Kindal doing some lateral raises and getting her shoulders burning for another 5 Minute Finisher workout.

Something's Burning - 5 Minute Fit Finisher

Ready for an arm workout that'll take your shoulders to their limit?

This weeks 5 Minute Fit Finisher is a tough arm workout... focused on your shoulders.

I'll say this one is probably going to take a little longer than 5 minutes... just so you know. As you'll see... it took me longer than 5 minutes.

Something's Burning 5 Minute Fit Finisher Workout

Here's how the workout breaks down:

3 Rounds Back To Back

  • 8 Dumbbell lateral raises
  • 6 Donkey kicks

4 Rounds Back To Back

  • 8 Heavier rows (alternate sides)
  • 4 Kettlebell snatches (alternate sides)

5 Rounds Back To Back

  • 4 Presses (alternate sides)
  • 4 Dumbbell plank openers (alternate sides)

Have your timer set for 5 minutes... but get through this entire workout. It'll probably take you longer than 5 minutes... so first, track how far you got in 5 minutes.

This way... if you repeat this workout later... you can see if you improved.

Then keep going and finish the workout tracking the total time it took you. Try to repeat this workout in a couple weeks or maybe a month. It's always fun to see if you improve and by how much.

Let's breakdown all these exercises and I'll make sure you have modifications when you need them.

Something's Burning Exercise Breakdown

Dumbbell Lateral Raises

Grab two light dumbbells. Don't go heavy with this exercise... form is more important than going heavy.

Step 1:

Stand up straight and hold each of the dumbbells at your sides.

Make sure you pull your shoulders back slightly so you have really good posture.

Step 2:

With a slight bend in your arms... raise your arms out and up to the side to just below your shoulder level.

Make sure your thumb on each hand is a little higher than your pinky... to think about this differently... your hands are rotated back slightly.

This rotates your shoulders back and opens your chest. This position ensures you're hitting your delts with property shoulder position.

Make sure you're not shrugging your shoulers up as your arms come out... focus on only on lifting your arms laterally.

Step 3:

Once you stop short of your shoulder level...

Slowly (with control) bring your arms back down to your side. Don't just let them fall down.

Tips For Lateral Raises

  • Lightly squeeze the handles of your dumbbells. This will turn your muscles on so they are ready to work.
  • At the top of the raises... hold for a second and squeeze just a little harder. This is a good isometric contraction.
  • On the way down... go slowly... maybe 6 seconds or so. This is called a negative rep and it's great for building strength and muscle mass.

Donkey Kicks

This is a dangerous exercise. But it's also a lot of fun.

There is jumping in this exercise... and if you know my coaching... I don't like jumping for over 90% of women. It's too dangerous and not worth the risk.

I'll show you the modification in just a second. Keep reading.

Step 1:

Get on all fours with your hands directly below your shoulders.

Lift your knees off the ground about 5 inches. So you're essentially in bear position.

Lean back towards your feet just a little and pump your knees up and down just to get a feel for this.

Step 2:

The idea is you're going to do a small jump into the air as you press your arms into the ground hard.

You want your upper body to hold your bodyweight for a breif moment... a slight pause.

Step 3:

You'll come back down and land back in the bear position. Accept the landing so it's soft and you're not slamming into the ground.

As you get stronger and more comfortable... you'll be able to go higher into the air and hold for a little longer. But again this is an advanced exercise.

Bottom line... this exercise is a great shoulder strengthener... both with isometric and stabilizer strength.

Donkey Kick Modifications

Rather than doing any jumping... do pike pushups instead.

This hits the same muscle group and it's far safer.

Check out the pictures and to learn the details of how to do pike pushups from our exercise database.

Bentover Rows

This is one of my favorite exercises for Fit Women's Weekly LIVE because it's the only pull exercise every woman with a dumbbell or kettlebell can do.

Let's take a look at it.

Step 1:

Take a wide stance with your legs.

Bend one leg to just about 90 degrees. Take the arm on the same side and lean into the thigh of that leg.

Your upperbody is straight and your spine is angled at 45 degrees. Take a look at the pictures... it will help make the setup a lot easier.

Grab your dumbbell or kettlebell with the other hand.

Step 2:

Push into your thigh with your arm as you pull on the weight and get it as high as you can.

Try not to rotate your torso too much. It's okay to rotate it a little.

Step 3:

Lower the weight with control. It can be tough to remember this when you're really tired.

Just repeat the reps with a smooth pace.

Kettlebell Snatches

If you've been a reader of Fit Women's Weekly ... you know I love kettlebells... and we love to do kettlebell snatches.

They are perfect for this workout because you'll still work your shoulders... but it's fast so you won't over fatigue them.

Go read my post about how to do kettlebell snatches .

Step 1:

Get into your loaded kettlebell position.

Step 2:

Fire from your hips hard and as the kettlebell come through your legs... tug up on it hard.

This will redirect the kettlbell straight up.

Step 3:

Keep your elbow close to your body and as the kettlebell moves in front of your chest... punch around the kettlebell.

Step 4:

As you punch around the kettelbell... you can extend your arm straight up to the sky and you'll end up in the final kettlebell snatch position.

Make sure during this whole process you keep really good balance across your whole foot.

Single Overhead Presses

I hope you're ready for more pure shoulder strength... by now you're probably thinkging... something's burning 🤣

Step 1:

Stand straight up with your dumbbell or kettlebell in rack position.

Step 2:

Try your best for this workout to not push press the weight over your head. A push press is when you bend your knees slightly and use your legs to heave the weight up.

Try your best to strict press... use only your arms and shoulders.

Step 3:

When you're in rack your thumb is pointing behind you.

As you press up and over your head... you rotate your arm and at the top of the press your palm is facing forward... your thumb is pointing across your body.

Step 4:

Bring the weight back down to rack with control. Try not to let if fall down... this is tough when you're tired. Keep that in mind.

One last tip...

As you press the weight over your head... you can rotate your torso ever so slightly. This will help provide a little more strength to this exercise.

Plank Openers

This exercise becomes crazy hard:

  • Arm exercise
  • Core exercise
  • Balance exercise

For this workout we are NOT going to use a weight. But you can use a light weight to make it a lot more challenging if you want.

Step 1:

Start in a top of pushup plank.

Step 2:

Pick which ever side you want to go to first.

You are going to end up in a side plank. So lift your arm up off the ground as you rotate over on your feet.

Step 3:

Try your hardest to stack your feet. This makes it considerably harder.

If this is too difficult... start with your feet wide. As you rotate over... stager your feet to give yourself better balance.

Reach your free arm all the way up to the sky as you push hard into the ground with your other arm. Keep your body straight.

Step 4:

When you return to the top of pushup plank... make sure you land softly.

Before you know it... your shoulders are going to be burning like crazy. This is the cherry on the top of the workout cake.

Go Do Somethings Burning And Share Your Time

Remember, this is a hard workout. This workout will take you over 5 minutes... so don't let that discourage you. It took me over 5 minutes!

Enjoy this workout!

It's a great arm focused Fit Finisher. Most workouts women do don't focus on arms... so this is a good workout to keep in your back pocket.

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