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Podcast Ep. 354: Scale Freedom! What The Scale Doesn't Tell You

Workout Of The Week:

No workout of the week.

Instead, I want to invite you to join us for the 6 Week Finish Fit Challenge through FWW Live.

The challenge is free for FWW Live members and is a way for us to get through the holiday season staying consistent with workouts and focusing on balanced nutrition.

It's okay to eat sugar cookies, drink champagne, and enjoy your mom's stuffing... as long as other elements are in place to balance it out!

The challenge will be focused on balanced nutrition and pushing you with your workouts.

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    Daily fit quickies (3-5 minute exercise challenges)

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    Daily nutrition challenges

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    Weekly coaching calls for questions and accountability

On top of the challenge, Dan and I continue to bring the heat every day in FWW Live through the workouts.

And, I'm adding a fun training element that is optional!

I'm leading clients through a 6 week strength program for squats and strict overhead presses. These are additional sessions outside of workouts!

So much fun to be had.

Yes, you do have to be a FWW Live member.

Show Notes:

The Scale Doesn't Weigh Your Worth

With January around the corner and diet talk in the air, let's talk scales.

Are scales worthless?

No. They can be used as a tool for progress and to collect data.

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    If you're trying to lose weight and after 2-4 weeks numbers haven't changed, it might be a sign to decrease calorie intake (or increase daily activity).

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    If you're trying to gain weight and the number doesn't go up... it's a sign that you need to tweak calories to go higher and maybe decrease daily activity.

But here's what the scale doesn't do...

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    It doesn't make you a failure if it's not where you want it.

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    It doesn't make you weak or lacking willpower if the number doesn't change.

The scale holds no power in defining who you are or what you're capable of.

Just a quick reminder that weight is literally mass x gravity.

You want to weigh less instantly?

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    Go stand on top of Mt Everest.

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    Or pay $20,000 to fly into outer space. Instant weight loss!

Bottom line... Trust the process.

If you've made lifestyle changes to be healthier or focusing on a weight loss, slow down and trust the process.

It's going to take longer than you want. We all want immediate results but that doesn't happen.

Forget about the people posting about their insane transformations due to insane diets that aren't healthy or long term. Instead, focus on one day at a time.

If you have one bad meal, that's okay. It's one bad meal.

Skipped a workout? That's okay. Go workout tomorrow.

Don't let one slip up make you think you're not capable of great things. You are, don't give up.

Why I'll Never Do Another Figure Competition

Lately there have been a few athletes making the jump from their sport to the stage for figure/fitness/bodybuilding.

One specific athlete has been promoting her figure competition diet as the answer to "get your body back!"

I hate this, mostly because the diet for a show is not a long term weight loss solution.

That's why most competitors have an off season. They aren't stage ready year round. That's impossible and unsafe.

I did a figure competition when I was 23. It was a learning experience and something I'm proud of but I will NEVER do another one.

It took years to mentally recover from the diet culture I learned.

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    Trying to maintain the body I built for show day was exhausting and impossible. But I tried for years.

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    Hours of daily cardio and tough lifting sessions had me fueling with only 1200 calories and 50g of carbs. I thought for years carbs were the enemy.

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    I was malnourished and took my anorexic recovery backwards, adding almost half a decade to finally look at food in a fully healthy way.

How To Have Easier Periods?

Love this question but I can't answer it.

I am not a period expert by any means.

Instead, check out Mama Dr. Jones on YouTube for all things periods, vaginas and pregnancy.

How to Explain Exercises To Fitness Newbies

Don't be an ass.

I mean that with love.

Don't talk over someone's head. Instead of using muscle names and exercise jargon, simplify things.

Talk to clients as you would a middle schooler. Don't talk down to them but talk in terms they understand.

This comes with experience, especially establishing cues to help clients go through a movement.

And my last tip, use video!

Show them what to do and what they're doing wrong.

I have clients post videos all the time so I can see what they're up to. One thing I've learned is that not everyone has an understanding of their body as they move.

So while they might think they're doing an exercise right, when filmed and played back they can see that they aren't.

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