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5 Minute Fit Finisher: Squat Endurance Workout

Today's Fit Finisher workout is all about going heavy... with some twists.

Let's get right into it today.

Squat Endurance

Here's How Squat Endurance Works

18 squats is our number.

Repeat Circuit

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    12 kettlebell swings

  • Bullet point

    4 kettlebell snatches on one side

Alternate the side you do kettlebell snatches on each time you come back to the repeat circuit. Start on your weak side so you end up getting your weak side two times.

Part 1: Choose a Lighter Weight

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    Knock out 18 squats straight... nice and smooth

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    12 kettlebell swings

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    4 kettlbell snatches

Go up in weight. Don't go too heavy just yet... but make sure it's tough.

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    Knock out 18 squats straight at the heavier weight

  • Bullet point

    12 kettlebell swings

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    4 kettlebell snatches

Choose the heaviest weight you can that will still allow you to get to 18 reps straight.

This is the key. You are tracking how heavy you can go... while still getting to 18 reps. Keep in mind... 18 reps is a lot so you have to balance this squat endurance with still going heavy.

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    Knock out 18 heavy squats straight at your heaviest weight

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    12 kettlebell swings

  • Bullet point

    4 kettlebell snathces

Workout Tracking

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    What weight did you use on the last round?

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    How long did it take you to get through all three rounds?

Do not rush through this workout... espeically as you get to the heavier rounds. I just want you to track how long it takes becuase if you repeat this workout in 30 days, there are a couple strategies you can follow.

Repeat Workout Goals

We made these workouts short is so they're easy to repeat.

This is a great workout you can and should repeat in about 30 days. And here are two goals to keep in mind... depending on how you want to attack this workout.

Primary Goal

How heavy can you go during your last round and still get all 18 reps in one set?

With this goal, you'll need to experiment with heavier weights.

Secondary Goal

How fast can you complete the workout using the same weights as you did the first time?

This is a completely different goal... and it's a reason to track how long it takes to complete the full workout. If you can progressively get faster over a couple months... you know you're getting stronger.

Squat Endurance Exercise Breakdown

Goblet Squats

Kindal is at the bottom of a really good kettlebell goblet squat.

The classic kettlebell squat.

Step 1

Hold the kettlebell under the handle with both hands. Make sure you hold the kettlebell off your chest by a couple inches. Don't rest it on your chest. This will require your core to be engaged.

Take a good squat stance... about shoulder width apart is a good place to start.

Step 2

Lightly twist your feet into the ground to activate your legs and squat down.

For this workout, you don't have to go much below parallel if you don't want to. Yet, whatever level of squat you decide... keep it consistent for the full workout.

Step 3

Come back up... but don't bounce at the bottom of the squat.

Heavy Squats

When you go heavier...

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    Focus on getting rid of all momentum.

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    Use a box to help incase you need to stop mid-rep

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    Don't look down at your feet... look straight ahead

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    Hold your kettlebell up... don't let if fall towards your stomach

Kettlebell Swings

Kindal fully loaded at the bottom of a kettlebell swing.
Kindal at the top of a kettlebell swing fully locked out and engaged in the heavier swing.

The kettlebell swing is primarily a butt and hamstring exercise. This makes it a great exercise to pair with squats.

I'll give you the high level steps, but read my post on learning how to do the kettlebell swing .

For this workout stick primarly to the two handed swing. If you decide to go with single arm swings... alternate each round of swings.

Step 1

Hike the kettlebell back. Make sure you're in a good hip hinge position.

To master your hip hinge, read my post on learning how to hip hinge .

Step 2

Keep your feet grounded and shoot your hips forward as if you were standing up quickly.

Make sure you keep your shoulders packed... but not stiff.

Step 3

At the top of your swing... your legs should be fully flexed. Your butt is squeezed and your core is engagged... but not crunched.

As you come back down... focuse on slightly bending your knees so you can get into a good hip hinge.

Kettlebell Swing Modification

If you want a modification for the swings... go with kettlebell deadlifts .

Kettlebell Snatches

Kindal keeping her elbow close and pulling the kettlebell high as she starts to punch her hand through the kettlebell.
Kindal fully extended at the top of a heavier kettlebell snatch.

My second favorite kettlebell exercise.

Like the swings, I'll go over the highlevel steps... but read my post on [how to do the kettelbell snatch](/post/master-the-kettlebell-snatch-for-beginners).

Step 1

Hike the kettlebell back. You will be in nearly the same hip hinged position as if you were doing a kettlebell swing.

Step 2

Shoot your hips forward.

As the kettlebell passes through your legs... keep your elbow close to your body as you tug up on the kettlebell.

Step 3

As the kettlebell is passing around neck level... punch through the kettlebell so you can extend it high overhead.

Step 4

Now you're at the top of the snatch. Your body is fully locked out.

There are two ways to get down from here.


You can rack the kettlebell and then go back into the hip hinge (loaded) position.


With more skill you can go directly back into the hip hinge (loaded) position.

Go Get Squat Endurance Done!

Go try Squat Endurance after one of your workouts this week. Use it as a Fit Finisher.

Of you can use it as an "off day" workout. A workout to keep you moving and get your heart rate up just for a little bit.

If you're looking for a good workout to pair this with... try the 5 Minute Fit Finisher: Don't Hold Your Breath .

Let me know if you have any questions...

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Kindal squating and working her way through a tough metabolic strength workout

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