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EMOM Workout At Home - A 30 Minute Workout And 60 Minute Workout

You're in for a treat.

I'm giving you two EMOM workouts from our private online workout group... Fit Women's Weekly LIVE .

One 30 minute EMOM workout.

And one 60 minute EMOM workout.

Scroll to the bottom... both workouts are there.

But read this first because while you probably know what an EMOM workout is if you're here... do you know what the goal of an EMOM workout is?

Or when you should choose this style of workout?

If not... read on. It might surprise you.

Kindal doing weighted step ups

What Is An EMOM Workout?

EMOM stands for:



On The


Here's how this works.

You'll need an interval timer.

Set up to repeat 60 seconds for a set amount of rounds.

The number of rounds can change based on the workout... the exercises you're doing... and the goal you have in mind.

big idea

It doesn't have to be every 60 seconds either.

You can repeat any time for a set number of rounds. In fact some of our most fun workouts are when we repeat 10 seconds... something super short. It's a blast.

Just because it's called every minute... doesn't mean it has to be a minute.

Let's get back to the workout...

Hit your timer.

Get the exercise done within 60 seconds. Whatever is left of the 60 seconds after you finish the exercise... that's your rest.

Because when the next 60 seconds starts... you immediately do the exercise again for the set amount of reps.

Pretty cool workout design.

Kindal resting after workout

Here's Where EMOMs Can Get Brutal

If you're in the middle of the exercise... and the next 60 seconds starts.

Stop the exercise and start back over at rep 1.

For example...

Let's say you have to do 10 burpees in 1 minute.

You're at burpee number 7 and the next 60 seconds starts.

Stop the current set of 10 burpees and immediately start the next set and get to 10 as fast as you can.

Once you get behind the 8 ball like this... it's very difficult to get out and you ultimately end up failing at the workout.

Failing or Succeeding Allows You To Adjust

If you fail or succeed... you have to adjust.

If you fail... make it easier:

  • Bullet point

    Instead of 10 burpees... knock it down to 8 and see how you do.

  • Bullet point

    Instead of 10 burpees... make it 10 half burpees and see what happens.

  • Bullet point

    Instead of 10 burpees from the ground... do 10 burpees from a box and see if that helps.

If you succeed... make it harder:

  • Bullet point

    Instead of 10 burpees... do 12.

  • Bullet point

    Instead of 10 burpees... do 10 deadman burpees.

  • Bullet point

    Instead of 10 burpees... do 10 burpee dumbbell snatches.

You can adjust any EMOM workout to fit your fitness level.

Don't make it too easy though... it won't help you and won't be nearly as much fun.

Kindal doing a pushup

What's The Goal Of An EMOM Workout?

Most people don't ever think about the goal of a workout design. But this is very important for how you approach a workout.

An EMOM workout is about speed.

How fast can you get an exercise done so you can rest?

That's the goal. Speed.

So going heavy is out of the question. It's too dangerous... when you go heavy you need to focus and make your form near perfect.

This is about using your bodyweight or a lighter weights you can control... but still push you as the rounds go on.

Your form is always important but when you're going for speed... you can sneak in little short cuts without having to worry about getting injured.

EMOM workouts are essentially a sprint workout.

Power and cardio.

Kindal doing renegade rows

Let's Do An EMOM together!

Here is a 30 minute EMOM workout and a 60 minute EMOM workout from my private fitness group called Fit Women's Weekly LIVE .

These are downloaded from our private Facebook Group. Facebook only lets us download videos at a lower quality.

In the group they are high res.

For more videos, check out my YouTube Channel too!

Workout with me.

And you'll probably hear me talking to our members... just go along with it.

Members of FWW LIVE get to talk to us during workouts and after. It's like a real personal training experience.

Not only do we workout with you to push you... we coach you to have a better workout.

30 Minute EMOM Workout:

60 Minute EMOM Workout:

You should come try it if there are spot available. Click below and sign up for a Reset plan. It's a fun 14 day training plan to introduce you to FWW LIVE and it's FREE .

It's a lot of fun!

Kindal squating and working her way through a tough metabolic strength workout

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