Koral Lustrous Infinity Capris Review: Can They Hold Up

I love shiny leggings.

They make feel feel like a super woman. All shiny and sexy. Who doesn't want to feel shiny and sexy when working out? It can boost some confidence.

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    But can they perform?

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    Can they keep up with intense kettlebell and metabolic workouts?

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    What about runs that last 7 to 10 miles?

Let's find out.

This is my review of the Koral Infinity Kore capris leggings .

I found Koral a couple of years ago during my search for shiny, flattering but still functional leggings.

As you my know... my workouts are intense, fast paced, and almost always use dumbbells and kettlebells.

Plus I love to run, so my leggings better NOT fall down during runs.

This was my first pair of Koral leggings.

Kindal showing the Koral leggings with a tight waist band.

And I love them. Mostly.

What I don't love is the thin, tight waist band.

Kindal showing the not flattering waist band on this pair of Koral leggings.

It's not very flattering when you're working out or taking pictures for blog posts.

Recently, I've found myself without a pair of black leggings so I checked out my two favorite places for shiny leggings...

Koral and Carbon38.

These are a pair of my Carbon38 Takara leggings. I love these too!

Kindal showing her Carbon38 Takara leggings.

I will do a full review of these. I just need a brighter pair!

Koral usually has great deals and sure enough I found the Lustrous Inifinity Capris leggings.

Kindal showing the Koral Lustrous Infinity capris leggings.

Why capris?

In Charleston, it gets HOT and HUMID.

I hate wearing full 7/8th leggings in the summer but love the way leggings look compared to shorts.

Capris are a great inbetween.

Here's what I ordered...

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    Koral Lustrous Infinity High Rise Capri Legging - $63

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    Maddox Infinity Sports Bra - $52

I think very resonable in price.

How Long Did They Take To Get?

It took about a week to get the shipping notification.

I sent an email for an update to which they promptly (I'm talking less than an hour) got back to me to let me know there may have been delays.

Everything arrived 4 days later.

Not too terribly long.

But it sucks that we have gotten used to shipments taking 2 weeks to get to us... right?

It's not Amazon Prime shipping, but even then I've had Amazon Prime shipments take over a week to actually hit my door.

How Do The Leggings Fit?

Both pieces are super shiny and feminine with a look of "she's a badass" sprinkled on top.

The capris have the BEST waistband.

I'd say a little better than Carbon38 Takara leggings... but it's a toss up for sure.

Kindal showing off the waistband for the Koral Lustrous Infinity Capris.

It's wide, but flexible and super comfortable.

It's tight so the leggings don't fall down... but it doesn't squeeze you. It doesn't give you the spare tire look in your stomach area.

And best of all... you can fold the waistband over.

Kindal showing how you can fold the Koral Lustrous Infinity Capris waistband.

When I start to over heat... I always fold my waist bands down. I wish they made a low rise pair of leggings. Hint... hint... Koral.

The material is breathable and flattering.

Kindal showing the leggings smooth the skin out with no cellulite.

By flattering I mean smooth skin and no cellulite showing through unlike the Fleo leggings. You can read my Fleo leggings review here .

I love the capri length of these leggings.

It's strange how 6 to 7 inches of fabric can make this big of a difference in feeling cooler... but it does.

These Lustrous leggings come in full length as well . And usually a pretty good selection of colors.

Plus they easily pass the see through test.

Kindal doing the leggings bend over test.

Sorry for the booty in the face.

But you can see... nothing but black shiny fabric.

How Does The Infinity Sports Bra Fit?

The bras is the same materal as the leggings, super shiny and almost silky feeling.

Kindal showing the Maddox Infinity sports bra.

But not perfect.

It's not adjustable.

Kindal showing the non-adjustable Koral sports bra.

It's small like a real bra... I would have thought for adjustable straps.

To me the straps felt big. If you're between sizes, I'd size down.

I would prefer to have a little more support and lift... even with my tiny boobs.

Normally I'm a size small in sports bras but wear an XS in Koral.

Removable cups... ugh!

You either love them or hate them.

I typically hate removeable cups and end up taking them out.

In this bra you need them. So you're going to have to play the game of adjusting the cups after every wash.

Minimal support

I am very small chested. Support isn't something I worry about... but like I said... I would like a little more with this bra.

If you have a large chest, this bra is not for you. At least for workouts.

It might make a great bralette but if you're doing tough kettlebell workouts... running... or using my online personal training program , FWW LIVE.

You will not get the support you need.

Can Koral Lustrous Infinity Capris Pass The Fitness Test?

Look and feel are very important... but I purchased these to not only look good... these leggings have to handle everything I do.

And that's a lot!

The first test... a 6 mile run.

Kindal doing the leggings run test.

Not a lesurily jog. I pretty good run at a decent clip.

The leggings did well. I was surprised.

I didn't have to stop one time to adjust the waist or pull the legs up.

The second test... a metabolic workout.

Kindal knocking out kettlebell snatches in the leggings.
Kindal rocking out mt. climbers in the lustrous leggings.

Another passed test.

Like I mentioned... I love the waistband and that was my favorite part during a workout.

I felt good bending... getting up and down off the ground... I barely noticed the leggings at all. And that's what you want.

Kindal doing tough swings in the Koral leggings.
Kindal rocking out some pushing in the leggings.

Another bonus...

The dark material... no sweaty crotch stains that you could see.

I love bright colored leggings, but you'll always deal with crotch stains if you're doing tough workouts.

Kindal doing burpees and candlesticks in the Koral leggings.
Kindal showing these leggings can take any fitness activity you through at them.

What's The Final Grade?

There has to be SOMETHING to criticize, right?

Not really.

These are my favorite leggings.

A good look at the Koral Lustrous Infinity capris leggings.

The only negative is the seam down the middle of the waist. I would prefer a seamless front to help fight the camel toe look.

The Lustrous Infinity High Rise Capris are:

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    Fashionable. They look incredible.

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    Comfortable. They feel great and make you feel great about yourself.

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    Functional. They work.

These will work for high intensity kettlebell workouts... runs... yoga... even going out at night.

Kindal looking strong in the Koral leggings.

Grab a pair of Koral leggings .

I think they are worth every penny.

If you're interested in some other leggings I've reviewed, check out:

I need to do more reviews.

I have some great leggings and you need to know the truth.

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