Kindal doing a squat during a tough five minute workout.

5 Minute Monday - End Range Motion Squat Strength

Today I have a fun, and important, 5 Minute Monday workout for you.

This workout is important because we're training something most women never train. It's called end range of motion.

First the workout...

5 Minute End Range of Motion Workout

The Warmup: 30 Bodyweight Squats

30 bodyweight squats to warm up. You're going to break them up into 3 sets of 10 squats as follows:

  • 10 normal
  • 10 low (get below parallel)
  • 10 squat hops

Get your heart pumping a little. Shake some things out a little more because here's the full 5 minute workout.

The Workout: End Range Of Motion

5 Minute AMRAP

You can only push it hard and fast on pushup thrusters. But you'll find it's a tough transition back into the squats.

  • 20 seconds of low squat squeeze (the 20 second is a hold and squeeze at the bottom)
  • 10 kettlebell swings
  • 6 pushup thrusters

Workout Notes

The key to this workout is the low squat squeezes. This is training your end range of motion strength.

At the bottom of your squat, you aren't just holding the squat. You are actively squeezing (flexing) your leg muscles as hard as you can for the 20 seconds.

If you need to come out and shake it out... do it. But try not to.

This is effective because the weakest part of any exercise is the end range of motion... usually the fully loaded position.

  • Bottom of a pushup
  • Bottom of press
  • Top of a row

The position where you're fully engaged and all muscles are turned on.

For squats this is the bottom of the squat.

The more you build your muscle control in this position, the stronger your squats will be.

I want you to start training your end range of motion more often. Build strength and control in this position and I promise you'll level up your leg strength.

Learn More

Kettlebell Swings

You will need to know how to do kettlebell swings for this workout. But I have posts on the blog teaching you.

Plus if you want personal training help from me, go learn more about Fit Women's Weekly LIVE .

If you don't know how to do kettlebell swings and you need a modification... go with dumbbell deadlifts. Keep them fairly light so you can keep the speed up.

Pushup Thrusters

Pushup thrusters are HARD. Go learn more about doing pushups the right way with my 7 step pushup progression .

If you're not great with pushups, just do normal pushups. No thruster required. You can even elevate your upper body on a box if you need to.

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I hope you enjoy this little workout.

The reason Dan and I are putting this series together is to introduce you to our style of workout. We want you to join FWW LIVE and eventually FWW Habit.

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