Make It Stop - 5 Minute Fit Finisher

Today's workout is a great total body blast. I really enjoyed this one.

I love designing a workout that comes together better than I thought. It feels good. I might actually make a full workout out of this one for Fit Women's Weekly LIVE .

Enough chit chat... let's get into this weeks 5 Minute Fit Finisher.

Make It Stop Breakdown

Here's the equipment you'll need for this one:

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    2 Medium weight kettlebells or dumbbells

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    1 Heavy kettlebell for swings

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    1 Box or bench for split squats

Keep a light kettlebell or dumbbell pair close by. You may need it for the double strict presses.

Here's the workout design:

This is an AMRAP. As many rounds as possible in the 5 minute time period.

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    8 Double strict presses

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    8 Double rows

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    8 Kettlebell swing stops

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    14 Bodyweight split squats off bench

For the split squats... you'll start on your weak side and during the next round go to your strong side. Keep alternating for as many rounds as you can.

This workout is a simple AMRAP... but it's the exercises that make it a good one.

Let's breakdown these exercises...

Make It Stop Exercise Breakdown

Double Strict Presses

Kindal at the bottom of double strict presses with an engaged body and ready to press the kettlebells up to the sky.
Kindal at the top of kettlebell strict presses and fully extended. She has good balance and her core is pulled in and engaged for proper posture.

Grab two medium weights. You may have to go lighter because we're doing strict presses. No pop or push from your legs to help with this one.

Step 1

Grab your two weights and hold them in rack position.

Stand tall and focus hard on having really good balance through this press.

Pull your abs in so you have good posture for the press. I want you to avoid relaxing your core and arching your back.

Step 2

Pull your shoulder blades slightly together. This will open your chest.

Squeeze the handles of your weights with a solid grip... and push straight up until your arms are fully extended.

form tip

When you're in the racked position and holding onto your weights... the palms of your hands are facing each other... pointed across your chest.

As you press the weights over your head... you'll slightly rotate your arms so at the top your hands are facing forward.

Essentially as you press up your elbows go out to the side... this is where I want you pulling your shoulder blades together slightly.

Finally... at the top... fully extend your arms up and activate all the way through your shoulder blades and maintain your engaged core.

Step 3

As you bring the weights back down to racked position... don't let them fall down. Control the decent. Lowering the weights is just as important for your strength as raising them is.

Repeat the process and remember...


Do not bend your knees and use your legs to help get the weight over your head. If you find you can't get the weights up with good form... drop the weight down.

Strict pressing takes time to build strength... so have patience.

Double Rows

Kindal at the bottom of the double kettlebell rows. Notice her wide stance and her spine is parallel to the floor. Kettlebells are between her feet.
Kindal at the top of the double kettlebell rows. Her feet remain flat and balanced. Her spine is still parallel to the floor and her core is very engaged to maintain good posture for the exercise.

Grab a pair of medium weights for this type of row.

Step 1

Take a wide stance so you have plenty of room between your legs. Don't go crazy though.

Push your hips back like you're doing a hip hinge. Your weight will be centered hover your feet... you should still have good balance.

Read my article about doing kettlebell deadlifts . The same form tips apply here.

The kettlebells are directly in line with your feet... maybe just slightly towards the front of your foot.

Finally... your spine will be angled so it's almost perpendicular to the ground. Make sure you check out the images to see this setup.

Step 2

Keeping good balance and using both arms... row the weights as high as you can get them. Squeeze your shoulder blades together hard.

It's really important you hold your core tight. Your core is going to provide the stability for your body to row the weights up.

If you find you're losing balance... go down in weight.

intensity tip

Train your weak side. This is something not a lot of trainers talk about or show their members.

You're weak on one side of your body because that's the weak side. Nothing magic here.

But what you can and should do as much as possible... train your weak side more... and you can do this with double presses and double rows.

Here's an example with double rows.

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    Grab a 35 pound weight for your weak side.

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    Grab a 26 pound weight for your strong side.

The goal here is to focus and improve your weak side. Use this style of training more and you'll balance your body out in a matter of months.

Step 3

Lower the weights back down. Don't let them drop and repeat.

This is meant to be a fast exercise so for this workout... don't go too slow.

Kettlebell Swing Stops

Kindal in the start stop position of the kettlebell swing ready to hike the kettlebell back into the loaded position.
Kindal has hiked the kettlebell back into the fully loaded position of the kettlebell swing and ready to shoot her hips out hard.
Kindal thrusts her hips and gets to the top of the kettlebell swing in a fully locked out position.
Kindal goes back down into the loaded position of the swing ready to return to the start stop position.
Kindal returns to the start stop position of the kettlebell swing for a short bump because she will hike it right back into the loaded position for the next rep.

I love kettlebell swing stops. They are really tough and a great way to [learn how to do the kettlebell swing](/).

Step 1

Get in the start stop position of the kettlebell swing. Focus on good positions and balance.

Step 2

Hike the kettlebell back into the fully loaded position. Again... focus on balance across your feet. Don't find yourself rocking back.

Step 3

Fire out of the loaded position into a full swing where you're fully locked out at top.

Step 4

Come back into the loaded position but instead of going into another swing... return to the start stop position.

Tap the kettlebell to the ground and immediately go back into the next swing.

So after each full kettlebell swing... you'll return to the start stop. This is why they are called kettlebell swing stops.

Bodyweight Split Squats

Kindal at the top of the bodyweight split squats fighting for balance. Notice her foot is right below her body and her back leg is up.
Kindal at the bottom of the bodyweight split squat with her back knee nearly touching the ground and her front knee pushed to the outside of her foot.

Split squats are also called Bulgarian split squats are one of the best single leg exercises you can do. So this is a great exercise to practice and get good at.

Step 1

Stand about a full two feet in-front of your box or bench.

Put one foot on the box so you're in a lunge position... one leg on the box and the other leg on the ground.

The key with this exercise is balance. I struggle constantly with balancing during this exercise... so even I pay attention to balance.

Finally... pretend your holding a dumbbell or kettlebell at your chest or put your hands on your hips.

Step 2

Lower down into the bottom of a squat or lunge position... however it makes most sense in your mind.

Notice my knee is nearly touching the ground.

The key here is make sure the knee of the leg that is on the ground does NOT cave in... it should be slightly pushed out so it's in line with the outside of your foot.

To help with this... you want the weight of your foot to be on the outside of your foot.

Step 3

Fire back up from the bottom. Remember... for this exercise you want to move fast. But don't sacrifice form for speed.

And remember I designed this exercise bodyweight so you can move a little faster and have an easier time keeping your balance.

If you're new to split squats... take time and practice them. They hit your legs and butt so well. I know they will become a favorite of yours.

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