Kindal wearing the butt lifting leggings while working out

Amazon SUUKSESS Butt Lifting Leggings... Are They Practical For a Workout?

Yes... they really are called SUUKSESS leggings. I didn't make that up.

Okay... how many times have you thought...

"Those leggings look sweet! Wonder if there're any review videos before I buy?"

So you head to Youtube.

There're always a few videos but something BIG is missing missing...

All the reviews focus on how they fit, feel and look bending over (the squat test).

"But HOW do they hold up in a workout?!"

Wonder no longer!

Any pair of leggings I review for FWW, I'll share the look, feel AND how they handle lifting, metcons and running.

You'll know if they're worthy of your money.

Today's review is on a $28 pair of Amazon leggings called SUUKSESS Butt Lifting Leggings.

  • I wanted to know if they were good for $28...
  • I wanted to know how my butt would look 🤣!
  • And how they would compare to my other leggings, including my $100 pairs (those reviews coming soon!)

SUUKSESS Butt Lifting Leggings Review

The quick deets:

  • High waisted
  • 7/8th length
  • Scrunched butt with light shadowing (to emphasis the booty of course!)
  • Color: Upgrade Blue
  • Material: 90% nylon + 10% spandex with 4-way stretch
  • I'm 5'5... 125lb... and wearing a size small for reference.

Initial Feel:

In the hand they feel pretty thick.

On the body these feel buttery smooth.

"Buttery soft naked feeling" is their exact wordage in the discription. And I'd have to agree.

The high waist isn't incredibly thick (a plus since I generally HATE high waisted) and moveable.

They lay just above the hips to avoid muffin top scenarios.

This is my first pair of "booty" leggings and I found the cinch along the butt a little awkward at first.

It's like wearing a thong.

It feels revealing but I have to say... your booty will look good.

Moving down and away from the glutes... as someone with tiny ankles, I have a hard time finding leggings that aren't loose and droopy.

These surprisingly fit snug without any loose gap!

Major win.

Test #1 - The Workout Test:

The first workout I did was a metcon for a Fit Women's Weekly Habit Program that included:

  • Jump rope
  • Burpees
  • And clean to presses with a dumbbell.

Could these...

  1. Stay up during jump rope?
  2. Feel comfortable when bending and squatting?
  3. Avoid showing my butt crack with see-thru material?

I'm surprised and happy to stay, the leggings stayed up.

I never had to pull the thighs up!

For burpees and the clean & press, they stayed in place but it took some getting used to.

Every time I would bend over or squat down, I would feel the cinch line up my butt crack and felt like I had a thick thong on.

Of course it didn't climb too high and wasn't uncomfortable BUT... it was a bit distracting for the first half of the workout.

Yet... my booty did look good!

Overall, a success!

I got through the entire workout without any wardrope tinkering.

Test #2 - The Long Run Test

(Sorry for the blury image, it was still dark during my run!)

Because of my schedule, I need workout clothes that can handle both running and lifting.

I refuse to wear one pair of leggings for my morning runs and bring a change of clothes to teach FWW Live ... which you should join!

When running, would these leggings...

  1. Stay up?
  2. Get embarrassing sweat spots? Specifically in the crotch and butt crack.
  3. Cause chaffing?

They stayed up all 7+ miles, including sprint work.

Very little visible sweat stains.

If you looked hard enough in the crack or crotch, there was a faint color change but very, very little. Not enough to make me feel self conscious.

No chaffing!

Let it be known that I don't wear underwear under my leggings and sometimes butt chaff happens.

But these did great. I guess the "thong" helped with that!... maybe?

Overall Score:


Why not a 10?

First... I'm still getting use to the thong feel.

It's awkward and definitely took a few minutes to adjust to.

Second... after washing them (I don't put my leggings in the dryer), they feel a tad bit stretched out.

There was no pilling YET but I could see that might be an issue in the future.

But overall, for $28, these butt lifting leggings are worth it.

I'm even thinking about ordering a second pair in a brighter color, like the Upgrade Purple!

If you snag a pair for yourself, I'd love to hear what you think!

Connect on Instagram @TrainerKindal or even tag me in a workout selfie!

What leggings should I review next?

A few I know I'll be sharing:

  • Carbon38
  • Fleo
  • Heroine Sport
  • Terez
  • Koral
  • As many as I can!

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I appreciate it and you rock for reading this review.

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