2020 FWW LIVE Summer Shred Challenge... You In?
Kindal flexing for the 2008 Summer Shred Challenge.

2020 FWW LIVE Summer Shred Challenge... You In?

I can't believe it's been over 8 years.

I remember hosting the first Summer Shred Challenge .

We were in a local park. About 60 women showed up to sweat it out and get in a challenging... 2 hour... field day style workout.

It was amazing and tons of fun.

I've done the Summer Shred Challenge every year since.

This year. This crazy... stressful... year of change...

We're still going doing it and on a bigger scale.

For the first time, we are opening the Summer Shred Challenge to women... no matter where you live.

Summer Shred is now closed. But you can still workout with us in FWW LIVE !

What is the Summer Shred Challenge?

It's an 8 week fitness lifestyle challenge.

It's more than only workouts. It's about practicing the daily skills to live a well rounded fitness based lifestyle.

The type of lifestyle where you get results and keep them year... after year... after year.

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Kindal doing squats during a live workout

Here's how our challenges typically work:

8 Weeks of Workouts

We offer a huge schedule of workouts in our studio.

And this year, because we're doing 2 LIVE workouts every weekday in our Private Facebook Group...

You'll have 11... brand new... unique... workouts at your finger tips every week.

See the backwards writing... Yes! We write our workouts in reverse so when you see it LIVE in the video... it looks correct.

Mini Fitness Challenges

Every week you get one mini fitness challenge to focus on.

This is usually a skill like...

  • Working on pushups
  • Squats and squat mobility
  • Focusing on core strength
  • Moving more throughout the day besides just walking

Fun challenges that don't take up a ton of time but help you improve and accelerate your physical strength and results.

Mini Nutrition Challenges

Every week you get one mini nutrition challenge to focus on.

This usually focuses on a healthy habit like...

  • Trying a new food
  • Learning a new cooking technique
  • Discovering and using a new ingredient
  • Practicing strategies to help you eat slower so you can feel full.

Fun challenges that introduce you to the small skills that make up healthy food habits. (And these challenges are not calorie counting.)


I take tracking very seriously because what you track improves.

Every challenge member gets a pre-made spreadsheet with two to three things to track everyday.

As you track, I assign you points for being consistent and this has a huge impact on the results you will get... and who ends up winning the challenge.

Kindal smiling as she sits on a box after a tough workout
A Big Idea

Tracking doesn't have to be time consuming or difficult to do.

The opposite actually. It MUST be easy to do. This is why I created a spreadsheet for you. It takes about 2 minutes to login... update your row... and bam... you're done.

And when the 8 weeks is over... you can look over everything you accomplished...

And you will know how to improve and always work to get better.

This is what a challenge spreadsheet looks like. You get your own row to edit and update.


Every challenge I've done is huge on community.

FWW is a sisterhood and it takes fit friends to stay accountable... to push hard... and to make the experience a lot more fun.

How Is This Summer Shred Challenge Going To Be Better?

This year, Dan and I decided to open the Summer Shred Challenge to our growing FWW community.

We run daily LIVE online workouts... in our private Facebook Group... as part of our program called FWW LIVE.

  • You can workout with us LIVE in person...
  • You can replay a workout when it fits your schedule...
  • You can talk to us and ask questions...
  • You can chat it up with us and be friends...

And this year, any woman, anywhere can join.

Here's What FWW LIVE Is Really Like...

FWW LIVE is our online fitness studio.

But in FWW LIVE every strength and metabolic workout is trainer led by either Dan or myself . And this makes a huge difference.

Here's the FWW LIVE breakdown:

  • 2 LIVE classes every weekday... one in the morning... one in the early evening
  • Monday is a fast, sprint style interval workout run by the timer.
  • Tuesday is a fast, metabolic strength workout where you'll need a dumbbell or kettlebell.
  • Wednesday is lower body day where we work on leg strength and control
  • Thursday is upper body and core day where we hit our arms and abs hard
  • Friday is an advanced kettlebell day where you have to know kettlebells to do it.
  • Sundays, Dan likes to host a fundamental stretch routine to hit the big muscles as a recovery day
  • FWW LIVE is the ultimate in workout variety.

But it's how we do things that makes us different:

  • We workout hard with you... pushing you and counting reps out loud the whole time
  • You see us struggle too... so you know it's supposed to hard... it's okay to struggle
  • We talk you through the workout... yelling motivation for you and for us
  • We coach you during the workout... during rest periods we answer questions and talk with you as if you were in the studio with us.
  • If you need a modification or exercise substitution... we show you exactly what to do.
  • And after the workout we post exercise selfies for accountability and fun

These are real members taking post workout selfies!

FWW LIVE is something you can join today .

And starting on July 20th... we are using FWW LIVE as the main way to host the 2020 Summer Shred Challenge .

The Challenge Itself Is Simple

I'll tell you more about this in a minute...

But we focus and reward performance goals... not outcome goals.

What's an outcome goal?

It's things like weight lost... inches lost... how your body looks...

These are the ultimate goals we strive for... but they're hard to track. Everybody loses weight at a different rate... we all lose fat from different parts of our body at different times.

Focusing on outcome goals is the fastest way to get frustrated... feel down on yourself because you're unfairly comparing yourself to others... to give up on yourself... so we don't do it.

What's a performance goal?

It's things like... did I do three workouts this week? Did I get in 60 pushups every day this week? Did I cut my sugar intake by 50% every day this week?

These are weekly checkins that are easy to track. Either you did it... or you didn't... there's no maybes, ifs, ands or buts...

If you succeed on hitting your performance goals week in and week out... your outcome goals achieve themselves automatically.

The Summer Shred Has 3 Main Performance Goals

  1. Get X number of workouts done per week (You have 11 different workouts to choose from)
  2. Complete your mini fitness challenge every day during the week
  3. Complete your mini nutrition challenge every day during the week

If you do these things... you will succeed. You will get results.

I'll show what other women have accomplished in a minute.

Fit Women's Weekly LIVE Program

14 Day FREE Trial!

Get 14 Day FREE Class Pass and try some workouts... talk to us in person... talk to the community. No obligation to join after.

Kindal doing squats during a live workout

We Train Different

At Fit Women's Weekly... we have a philosophy that drives every program and workout we make.

Part 1: Exercise Is Not Everything

Exercise is not supposed to overwhelm your life unless you do it for a living.

It should be part of your life. It should fit into your life without causing stress... guilt... or anxiety....

The purpose is exercise is to:

  • Enhance your life
  • Give you more energy to use during your day
  • Give you confidence so you treat yourself with compassion
  • Give you confidence to be who are truly are
  • Give you a reason to eat healthier
  • Help you sleep better at night

Part 2: The Three Pillars of a Fitness Lifestyle

Pillar 1: Consistency

Without consistency... nothing is accomplished.

We focus on learning how to exercise consistently first. Even if that means doing an intense 10 minute workout.

Even if that means just showing up to your workout dressed.

Pillar 2: Intensity

Your body only responds to what it's not use to.

So you have to push your comfort zone regularly for it to burn fat... build lean muscle... and shape up.

You have to be hardcore and you have to do it the right way so you don't injure yourself.

Pillar 3: Community

Nothing in life is a solo endeavor.

We do things together and succeed together.

That's why FWW is all about community... being supportive... asking for help... sharing success stories... and sharing failures.

Focus On These Three Things...

If you put your focus and effort into these three pillars, you will get the outcome results you want.

  • You will lose weight...
  • You will lose inches...
  • You will build lean muscle...
  • You will become healthier... fitter... and a better person for it.

Yes, tweaks will have to be made along the way and that's where the fun comes in.

We Did a Quarantine Challenge Earlier This Year

We were ordered to close our studio doors in March. And I think we ended up being close for 8 weeks in total.

Our membership has been decimated.

Which is why when we closed we immediately started doing online LIVE workouts.

And we ran our first virtual challenge. I now call it the Quarantine Challenge.

It was a test run for this Summer Shred Challenge and I learned a lot about to make this even better.

Let me share with you some of the results we had during our Quarantine Challenge. These are the woman that focused on performance goals and the three pillars of a fitness lifestyle.

The Summer Shred Starts On July 20th

Day 1 of the Summer Shred Challenge is on July 20th.

Registration opens on July 6th.

This is going to be a blast and I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure more women are successful.

I would love if you joined us.

If you do I will help you get started on a successful transformation immediately by sending you my food substitution guide called Switch.

Switch will be an app soon, but right now, it's a PDF with over 76 healthy alternatives to your favorite foods.

Plus I'll be emailing you:

  • Updates on the Challenge...
  • Coaching tips...
  • YouTube videos...
  • Podcast episodes
  • And a lot more to help you live the healthiest life you can.

If this challenge sounds fun... click here and join FWW LIVE instead ... you can workout with us LIVE all year long.

There's no obligation to join the challenge. You're just getting more information so you can make the best decision for yourself.

But You Can Workout With Us Today Too!

Like I mentioned above, FWW LIVE is currently open for members .

We are custom designing and hosting 2 LIVE workouts every weekday.

It's only $57 a month to be a FWW LIVE member.

With just the workouts... you're getting 44 workouts every month. So that's only $1.29 per workout.

It's an amazing deal and we are very proud of FWW LIVE and everything we are building here.

I would love if you were part of it. So click here and check it out.

You can try it for 3 days for only $9.

2020 Has Been CRAZY... But It's NOT Over Yet!

There is no word or words to fully describe 2020 to this point.

But it's not over. Not yet.

We still have 6 months to make an impact...

  • To improve our lives
  • To improve our communities
  • To hit goals we set back in early January

Getting fit... healthy... and confident in yourself is one small piece towards salvaging everything we can from 2020.

I always think about the quote from Tom Hanks movie... The Castaway.

"So now I know what I have to do. I have to keep breathing. And tomorrow the sun will rise, and who knows what the tide will bring."

Fit Women's Weekly LIVE Program

14 Day FREE Trial!

Get 14 Day FREE Class Pass and try some workouts... talk to us in person... talk to the community. No obligation to join after.

Kindal doing squats during a live workout

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