Kindal holding an overhead press on one side and on the other side she is holder a kettlebell in rack. Then she is squeezing and holding hard.

Don't Break - 5 Minute Fit Finisher

Today's 5 Minute Fit Finisher is a tough and really unique workout.

I bet you have not tried a workout like this one before. I can't wait to hear what you think of this one. Make sure you let me know on Facebook or YouTube... comment on the video!

Let's get into this workout.

Don't Break Workout Breakdown

Here's how this workout is going to work. You'll immediately notice what makes it so different... but we'll talk about it in a second.

  • Rack hold on weak side... Farmers carry on the strong side
  • Rack hold on strong side... Farmers carry on the weak side
  • Double heavier rack hold
  • Rack hold on weak side... Overhead hold on strong side
  • Rack hold on strong side... Overhead hold on weak side

Don't Break Equipment

Ideally you'll want two kettlebells... but this workout can be done with dumbbells just as well.

You'll need:

  • At least one heavy weight
  • One medium weight for rack
  • One lighter weight (not too light) for the overhead hold

Get a Practice Round

Go through the workout and hold each position for only 10 seconds. This is your...

  • Warm up to get the muscles ready
  • Chance to practice getting the weights in proper position

Get practice getting the kettlebells or dumbbells into position... this will make a huge difference during the workout.

Active Hold And Rest Periods

  • 60 second hold
  • 10 second rest and reset

10 seconds is just long enough to get into position. And this is when you'll see that practice round really pay off. Make sure you're in position for the next hold before the timer starts... don't wait until the timer to get the weights up.

Don't Break Tracking Goal

For this workout you're going to track how many times you put the weights down for the entire workout.

Obviously, don't count the rest periods. That is your time to quickly shake out and get set of the next hold.

Don't Break Exercise Breakdown

Rack Hold

This is when having kettlebells will really help. Rack holding a dumbbell is not easy or comfortable.

The keys to a solid rack hold are:

  • Straight wrist...
  • Forearm perpendicular to the ground (straight up and down)...
  • Slightly squeeze the handle...
  • Keep your core tight and body straight...

Make sure you're not breaking your wrist. This not only puts bad pressure on your wrist... it will make the rack position much harder.

You can have your forearm angled across your body... but I like to try and keep it straight up and down as much as possible. I think it gives your delts a little something extra!

Squeezing the handle ensures your arm muscles are engaged and turned on. This is key because any relaxation will start to breakdown your form.

Finally... keeping your body straight (good posture) ensures you're building the correct bracing muscles. If you get yourself all twisted... you'll disengage the muscles you want to focus on.

This gets very tough... especially as you get tired.

Farms Carry

A farmers carry is simple, but it's one of the best exercises for overall strength. Add in a walk and things get a little harder... though for this workout don't worry about walking.

Hold your heavy weight at your side.

Brace your core hard so you keep your upper body straight. Plus don't let your hips tilt to one side... keep them straight. The goal with all of these holds is maintaining great posture.

Overhead Hold

This is a really hard hold.

Get the kettlebell or dumbbell over your head. Make sure you fully extend your arm straight up. Try to lock it out if you can. This helps because you can use your bone structure to help carry the weight.

The problem is mobility. A lack of mobility makes keeping your arm straight hard. I struggle with this as well.

Kindal walking out in an inchworm with great form
Form Tip

As you get tired... you'll find your low back will start to arch. This happens for two reasons...

One... you're disengaging your core muscles.

Two... lack of shoulder mobility makes it easier to lean back and get a few more inches to help hold your arm straight.

It's a good idea to warm up your shoulders before a workout like this. Plus work hard on keeping your abs pulled into your body. This will help with your posture and the back arch.

Keep working on shoulder mobility in your everyday life. Shoulders are one of the major spots on most women's body that need work... after all we spend most of our days at the computer and on the phone.

Additional Workout Notes

First Note

During this workout... you get the benefit of having two weights on each side of the body.

Double weights makes it easier to stay balanced... and tougher because there is more weight overall to hold.

Second Note

Pay attention to which holds are challenging for you. Where do you tend to fail first?

This is a good indicator on what you need to workout more on.

Final Note

Try this workout again, but with one major difference...

Do each exercise separate like this...

  • Rack hold on weak side
  • Farmers carry on the strong side
  • Rack hold on strong side
  • Farmers carry on the weak side
  • Double heavier rack hold
  • Rack hold on weak side
  • Overhead hold on strong side
  • Rack hold on strong side
  • Overhead hold on weak side

Hold each for 60 seconds and keep the 10 second rest between exercises.

With this small workout change... you'll feel how the offset of weight pulls on your body. Work hard to keep good posture because that is the key with this modification.

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Now go do Don't Break and let me know how you did.

  • How many times did you put the weights down?
  • What did you think of the hold based (isometric) workout?

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