Kindal getting her gym close on to always show up dressed for her workout.

Motivation To Go To The Gym: Just Get Dressed

Soooo... you're struggling to get your workouts done?

Everybody struggles... you're not alone.

I workout for a living and before 90% of workouts... I don't want to workout before my workout.

No joke.

I'll sit there thinking as I mess around on my phone...

"I really don't want to do this. I have so much other stuff to get done. Ugh... but I have no choice."

And then at the end, I'm brimming with energy... happiness... and accomplishment.

It's pretty amazing.

So if you're struggling...

And I mean really struggling...

Like no matter your best intentions, you never get your workouts done...

Start here.

Get Dressed and Show Up

This is truly the first step to building an exercise habit that will last you a lifetime.

Get dressed.

Here's what I mean.

Make this commitment to yourself. And I mean COMMIT!

Step 1 - Build An Ideal Workout Schedule

Build an ideal workout schedule for a normal week in your life.

This is the workout schedule you would ideally love to have. The perfect workout schedule.

So if you dream of working out 5 times per week... build it.

Kindal smiling as she sits on a box after a tough workout
A Big Idea

Make sure your workout habit has at least 3 days to start.

Any less and you're going to struggle to get results... and there's nothing worse than taking action and getting nothing from it.

So bare minimum... start with 3 days for your ideal training plan.

Step 2 - Show Up

COMMIT to showing up dressed to your workout.

Show up to where you would workout.

If that is in your garage... show up dressed in your workout clothes. Shoes on.

If that's at your local studio... show up dressed in your workout clothes.

If that's in your spare bedroom... show up dressed in your workout clothes. Shoes on.


Show up... leggings one... sports bra on... shirt on... shoes on...

Step 3 - 3 Minutes

Set a timer for 3 minutes...

Step 4 - Wait Or...

Wait 3 minutes. And during the 3 minutes...

If you want to do 20 bodyweight squats... do them.

If you want to do one round of a FWW workout... do it.

If you end up doing a full hour long workout... awesome!

But after 3 minutes... leave and get back to your day.

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The Magic of Showing Up Dressed

The first goal of any lifelong exercise habit is to...


Just show up.

Even if you leave after 3 minutes.

Even if you leave after 3 minutes and you do that for a month straight...

You're building the very important habit of showing up to your workout at the time you decided was the best time to workout.

And this is HUGE!

So show up dressed.

It's kinda silly... and it might not seem like this can possibly work.

But it does.

And You Know What Else?

The more you show up...

The more you'll want to do something.

After all you're already dressed. You're ready to rock and roll.

Do 3 sets of 10 pushups... then leave.

Do 50 squats... then leave.

Do 3 sets of 10 pushups and after each set do 20 squats... then leave.

Join FWW Habit and do at least one round of a MicroHIT workout ... then leave.

Join FWW LIVE and stay for 10 minutes of the workout ... then leave.

Do something.

Because that something will snowball. And snowballs pick up momentum and grow... and grow... and grow...

And that's the start...

The motivation to get your workouts done.

A done workout is a workout that changes your body... your mind... your belief in yourself.

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