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Push Pull Breathe Kettlebell Circuit

Okay... this workout is cool.

What I LOVE about it is the design.

You may be like... a 2 minute circuit?? What's the point?

But you'll be shocked at how tough and fun 2 minutes can be.

This Fit Finisher is all about upper body strength and endurance.

So let's get into it!

Push Pull Breathe Circuit Breakdown

The entire circuit is a push-pull design. This is called antagonistic design.

Here's the first circuit:

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    8 Pushups

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    8 Rows per side alternate which starts

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    Floor cleans - only on one side that finishes

This circuit is a 3 minute AMRAP. So choose a medium (tough) weight.

When you go to bent over rows... start with your weak side first.

Each round you'll alternate which arm does the rows.

From the row you'll use that same arm and do the floor cleans.

I do have a post that fully breaks down the kettlebell clean.

Here's the second circuit:

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    4 Floor presses

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    4 Rows

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    2 Floor clean to squat to press

Here's how this works:

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    2 rounds on weak

  • Bullet point

    2 rounds on strong

Alternate back and forth from there.

You only have 2 minutes to get as many rounds as you can. The reps are low so you can move fast.

Buckle down and have fun with this little circuit. If you push hard... you'll get a lot further than you think you can.

Kindal squating and working out hard to get out of a workout rut. Kindal squating and working out hard to get out of a workout rut.

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Push Pull Breathe Exercise Breakdown


Click below to read about the correct pushup progression. Use the pusher variation that challenges you.

After this workout... click here to learn advanced pushup variations . Have some fun the next time you knock our pushups.

Kindal in the top of a pushup with her shoulders over her hands, her core pulled in tight, and her legs locked out.
Kindal at the bottom of the pushup with her body locked out and her elbows going straight back with her chest between her hands.

Step 1

Get into a top of pushup plank. Duh... right 🤯

Make sure you hands are under your shoulders. You don't want your hands to be wider that shoulder width.

The wider your hand position gets the more your elbows will be forced into a bad position when you go to the bottom of the pushup.

Pull your abs in so they are active and lock your legs out so your body moves as one solid piece.

Step 2

Slightly twist your hands into the ground. This will active your arms and plug your shoulders into place.

Lower down as one solid piece until your chest is about 2 inches form the ground.

Keep twisting your hands into the ground and flex your pec muscles as you push back up to the top.

Remember... your elbows move back in space a minimum of 45 degrees from your shoulder and spine line or close to your body.

This is important to train correctly.

Bent Over Rows

Kindal at the bottom of the bent over row. She is leaning into her thigh and the weight is directly below her shoulder.
Kindal pulling the weight to the top of the row. She presses into her thigh and pulls the weight to just below her chest muscle.

Step 1

Hop up from your pushups and land with your feet in a wide stance and the kettlebell in the middle of your stance.

Since we're starting with the weak side... bend the knee of your strong leg and lean your forearm into the thigh.

Keep your spine straight. But notice that's it's angled because you're leaning.

Grab the weight with your weak arm.

Look at the images to help make this description clear.

Step 2

Press into your thigh with your strong arm. This will give you some leverage to make a stronger pull.

Pull with your weak arm but don't jerk the weight up.

You want to eliminate momentum and keep your pulling muscles in tension the whole time. For this workout... this is not a power move.

Pull all the way up as high as you can so the weight is nearly touching your chest (or pec) muscle.

Step 3

Lower the weight with control.

You want to avoid having it bounce at the bottom. Remember... no momentum... all tension.

Floor Cleans

Kindal at the bottom of the floor clean. You can see she is in a hip hinge and ready to pull hard on the kettlebell.
KIndal first exploding from her legs and keeping her shoulder packed so the kettlebell does not pull her arm down.
Kindal keeps her elbow close to her body as she starts the active punch around the kettlebell to get it into rack.
Kindal gets the kettlebell into racked position and notice her wrist is straight and her forearm is perpendicular to the ground.

I am going to call these sloppy cleans... but only because you don't have to have your feet set perfectly for them.

But the rest of the clean form... keep it tight.

Click here and learn the kettlebell clean steps in detail.

Step 1

When you put the weight down from you last row... immediately give the kettlebell a tug straight up.

This is a momentum - power - exercise. So you want to get the kettlebell "floating" up a little.

Keep your elbow close to your body so when it reaches about your stomach level...

Step 2

You actively punch around the kettlebell and bring it to a smooth rack position.

You don't want to let the kettlebell's momentum cause the bell to flow over your hand and hit your wrist...

You're in control. You take control of the kettlebell.

Step 3

From the racked position... let the kettlebell go around your wrist (slightly) and fall straight back down to the ground.

Once you get close to or lightly tap the group... pull straight back up for your next rep.

Sometimes... I'll fully reset and let the kettlebell rest on the group for a brief moment.

Single Arm Floor Presses

Kindal at the bottom of the floor press with her core pulled in. Her arm is at a slight angle and not directly out to the side.
Kindal holds her core tight and presses the kettlebell over her chest and shoulder locking her arm out at the top.

You can use a dumbbell or a kettlebell for this exercise.

I used a kettlebell... but again... you don't have to.

Click here to learn double floor presses in detail.

Step 1

If you're been working out with me... you know we're going to start on our weak side.

Get on your back with your legs bent and feet flat on the floor.

I prefer to start floor presses by getting the weight in a pressed position.

If you need to use your other arm to help boost it up to start... go for it... but be careful.

Once you get the weight up... fully press and extend it up through your shoulder.

Step 2

Keep your core engaged. This will help you control the weight and keep your balance as you're pressing.

Bring the weight down with control. You don't have to go slow but you don't want the weight just falling.

Go all the way down until your elbow hits (taps) the ground... not hard..

Then press the weight straight back up.

Floor Clean To Press

Kindal at the bottom of the floor clean in a balanced hip hinge position ready to push hard from her legs.
Kindal pushes hard through her legs and keeps her elbow close so she can punch around the kettlebell to get it into rack position.
A quick pause in rack and Kindal is bracing her body to get the kettlebell pressed over her head.
Kindal holds her core tight and fully extends her arm up and over her head while maintaining balance over her feet.

Just like the first circuit you're going to immediately go into the clean.

Let's pick up the exercise explanation with when you get the kettlebell in rack position.

Step 3

Continued from the clean above...

Once the kettlebell is in rack.

Drop down into a squat.

Again... since you're going fast you can use some momentum. Just focus on staying balanced over your feet.

Step 2

Squat down slightly (only a couple inches) to build momentum so you can (more easily) press the kettlebell over your head.

This is a power move up. So momentum in this case is your friend. It will get harder and harder to create it.

Make sure you get to full extension and press that kettlebell up.

Step 3

Then when you bring the kettlebell back down to the floor... so you can go straight into your floor clean...

I always like to go into rack position first... then go straight down to prep for your clean.

Remember when you go down and get the kettlebell on or close to the ground... you're squatting down a little. So you can still use your legs to build that momentum back up.

Kindal squating and working out hard to get out of a workout rut. Kindal squating and working out hard to get out of a workout rut.

have your

results stopped?

and now you're...

stuck in a

workout rut?

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Kindal squating and working her way through a tough metabolic strength workout

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