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Plank Rockers - Exercise Database

This is one of my favorite ab exercises.

You can easily make it very beginner friendly... and then you can turn the dial up to the point where even the most seasoned strong woman will be in tears.

Let's get into how to do the base plank rocker then I'll show you some really fun variations.

Plank Rockers Exercise Breakdown

For the base plank rocker... you don't need any equipment.

The key to making this exercise work is keeping your body engaged - essentially - stiff and straight.

You want your body to stay in the plank and move as one solid piece. Your butt does not move up or down.

Kindal shifted back in the plank rocker trying to get her shoulders behind her elbows without letting her butt rise.
Kindal shifted forward in the plank rocker getting her shoulders as far past her elbows as she can.

Step 1

Get in a forearm plank to start.

Now shift your entire body backwards so your shoulders are as far behind your elbows as you can get them.

Your toes stay in place.

Your heels will move back and your entire foot will dorsiflex... as much as you can.

With your feet on the ground... you won't be able to move back that far... but do your best.

Step 2

Now shift your entire body... keeping it FULLY engaged... forward.

You will move your shoulders as far forward in-front of your elbows as you can.

Your toes stay put... your foot not moves into a planter flexed position.

Back and forth is one rep.

Kindal shifted back in the plank rocker side view. Gettign her shoulder behind her elbows.
Kindal shifted forward in the plank rocker side view. You can see how her shoulders are far forward past her elbows.

You will continue to move back and forth for however many reps as the workout calls for.

Plank Rocker Exercise Notes

The Hardest Part

The hardest part of the exercise - when you're abs are worked the most - is when you're shifting your body forward.

Your abs are going to light up during this part of the move.

Going backwards is not as tough... but the further you move back, the harder going forward will be.

And that's what you want!

Hand Position

The two fists hand position which is great for engaging your arms during the plank rocker.
Kindal gripping her hands together and squeezing them for tension.
Kindal putting her palms down int the ground and pressing to create tension.

I change my positions... here are the hand positions most women use:

  • Bullet point

    Make a fist and have hands separated

  • Bullet point

    Make a fist with both hands in one

  • Bullet point

    Place palms on the ground

I use all of these positions... but I guess my favorite is either the palms on the ground or making individual fists.

Core And Hips

Really work on bringing your core in and belly button back... as if you're trying to make your belly button hit your spine.

And when it comes to your hips... work to keep them a little higher than you think. But... once you position your hips... they do not move except forward and back.

Plank Rocker Modifications (Make It Harder)

Kindal rocking back and using a medicine ball to make the plank rocker harder.
Kindal shifting forward on the med ball plank rocker holding her core really tight.
Kindal using carpet rockers to do plank rockers and shifted as far back as possible.
Kindal shifting foward on carpet sliders and holder her core as tight as she can.

These modifications are not to make the exercise easier... rather harder.

There really is only one.

If you have carpet... get some carpet sliders.

If you have some hardwood floors... grab some paper towels.

If you have exercise floor... you'll need to get creative.

In the video, I used a medicine ball and it worked pretty well.

The idea is to put your feet on your apparatus of choice and now your feet can slide back and slide forward increasing the reps range of motion.

This will make the exercise considerably harder... especially when you're pulling your body forward.

Your abs get loaded more and are recruited more to hold your body straight.

Try it and let me know how it goes!

When Should You Use Plank Rockers?

Obviously if the workout calls to use them... use them.

But if the workout calls for something like Ab Wheels, plank rockers make a great modification.

Here are some workouts you can test this with:

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