Kindal getting the kettlebell up and over her head for one of the last few reps.

5 Minute Kettlebell Snatch Test

In the kettlebell world... this test is infamous.

RKC (Russian Kettlebell Certification) and I'm pretty sure Strong First use this test before you can get your kettlebell certification.

100 kettlebell snatches in under 5 minutes.

  • Women have to use a 35lb kettlebell
  • Men have to use a 53lb kettlebell

This is a tough fitness test. After you try it with me... I'll show you how to progress and some tips and tricks to train for this test.

The 5 Minute Snatch Test

I ended up getting 123 snatches in 5 minutes.

My personal record is 126!

This Does NOT Have To Be Split

Keep in mind... you need to get to 100.

You do not have to do 50 reps per arm. You can technically do all 100 on your strong arm. Though I don't recommend this.

Work towards alternating 10 per arm until you can get all 100 reps done. Even better would be do 20 more reps with your weak arm to really bring balance to your body.

The Kettlebell Snatch

I will give a high level overview of the kettlebell snatch exercise... but make sure you checkout these blog posts to go deeper into the snatch exercise.

Step 1:

Hike the kettlebell back with one arm into the loaded kettlebell position.

Step 2:

Keep your feet grounded as you fire your hips forward. Remember you are not pulling with your arm... all the momentum is coming from your hips.

Step 3:

Just as the kettlebell passes through your legs... don't let it continue swinging out...

Rather... keep your elbow close to your body and tug on the kettlebell to direct it straight up towards the sky.

Step 4:

As the kettlebell is "floating" up and moving past your neck area... punch your hand through the kettlebell as you aggressively reach your arm towards the sky.

The punch through takes practice but as you get better at it... you'll be able to seamlessly make the kettlebell rest your arm without any bangning or jerky movements.

Step 5:

Lock your body out as you are reaching your kettlebell high in the sky.

Your arm is fully extended...

Your legs are locked out...

And your core is engaged...

I am not going to go over any modifications for this workout because it centers around the kettlebell snatch.

But if you can't do snatches yet... go do the 10 burpees on the minute every minute for 10 minutes workout. This is a great alternative workout that will get your heart rate nearly as high.

Snatch Progression

First master the snatch so you can do this seamlessly.

As you learn the snatch and start to do a high number of reps... you will have issues with your hands and blisters. So take it slow.

When you get a blister... let it heal. Don't rush into doing more snatches.

Start With 60 Reps

Get to 60 reps first.

I guess, really, I just want you to get over half way in 5 minutes.

Then you can assess how you feel...

  • What is your heart rate doing?
  • How are your hands feeling?
  • How is your form... is it starting to fall apart?
  • Do you feel that burning in your chest?

These are clues you can use to get better. For example...

  • If you're heart rate is sky high... work on conditioning.
  • If you're hands are getting ripped up... slow it down and work on hand endurance.
  • If you're form is falling apart... you need to just work on snatch strength

Increase By 5 Reps Each Round

Each three times you do this workout... try to get better by only 5 reps.

Take your improvement slow. It will pay off faster compared if you rush the process.

It might take you a couple months to get to 100... but by the time you do... it will be almost easy for you to hit.

Go Try Getting 100 Snatches In 5 Minutes!

Have fun with this fitness test.

Listen to your body and hands. Take your time if you're newer to kettlebell training.

If you want to learn kettlebells the right way and really get better with this... go learn about and join Fit Women's Weekly LIVE . This is my private online personal training program.

Membership is severly limited because I work with my members on a personal basis. So if there are spots open... don't hesitate... join.

Follow me on my social accounts and let me know how you do with this test. I would love to hear your numbers and help you succeed in anyway I can.

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