Kindal doing a burpee

32 Burpee Variations For Advanced & Beginners


Most people have a hate love relationship with them.

Love them for their efficiency...

Hate them because they're hard and wear you out faster than babysitting a toddler.

But there's no denying that burpees are one of the best bodyweight exercises. They work your legs, core, upper body and your cardiovascular system during every set.

So don't try to avoid them like the plague. Instead, make them more fun by adding variety.

Here are 32, YES 32, different burpees.

Watch the video and then I challenge you to complete 5 reps of each as quickly as you can, with minimal rest.

Up for the challenge?

32 Burpee Variations

  1. Regular Burpees: A regular burpee includes a pushup! Don't neglect it.
  2. Half Burpees: Take out the pushup and everything else stays the same.
  3. Burpee Slams: Grab a med ball, steelbell, or sandbag and as you jump up out of the burpee, explode with the weight and slam it down as hard as possible! Great for getting aggression out.
  4. Single Leg Burpee: Perfect for some tough balance work!
  5. Double Burpee: Complete 2 reps of each element. 2 plank thrusters, 2 pushups, 2 plank thrusters, 2 squat jumps. I know... wow!
  6. Donkey Jump Burpees: Instead of a pushup, complete a donkey jump! Push through the shoulders, this is not a leg exercise as much as it is a core and shoulder move.
  7. Deadman Burpees: Drop all the way to the ground. Keep a tight body to try and come up in one piece, versus rolling up like the worm.
  8. Lunge Jump Burpees: At the end of the burpee, complete 2 lunge jumps before coming back together and going down for the next rep.
  9. Twister Burpees: Jump up and complete a 180-degree jump to face the other direction. I suggest alternating which direction you rotate so you don't get dizzy going in circles.
  10. Candlestick Burpees: Complete a candlestick and continue the rotation forward to place the hands on the ground before jumping back into the pushup. For help with the candlestick, here's a candlestick tutorial with progressions!
  11. 8-Count Burpees: It's like a dance move... or just a regular burpee with a plank jack that has a fancy name.
  12. Traveling Burpees: Jump up AND out at the end so you move forward with each rep.
  13. Divebomber Burpees: In place of the pushup, step things up with a divebomber. Need help mastering the divebomber? Here's a quick divebomber tutorial!
  14. Mt Climber Burpees: Just like it sounds! After the pushup, knock out 5 mountain climbers before jumping up.
  15. Plyo Pushup Burpees: It's already a plyo move due to the jumping, but this takes it to a new level. Try to add an explosive pushup (the clap is bonus points).
  16. Tuck Jump Burpees: At the end, complete a powerful tuck jump.
  17. Star Jump Burpees: These are hard! Star jump out of the burpee but jumping up and spreading the legs and arms before landing with your feet together in a squat position.
  18. Up Down Burpees: Instead of a traditional pushup, lower down to an elbow plank then back up into a pushup position. Make sure to keep the elbows and hands under your shoulders. Don't reach out to make the move easier.
  19. Beast Burpees: In place of the pushup, do 2 beast squats (also called break dancers).
  20. Manmakers: Grab a set of dumbbells to complete a renegade row with each arm, then your push-ups, then jump up and complete a double snatch. Can also be done with single arms.
  21. Devil's Press: Just like the manmaker but without the renegade rows. Which sounds easier but they go faster which means they're equally as taxing.
  22. Uneven Burpees: Keep one hand on a weight and one hand on the ground during the pushup. This helps favor one arm (the one on the ground) more.
  23. Lateral Jump Burpees: Instead of jumping up straight, jump up and sideways. This is often done over a barbell or dumbbell but you can do it with an imaginary line too.
  24. Deadlift Burpees: Grab a weight (or two) and have your hands on them during the pushup. As you come up, instead of jumping, stand while lifting the weight to complete a deadlift. Keep your back straight!
  25. Step Up Burpees: At the end, instead of jumping up, step up onto a box before stepping down and repeating.
  26. Box Jump Burpees: At the end, jump up onto a box before stepping down and repeating. If new to box jumps, start low!
  27. Burpee Box Jump Overs: At the end, jump over a box (or any obstacle). Turn around and repeat. If new to box jumps, start low!
  28. Burpee Box Jump Overs 2.0: At the end, jump onto a box, then step down on the other side. Turn around and repeat.
  29. Decline Burpees: Face away from a box and after hands are on the ground, jump the feed back and up (so they're on the box). Now complete a decline pushup, jump the feet in and finish like normal.
  30. Incline Burpees: This is a great way to modify burpees. Stand facing a box, place hands on it, jump back and do an incline pushups. Jump the feet back in and arms to the sky.
  31. Gorilla Side Shuffle Burpees: This are HARD! Jump back and complete your pushup, jump the feet in and stay down in a low squat. Now, side shuffle 3 steps before jumping up.
  32. Burpee Pull-ups: Just like it sounds! Complete a burpee under a pull-up bar as you jump up, grab the bar and knock out a pull-up. Drop down and repeat.


32 burpees! Can you believe it?

  • Which are new to you?

And remember, if you're up for the challenge:

  • Complete 5 of each variation as quickly as you can.

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