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Kindal doing knee pushups and working on the only thing knee pushups are good for... practicing keeping your elbows close to your body.
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Kindal Boyle

Knee Pushups - Exercise Database

Knee pushups have a special place in the exercise world.

96.4% of the time... you don't need to do knee pushups.

But there is that 4.6% of the time you do. I'll show when to focus on knee pushups because it does matter, but first...

How To Do Knee Pushups

Kindal at the top of the knee pushups. Notice her straight body line and how her shoulders are directly over her wrists.
Kindal at the bottom of the knee pushups. Notice her elbows are in and her body remains in a straight line.

Step 1

Get on your hands and knees.

Walk your hands out until you butt lowers. Your head to your spine down to your knees makes a straight line. Your butt can be a little higher than perfectly straight... but don't make your butt go so low that it's dipping.

Your shoulders should be either directly over your hands... or better... past your wrists and hands.

Step 2

Start with your hands a little wider than your shoulder width.

Twist your hands into the ground so your elbow pits are facing forward or close to forward. I like to say... twist the heels of your hands towards each other.

Step 3

As you lower your upper body... you're going to force your elbows back (45 degrees or a little closer to your body)... NOT out to the sides.

This is vital and we'll come back to this in a second. Look at the pictures and notice how my elbows are back... but not directly up against my body.

Then obviously lower all the way to the ground.

Step 4

Keep your hands twisted into the ground and press all the way back up.

Knee pushups are that simple.

What Muscles Do Knee Pushups Work?

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    Core (only a little)

When Is The Only Time You Should Do Knee Pushups?

Most women think knee pushups are used for beginners because they're an easier version of pushups.

This is only half true. If you're a beginner... there's a much better version of pushups you should be using to get stronger a lot faster.

Elevated pushups.

So when should you use knee pushups?

To practice keeping your elbows close to your body.

Kindal showing how her elbows are in during the knee pushups. During knee pushups is the best time to practice keeping your elbows close to your body.

This is the only purpose of knee pushups. The correct way to do pushups is by keeping your elbows close to your body.

Most women let their elbows go out to the side. It's one of the most [common pushup mistakes]().

So when you want to practice and get use to keeping your elbows close to your body... knee pushups are a great option.

But even then you want to move to elevated pushups as fast as you can.

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