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What Are 3 More Types Of HIIT?

The key with high intensity interval training is...


Go really hard for a set period of time. Typically for a short period of time so you can can truely go hard.

Followed by a low intensity period where you attempt to bring your heart rate down.

Let's look at three of most popular HIIT designs you've probably not tried before... and one that breaks the rules a little. Or re-imagines the rules.

Tabata - Traditional

This is the most popular HIIT style.

  • 20 seconds of as hard as possible intensity
  • 10 seconds of rest or even light active rest.

You do this for 8 rounds. But you can go for less rounds... more if you want... the key is to sustain a hardcore level of intensity when you're going hard.

It is a great design and a lot of fun!


A set number of reps of an exercise on the minute every minute... for a set number of minutes.

Compelete the set number of reps within the minute. The rest of the minute is your rest.

So the faster you can finisher your reps... the more rest you get.

But the faster you go... the more tiring it can get.

My favorite EMOM workout is 10 burpees on the minute for 10 minutes .

This is a really fun style of HIIT workout.

Go Hard and Hold

Let's change things up a little and keep our rest periods active.

An active rest period is where you're still moving or doing some type of low intensity exercise.

So you'll go with medium weight for an exercise and knockout a set number of reps. Then during the rest period you'll perform some type of hold.

Here's an example of a workout...

  • 5 double presses
  • 12 seconds of hollow hold

Repeat for 10 rounds.

So while your arms are resting... you're working your core. It's a really fun worout style.

Go try these types HIIT sessions and let me know what you think. You can find a link to all these HIIT workouts in the description.

Now go read my other popular FAQ post called How To Get The Most Out Of Your HIIT Workout .

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