Kindal in the middle of a kettlebell burpee snatch as she gets the kettlebell up above her head.

Burpee Down - 5 Minute Fit Finisher

This is a really fun and super fast workout.

It's kind of like an every minute on the minute workout (EMOM)... but with a different twist. I think you'll love this workout. It makes for a perfect Fit Finisher workout.

Let's get into this one already!

Burpee Down Workout

Here's the workout breakdown:

  • 5 Burpees with 5 swings
  • 4 Burpees with 2 cleans per side
  • 3 Burpees with 3 cannonball presses
  • 2 Burpees with 1 clean and press per side
  • 1 Burpee with 1 snatch alternate sides each round

There are five rounds in this workout.

Each round is one minute long. And during the minute... you'll get as many rounds of the exercise pair as you can.

How To Track This Workout

I want you counting how many burpess you can get in each round. Your score is the number of burpees.

This is your goal. Rack up as many burpees as possible.

When the next minute starts you immediately go into the next exercise pair and restart your burpee count. Keep racking up those rounds.

Notice... as you go the next set of exercises... the number of burpees goes down. But at the same time the other exercise in the pair gets a little tougher... but also with less reps.

The number of rounds you'll be able to get through is going to go up... up... up!

So this is an all out 5 minute sprint workout. Push hard and get through it. Listen to your body and you'll really enjoy it.

Burpee Down Exercise Breakdown


Burpees. One of the best total body - bodyweight - exercises.

And in this workout... nothing fancy. Just fast burpees. Plus think about this... the most you have to do at once is 5 reps. I designed this workout so the burpees would not be the main exercise that tires you out. Rather... as the workout goes on... it's the weighted exercises that become the challenge.

Step 1:

Forward bend down to the ground and put your hands on the floor.

You can let your legs bend.

Step 2:

Jump back (or step back) so you're in a top of pushup plank.

Step 3:

Do a great pushup. If you need help on how to do a pushup ... read my progression blog post.

Step 4:

Jump back in so you're in the tucked position.

Step 5:

Jump up and out of the burpee. You DO NOT need to jump. You can just stand up and then go right back down into the next burpee.

Remember, during this workout, you're trying to rack up as many burpees as you can each round.

Kettlebell Swings

Make sure you read my post about how to master the kettlebell swing . This will give you a detailed step-by-step breakdown of each step.

Try to go pretty heavy for the swings. Like the burpees, there are only 5 reps. Just stay grounded and balanced.

If you need a kettlebell swing modification... go with kettlebell deadlifts .

Kettlebell Cleans

Kettlebell cleans are a pretty technical exercise. You will need some kettlebell experience to perform these correctly.

Read my post about how to do kettlebell cleans . I break down the steps... step by step... but let's take a quick look into them now.

Step 1:

Start as if you're going to do a single swing. Hike the kettlebell back so you're in the loaded position.

Step 2:

Fire from your hips to get the kettlebell moving.

As it comes through your legs... tug up on the kettlebell so it starts to move up and not out like it would during the swing. This is the key... keep your elbow close to your body.

Step 3:

Your tug should be hard enough so the kettlebell is floating up. As it get's to chest level... you need to punch around the kettlebell so it gently and gracefully lands in rack position.

Go read my post getting started with kettlebells . There is a really good explaination aobut modified cleans... a great option for this workout.

This is the part that takes practice to learn. If you want help, go learn about Fit Women's Weekly LIVE . This is my private training group where I doing daily coaching sessions.

Step 4:

Once you're in rack position... just throw the kettlebell out so it swings back smoothly between your legs. And then you're back in the loaded position.

Kindal pushing really hard in a pushup
Intensity Tip

If you're learning how to do kettlebell cleans... don't pick a kettlebell that is too light.

If the kettlebell is too light, it will be too easy to overpower and get sloppy with form. It sounds strange... but choose a weight that is challenging. You need a weight to make your body recruit the correct muscles and use in them in the correct sequence.

Going too light and mess this up and make learning exercises harder.

The most common weight I choose from my new clients and members to learn the clean is a 26lb kettlebell.

Cannonball Press

The cannonball press seems like it should be easy... but it's a shoulder and heart rate killer.

You only need a single kettlebell. The trick is in how you hold it...

Step 1:

Grab a kettlebell and hold it by the bell... not the handle.

Step 2:

The handle is going to be between your wrists and forearms. Make sure you take a close look at the picture.

For now hold the kettlebell at chest height.

Step 3:

Keep good balance on your feet and thrust the kettlebell over your head.

You don't need to lock your arms out... in fact... I dont want you locking your arms out.

Get the kettlebell up and let it come right back down. This is a fast paced exercise.

Clean And Press

This is a tough kettlebell exercise because it combines the technical clean and then throws in a press. If you're like most women you're shoulder strength is a weakness.

This means choosing the right kettlebell is key. The good news for this workout is... you only need to do 1 clean and press per side.

Step 1:

Hike the kettlebell back so you're in the loaded position... just like you were about to do a single kettlebell swing.

Step 2:

Clean the kettlebell. Refer to the more detailed steps above. Get the kettlebell into rack position.

Step 3:

Press the kettlebell over your head. This is a pretty dynamic exercise so if you do a little knee pop to help get the kettlebell up... that's okay.

Step 4:

Bring the kettlebell back into rack with control. Don't just let it drop.

Toss if off your chest so it swings back between your legs smoothly. You are not in the loaded position so you can go immediately into the next rep.

Kettlebell Burpee Into Snatch

This is a tough exercise in this workout. You'll rack up so many rounds only doing one squat and one snatch... and this is why the snatch becomes really tough.

Go read my post about how to master the kettlebell snatch . I break down each step in detail.

Just remember to stay balanced and grounded. You will be switch so fast... it's easy to lose your balance. Think good form.

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