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Fit Finisher Circuit - Get Up Speed Burn

You want to know a strength secret?

The harder... more challenging... the workout...

The more badass and stronger you feel when you finish it.

Of course this can backfire.

If you have a bad workout day... it can be depressing. But such is the Yin and Yang of life and strength.

Today's workout is one of these workouts.

It's so tough... if you complete it... you'll walk around the rest of the day feeling like the total badass you are.

(If you don't complete it - it's okay. You now know what you have to work on to hit your next strength level.)

Let's get into this simple - yet challenging - workout.

Get Up Speed Burn Workout Breakdown

I am calling this an advanced workout.

You MUST know how to do the kettlebell turkish getup . There is no modification... it's a must have skill.

If you don't have this skill... but you want to learn it...

I have a Kettlebell Clinic that breaks all of the fundamental kettlebell skills down into easy repeatable skills.

Plus I have practice workouts and drills you can use to improve faster.

Here's the circuit. It seems simple enough...

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    Get up to 5 swings

  • Bullet point

    Get up to 5 snatches

Here's how the workout works:

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    Perform a get up to the top

  • Bullet point

    Do 5 single arm swings

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    Get the kettlebell back over your head

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    Do a get up back down

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    Come straight back up to the top of the get up

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    Do 5 kettlebell snatches

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    Come back down to your back

You're going to do this all on one arm. This is very tough and very fatiguing.

Workout smart!

Try and get to circuit run-throughs done on each arm... alternating in between.

Let's breakdown these exercises.

Get Up Speed Burn Exercise Breakdown

The Turkish Get Up

I love this exercise and don't do it enough. This is one of the true... total body exercises.

You have to learn your kettlebell fundamentals.

One major rule... never take your eyes off your kettlebelll.

Kindal on her back with the kettlebell pressed over her chest and her legs spread at a V so she can start the get up process.

Step 1

Lay on your back and press the kettlebell with your weak arm first.

Spread your legs into a V and bend the leg on the side you're holding the kettlebell.

Dig that heel into the ground... ready to push.

Spread your other arm away from the body... about 45 degrees from your shoulder and spine line.

Dig that arms elbow into the ground. You'll need it for the next step.

Kindal digs her heel and her elbow into the ground so she can press the kettlebell up to find her forearm.

Step 2

Start to roll over to the non-kettlebell arm by pressing into you heel.

As you roll over on your arm... dig hard into your elbow and as you do... press the kettlebell up so you come on your arms forearm.

This is a very tough part of the get up... especially when you're going heavy.

It takes practice!

Kindal presses into her hand and just comes up to her hand while still pressing the kettlebell high into the sky.

Step 3

Press in your palm so you can start directing your body upward.

This step is pretty simple as all you need to do it get up to your hand.

Make sure you leave your hand on the ground... DO NOT shift it back or reposition it.

Kindal presses her hips high into the sky and keeps her balance on her foot and hand.

Step 4

This is a tough part of the get up.

Lift your hips up as high as you can. You'll be balancing on your hand and your feet.

One leg is fully extended.

This is the "pretty part" of the get up. And it does look really cool.

Kindal brings her knee all the way under her body to create a strong foundation so she can get up to kneeling.

Step 5

This is probably the hardest part of most people because it's very dependent on having good mobility.

You need to take your bent leg and bring it all the way underneath you... getting your knee about 6 to 8 inches from your hand.

You need good balance and really good mobility to get into this position.

Kindal come up to kneeling and she keeps her back toes tucked so she can press up to standing.

Step 6

From here you can come up to kneeling.

This is also a great time to reposition your body and find a more comfortable balance.

Tuck your back toes because you're about to use them.

Kindal stands up and continues to press the kettlebell up into the sky.

Step 7

Press into your front foot and into your back toes as you stand all the way up.

Once you're at the top... you can take an eye break and look around.

But make sure you're actively pushing your kettlebell up and into the sky.

Coming Back Down...

Coming back down is pretty much the same moves. But I want to high a couple steps.

Down From Kneeling

When you come down from kneeling... you'll place your hand on the ground.

You're about to kick your back leg all the way through and this is tough soooo....

Kindal walks her feet out and creates space so she can easily kick through her back leg.

Take your front foot and "walk" or "shimmy" it over a few small steps. This will help create more space so kicking your leg through is much easier.

Again... this is a very nuanced exercise so getting my Kettlebell Clinic will help considerably.

If you have questions... ask in the YouTube comments and I'll do my best to help.

Kettlebell Single Swings

Kindal has the kettlebell back in her loaded position and she is balanced and ready to fire hard from her hips.
Kindal fires the kettlebell from her hips and she is nearly standing as the kettlebell comes through her legs.
Kindal at the top of the single kettlebell swing and she squares her shoulders by tapping the kettlebell with her non-weight arm.

If you want to get the nitty gritty details of the swing... more than you see here... click here to learn the kettlebell swing .

Step 1

Get the kettlebell in a strong loaded position. This is your hip hinge.

Because you're doing single arm swings... your shoulders will rotate from your spine.

Your hips will rotate a little as well. This is normal.

To keep your shoulders as square as possible... let your other arm swing back behind you. This arm will mimic the the kettlebell arm for the entire exercise.

Step 2

Fire hard from your hips while maintaining good contact and balance over your feet.

Don't let your weight shift too far forward.

Keep your shoulder packed and as you approach the top of the swing... you'll square your shoulders up so your torso is facing forward.

To help square up your shoulders at the top of the swing bring your other arm forward and lightly tap the kettlebell at the top of the swing.

Kettlebell Snatch

Kindal in the kettlebell snatch loaded position with really good balance and her arm swinging back.
Kindal keeps her elbow close to her body to redirect the kettlebell straight up and ready to punch around the kettlebell.
Kindal at the top of the kettlebell snatch and pressing the kettlebell high through her shoulder.

Here's my full breakdown of the kettlebell snatch . You have to check it out!

Step 1

Get the kettlebell in a balance loaded position.

Just like the single swing above... let your other arm swing back. This helps with balance but also for building momentum.

Step 2

Fire from your hips hard but make sure to keep your balance over your feet.

As the kettlebell passes through your legs... tug up on it while keeping your elbow close your body.

This will redirect the kettlebell to it's moving up and no longer out in front of you.

Tug hard because you want to create some momentum and "hang time" for the kettlebell.

Step 3

As it's "floating" up and it gets to chest to neck level... the bell should be above your elbow.

This will allow you to take control and punch around the kettlebell so you can then direct that momentum and get it over your head.

Make sure as you press it up... you fully extend through your shoulders.

Here are some other kettlebell snatch posts that will push you you learn faster...

Are You Ready To Master Kettlebells And Strength?

I know a lot of my ladies out there don't have the kettlebell skills yet for this workout.

It's okay. I'll teach you in the Kettlebell Clinic.

But if you were able to do this workout... tell me how it went in the YouTube Comments .

I really want to know. This was a hard one.

One things that makes fitness so much fun is learning new skills like the get up and all the kettlebell exercises.

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Kindal squating and working her way through a tough metabolic strength workout

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