this workout.

I do have a modification for you... plank rockers but

we'll get to that in a minute.

Step 1

There's only one step with this exercise.

Get into the starting position and roll out and turn the ab wheel so the wheel is facing horizontal.

You'll roll out in a pretty strong curve.

The idea here is the curve creates a little more imbalance and is activates your abs more than going straight out and back.

form tip

Only go out as far as you can without engaging your back or letting your back arch too much.

The minute you feel your back arch too much... stop going out that far.

As you practice... you'll get stronger and stronger and you'll be able to continue working your way further and further.

Ab Wheel Modification - Plank Rockers

Plank rockers are a great modification. The time it takes to do one rep of a plank rocker is about the same for an ab wheel.

Step 1

Get into a plank on your forearms. Keep your body tight and in a straight line.

The key to a great plank rocker is to lock your legs out and keep them squeezed the entire time.

Before you start the rep... push your body backwards so your shoulders are behind your elbows.

Step 2

Keep your abs crazy tight and your body locked out as your press your forearms into the ground and pull your body forward.

You want to keep moving your body forward until your shoulders are past your elbows in the other direction.

You'll need some serious ab strength for these. But you got it!

Kindal squating and working out hard to get out of a workout rut. Kindal squating and working out hard to get out of a workout rut.

have your

results stopped?

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stuck in a

workout rut?

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Kindal squating and working her way through a tough metabolic strength workout

not getting results? and now you're stuck in a workout rut?

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