Kindal holding two kettlebells in rack position getting ready to do a strict double kettlebell press.

I Am Strong - 5 Minute Fit Finisher

This is as close to a maximal strength workout as we'll get in our 5 Minute Fit Finisher series.

Remember, a maximal strength workout is where we go HEAVY. The idea is to see how HEAVY you can safely go.

The key here is safely!

Never put your body in a tough position where you're likely to get a dumb injury.

Let's keep this in mind as we get into the workout.

I Am Strong Workout Breakdown

Here's how this workout is going to flow. Then I'll tell you the rules that make it a good one.

  • 4 Double kettlebell or dumbbell presses
  • 4 Double kettlebell or dumbbell squats
  • 4 HEAVY bent over rows per side
  • 4 Kettlebell or dumbbell burpee cleans

1. Rule One

Choose a heavy weight for the double presses.

Keep in mind you need to complete 4 good reps. Don't go too heavy and get stuck... but don't go too light and not challenge yourself.

You will use this weight for the rest of the exercises except the bent over rows.

2. Rule Two

Go has heavy as you can with bent over rows.

Because bent over rows are a safe exercise... you can go pretty heavy and stay safe. But make sure you're still able to complete all 4 reps on each side.

I think this workout is better done with kettlebells. You'll be able to move faster... but it's easy to use dumbbells if you don't have any kettlebells.

Workout And Tracking Goal

Get through 3 full rounds no matter what... even if it takes you longer than 5 minutes.

If you get through 3 rounds with time to spare... keep going and see how much further you can go.

Again... the focus for this workout is great form and going heavy. You want to keep moving from exercise to exercise, but don't go too fast.

I Am Strong Exercise Breakdown

Double Kettlebell Standing Presses

I want you to focus on not push pressing. A push press is where you perform a little squat with your legs to help get the weights overhead.

Work hard to do strict presses. Only use your arms... this will bring down the weight you use.

Step 1:

Stand tall with your weights in rack position.

Focus on good weight distribution over your feet. It's common to move your weight to your toes... but keep it over your entire foot.

Also keep your stomach pulled in tight. When you press up... it's easy to arch your back and we want to avoid this as much as possible.

Step 2:

Squeeze the handles firmly.

The palms of your hands should be facing across your chest... facing each other.

As you press up... pull your shoulder blades together. This will open up your chest and as your arms move open press the weight over your head.

The palms of your hands should be facing forward now. There is a little arm rotation in the pressing motion.

Step 3:

As you bring the weights back down... lower them with control at a good pace. Don't just let them fall down.

Double Kettlebell Squats

I love doing double squats. I think what I love the most is feeling my core tighten up as you go down into the bottom of the squat.

What makes these squats fun is doing them immediately after the presses. If you can't link the two exercises together... one right after the other.

Step 1:

Get your weights in rack position. Make sure you have your squat stance ready with good weight distribution across your feet.

Step 2:

Slightly squeeze the handles of the kettlebells and flex your arm muscles so your upper body is braced up.

Slightly twist your feet into the ground. This will flex your legs and make sure you're slightly braced for the squat.

Look straight ahead. Don't look down to the ground.

Squat down at a slower more controlled pace. You want to maintain good posture and form since you're going heavier than normal.

Step 3:

Stay braced at the bottom and come out of the squat with a little more spend compared to how you went down.

Make sure as you come up... you squeeze the handles of your weights a little more. The weights will pull your arms down and you don't want this to happen.

Squeezing the handles harder will help you maintain and solid upper body.

Heavy Bent Over Rows

This is a stable exercise so you can go heavier without putting your body at risk.

Let's say we'll start by rowing on our weak side.

Step 1:

Start by taking a wide stance. Bend your strong side leg so your leg is just about 90 degrees.

Lean into your bent leg with your strong arm's forearm.

Grab your kettlebell or dumbbell with our weak arm.

Step 2:

Press into your bent leg with your forearm. This will give you the ability to brace your body for the actual row from your weak arm.

Pull hard with your weak arm and get the weight as high as you can.

Keep your spine straight. Don't let it round. You'll need to focus on holding your core in as well. Posture is really important (as always).

Step 3:

Lower the weight with control. Don't just let it fall down.

Burpee Cleans

This is fun exercise because it's much faster than the rest of the exercises in this workout.

In the video... I do my pushups directly off the kettlebells. But you don't have to do this. You can easily do your pushup behind or to the side of your kettlebells... then hop in and do the clean.

It will slow you down a little... but nothing serious.

For the exercise steps... I'm going to talk you through my burpee clean version.

Step 1:

Crouch down keeping your hands on the kettlebell handles and jump back to the top of a pushup plank.

Pay close attention to your balance. Read the tip below...

Kindal pushing really hard in a pushup
Intensity Tip

I'm going to be honest... doing pushups from kettlebell handles is not the smartest way to do pushups.

If the kettlebells fell over it would be bad news for your wrists... possibly your hands too. So only do these if you're experienced with kettlebell training.

The benefits of doing pushups from the handles of the kettlebells is how you'll immediately brace your body.

Because you have to balance more:

  • You'll squeeze the kettlebell handles... flexing your arms
  • Hold your core tighter to support your solid upper body
  • Squeeze your legs to support your core

All of this form improvement because you're hands are on the kettlebells. Pretty cool huh!?

Step 2:

Perform your pushup. Keep your chest directly over your hands. This will help with balance.

Step 3:

As you jump in from your burpee... DON'T jump all the way in. Rather jump about half way and immediately get into the loaded position so you can clean both kettlebells.

Step 4:

Hike both kettlebells back into the loaded position.

Remember when working with two kettlebells... it helps to take a stance that's a little wider than normal. You usually know you have a good stance width when it feels a little too wide.

Step 5:

Fire your hips from the loaded position and just as your hands pass through your legs pull up on both kettlebells. This will redirect the kettlebell path up.

As the kettlebells get to about chest level... punch around the kettlebells receiving them in rack position.

From here just toss them off your chest and repeat. This is a great exercise... and the heavier you go... these burpees get really hardcore.

You Are Strong... So Get I Am Strong Workout Done!

You can do this workout!

Remember to focus as you go through this. You are going heavier and this requires you to pay attention. Not to mention... there are a lot of double weighted exercises. These always bring extra difficulty.

I want to know how you did so let me know below. DM me on social.

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