Kindal clapping and getting ready to rock out a hardcore HIIT workout that she will no doubt get the most from.
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Kindal Boyle

How To Get The Most Out Of Your HIIT Workout?

Love high intensity interval training?

Want to make sure you get the most from each workout?

Who doesn't?

I'm going to show you how to make sure your HIIT workouts count.

3 Rules To Get More From Your HIIT Workouts

Rule 1: Give 100% To Each Interval

Kindal going hardcore and giving everything she has to knock out over 100 alternating battle ropes.

This is hard to do. I mean truly giving 100% is tough... our brain is going to fight the instinct. But this is also why intervals are typically short.

Because they're short... you need to go hard... and get your heart rate up until the interval is over.

The issue is, as the workout goes on it gets harder and harder to truly push 100% effort during each interval.

But this is what also makes you stronger... faster... better!

Rule 2: Choose The Correct Exercises

Kindal in the loaded position of the kettlebell swing ready to explode out of the swing and get the kettlebell up to the top.
Kindal fully locked out at the top of the kettlebell swing.

The keys to the right exercises are:

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    Exercises where you can move fast...

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    Exercises you can go from one to the next with easier transitions...

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    Exercises that get your heart rate up fast!

Here are some of my favorite exercises:

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    Kettlebell swings

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    Bodyweight (or light) squats

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    Sprints (even if they are short)

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    Bike or row machine

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    Mt. climbers

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    Battle ropes

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There are so many more!

Rule 3: Don't Give Up On Your Work : Rest Ratio

Kindal doing mini sprints in the studio. Even these short sprints can get your heart rate way up and they are perfect for HIIT workouts.

What is the work : rest ratio?

It's how much exercise time you have compared to how much rest time.

The most famous work : rest ratio is Tabata..

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    20 seconds of exercise

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    10 seconds or rest

As you get tired... you might want to change your 15 second rest to 20 seconds.

Don't do it. Keep pushing hard.

If you keep pushing... no matter how tough it is... you'll keep getting better. What once was really hard for you... will become easier and easier.

What's Your Favorite Interval Ratio?

Personally... I love 45 seconds or exercise paired with 15 seconds of rest.

45 seconds is pretty long for exercise but I enjoy the challenge or trying to push super hard for that long.

It's long enough for things to get REALLY HARD and then it's rest time! But that 15s rest goes fast.

Want To Do Some HIIT Workouts With Me?

In Fit Women's Weekly LIVE... my online personal training private group ... every Monday is called Interval Monday.

Interval Monday is some type of interval workout and most of the workouts are body weight or light weight.

These workouts will keep you moving FAST... but I also love to play with fun workout designs... so you can expect something new each week.

What makes FWW LIVE the best is I stream 3 workouts every day so you can workout with me LIVE. Plus I record every workout and coaching session so you can watch it whenever you want.

Plus you can talk to me LIVE during the workout.

Even better I talk back because I see who's in the class. This is the ultimate in accountability.

FWW LIVE is better than hiring a personal trainer because...

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    It's far more affordable

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    I give you personal attention during workouts

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    I give you personal attention outside of workouts

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    Plus I hold LIVE coaching classes

Here's the catch. Membership is very limited. So go join FWW LIVE today .

Give it 30 days and you'll get far better workouts than you've ever had before... plus you'll be more consistent which means real... visible... results.

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Workout With Me For FREE! Get a 14 Day Unlimited Class Pass!

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