Kindal swinging a kettlebell which is a big part of the Late To The Race Kettlebell Workout.

5 Minute Fit Finisher: Late to the Race Kettlebell Workout

Are you ready to hit it H... A... R... D... (HARD) this week?

I have a kettlebell workout for you this week that will push you crazy hard.


It's unique. Here's how this works. Then we'll actually get the workout done.

Workout Goal

You have a segment of the workout you must get through first.

When you're done with this segment... you go to the AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) part of the workout.

Think about this...

  • You have to race to the AMRAP... the tracking part of the workout...
  • And with whatever time you have left, you have to push hard to get those rounds in.

This workout is a high endurance strength workout. It's going to be hard both physically and mentally.

You ready?

Late To The Race Workout

Late To The Race workout breakdown:

3 Rounds

  • 8 kettlebell swings
  • 6 pushups

Move to...

3 Rounds

  • 4 kettlebell snatches weak
  • 4 rack squats strong
  • 4 kettlebell snatches strong
  • 4 rack squats weak

Get serious and focus...


  • Alternate 3 half burpees to press on one side

3 reps on one side is considered... one round.

How many rounds can you get in the time left?

Late To The Race Exercise Breakdown

Let's break all these exercises down so you know exactly what you must do to kick this workouts butt.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Kettlebell Swings

Don't go too heavy with these swings. The focus is more on speed rather than weight. Go lighter and swing with a faster pace. As you get stronger with your swings, you can increase the weight for this workout.

These are also two handed swings. You can use shadow swings to go a little faster than normal.

If you're new to kettlebel swings... it's time you learn how to do the kettlebell swing .

Kettlebell swings are a great exercise to do everyday. Learn how many swings you can do during the day so you can start adding them in more. Your strength and overall level of fitness will go up fast.


Pushups are one of my favorite upperbody exercises. This is why I choose to pair them with the kettlebell swings. It's a great combo.

Read my 7 step pushup progression to get better at these.

In this case, the goal is speed, but don't make your pushup reps sloppy.

If you want to make these more difficult, I have a post on 10 advanced pushup variations you can use to challenge your strength and body control. Many of these would work great with this workout.

Kettlebell Snatches

Kettlebell snatches are the perfect mix of cardio and strength. I want you to learn more towards the cardio side of this exercise.

Go with a lighter weight that will allow you to move faster.

There are some kettlebell snatch mistakes I want you to pay attention to:

  • Don't rock too much on your feet to go faster.
  • Don't break your wrists.
  • Don't hinge too eary in an attempt to speed up the reps.

When you're doing a workout where the focus is speed... don't let your form fall apart, putting yourself in danger of a stupid injury. Keep your kettlebell snatch together!

Racked Squats

I think kettlebell squats are the best style of squats. There are so many variations like bulgarian split squats or prisoner squats that get a lot more difficult when you add in kettlebells.

Racked squats are one of the best ways to take your "normal" squat and turn the dial up to elevan.

Doing these racked squats right after the kettlebell snatches is going to be hard. You'll find your heart rate spikes. You'll need to focus and breath to keep it down.

Half Burpee Clean to Press

I usually not the biggest fan of combo exercises. A combo exercise is where you take exercises that can be done on their own and combine them so one rep is doing each exercise s certain amount of times.

Sounds confusing? Combo exercises can get confusing... one reason I'm not a fan of them.

However, kettlebell training is perfect for simple combos. Half burpees with a clean and press is a perfect example.

The heart rate of a half burpee with the added strength of the clean and press... it's hardcore.

Your Goal Get As Many "Rounds" As Possible

This is the part of the workout where you can start counting your "rounds."

One round is 3 reps of a half burpee to clean to press on one side.

You won't have a lot of time left on the clock... so this is where I want you to buckle down and get a little uncomfortable as you push hard. Just make sure you're not letting your form breakdown.

Late To The Race - Share How You Did!

I hope you give this workout a go.

It's really rough, but a great design for a short 5 minute blast of cardio and kettlebell strength. Plus the design makes it really fun. Because you're racing to get to the last part of the workout... it goes by really fast.

Message me on Instagram or YouTube and tell me how you did.

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If you have questions, ask me.

Now... go do this workout because you're late to the race. Tell me now many rounds were you able to rack up in only 5 minutes?

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