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Ab Wheelie - 5 Minute Fit Finisher

Todays workout is a fun one. It's focus is the abs... but it's still a total body workout.

This workout has a fun goal where you can technically finish it in under 5 minutes... but I'm going to challenge you to go the extra mile.

Let's get into this 5 Minute Fit Finisher already and get strong!

Ab Wheelie 5 Minute Fit Finisher Workout

It would be ideal if you have an ab wheel. Hoever, I know not everybody does. You'll also need a kettlebell or dumbbell. Either will work for this workout... a dumbbell is preferrable.

As I take you through the exercise breakdown, I'll give you alternate exercies so you can get this done. It's such a fun one.

The Ab Wheelie Workout

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    8 Burpees

  • Bullet point

    10 Ab wheels

  • Bullet point

    8 Clean to press on weak arm

  • Bullet point

    10 Ab wheels

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    8 Burpee snatches with dumbbell preferably

  • Bullet point

    10 Ab wheels

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    8 Clean to press on the strong arm

Set your timer for 5 minutes.

Your goal is to get 50 ab wheel reps in less than 5 minutes. If you accomplish this goal... quickly jot down your time and hop back in and see how many more ab wheel reps you can get. This is the extra credit.

You're tracking two things:

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    How fast can you complete 50 ab wheel reps.

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    How many total ab wheel reps can you get in 5 minutes.

Ab Wheelie Exercise Breakdown


Kindal getting down into the tucked position as the first step of the burpee.
Kindal jumped back and feel right into the burpee pushup making this as smooth as possible.
Kindal coming out of the burpee pushup and jumping immediately back into the tucked position.
Kindal jumping out of the tucked position to complete the burpee rep. And you don't need to jump if you don't want to of have knee issues.

If you've been a reader of Fit Women's Weekly for any length of time... you know we love burpees. Burpees are espeically good for these 5 Minute Fit Finisher workouts because they get your heart rate up and require total body strength and conditioning.

Burpees are efficient and effective.

Step 1

Get your hands down on the ground in a tucked position.

Step 2

Jump your legs back into a top of pushup plank.

Bonus points if as you're jumping back... you also fall into the pushup. So by the time your feet hit the ground you're in the bottom of the pushup and it's a clean pushup.

Step 3

As you come up from the pushup... jump back into the tucked position.

Step 4

Jump into the sky as you come up from the ground. But remember my view on jumping... you don't have to jump. Just stand up... reach your arms to the sky... and go right back down to your next burpee.

Ab Wheels

Kindal in the relaxed and unloaded position of the ab wheel rep.
Kindal rolled out and in the fully extended rep position of the ab wheel rep.

I love the ab wheel. You can get a inexpensive one on ebay . There are all sorts of "complex" ab wheels... but ignore them. Get a simple one if you go get one.

If You're New To The Ab Wheel

If you're new to doing the ab wheel... DO NOT go out too far. The ab wheel requires more than just ab strength and if you've never done it before... it can be hard keeping your back flat.

When your back arches... it starts to get sore. Your back only arches when you relax your abs.

So just go out about 2 feet and come back in. Practice keeping your abs tight and your back flat.

If You're An Experienced Ab Wheeler

Go out as far as you can. But remember at the same time... you're going for speed.

The key to the ab wheel is holding your core in tight. Feel like you're pulling in from your low abs.

Alternate Ab Wheel Exercise - Hollow Rocks

For this workout... if you don't have an ab wheel... do slower hollow rocks.

Step 1

Get into a solid hollow hold position.

If you can't get your low back to stick to the ground... bend your knees a little so you can crunch harder.

Your shoulders are off the ground and you're trying to lift your hips off the ground. This gives that really hard - sustained - ab crunch.

Step 2

Take your legs and throw them down at the ground a little. This will start a rock.

Make sure your keep your abs crazy tight because you want your body rocking like it's a rocking chair on the front porch. So you need to sustain a rounded spine through the entire exercise.

Step 3

Rock forward, but don't let the heels of your feet hit the ground.

Stop short and rock back on your shoulders. See if you can get your hips off the ground by a few inches.

Just repeat this rocking back and forth. Each time your heels come close to the ground... that is one rep.

It should be a good pace... similar to an ab wheel rep.

Clean To Press

Kindal in the fully loaded position of the kettlebell clean and press ready to fire her hips.
Kindal is about midway through the dumbbell clean and press and notice her elbow is close to her body to redirect the dumbbell into the correct position.
Kindal is in the proper dumbbell racked position ready to load and push the dumbbell over her head.
Kindal is in the loaded push press position ready to use her legs and get the weight over her head.
Kindal uses her legs from the push press and gets the dumbbell over her head and her body is fully locked out.

When you're going for speed cleaning and pressing is fun. Just remember to keep your balance and core engaged. Don't get too sloppy with your form and end up getting a stupid injury.

Step 1

Get the dumbbell or kettlebell between your legs in the loaded position.

Remember, this loaded position is gaining potential power from your hips... so when you're ready you fire and...

Step 2

Use that power to get the weight into racked position.

In this workout you're allowed to bend at the knees a little so you can...

Step 3

Push press the weight over your head and complete the rep.

Remember as you lower the weight back down into rack position... you don't let it fall too fast. Rather you lower it with some control... balancing control and speed.

Burpee Snatches

Kindal is in the tucked position of the burpee snatch and notice her hand remains on the dumbbell handle.
Kindal jumps back and falls directly into the burpee pushup and she keeps her hand on the dumbbell this whole time.
Kindal jumps back into the burpee tucked position ready to go straight into the snatch part of the workout.

Last exercises. A favorite of mine. One of our amazing members of FWW LIVE, Kristina, does not like burpees very much... but she loves burpee snatches.

For this workout I prefer if you use a dumbbell. A dumbbell will let you keep a hand on the weight while you do the pushup. It makes the exercise a little smoother.

Step 1

Go down into your tuck position for doing a burpee as normal.

The only difference in this case is... if possible... keep your hand on the dumbbell handle and knock out the pushup.

Step 2

Complete the burpee following the steps from above... but things change when you're about to come up.

Step 3

As you stand up with your hand on the dumbbell (or kettlebell) do a floor snatch and get the weight over your head.

How To Do A Floor Snatch

Kindal is keeping her elbow close to her body and she thrusts the dumbbell straight up into the air.
Kindal keeps her elbow stationary at about the chest to shoulder level as her wrist rotates around her elbow to get the dumbbell up into the air.
Kindal uses the momentum of the dumbbell and gets it over her head to complete the rep.

Step 1

As you push through your legs... you also pull up on the weight hard. Notice I get into a little loaded position similar to a clean to press.

Step 2

The elbow of the arm holding the weight will will travel up and as it gets to chest level it stops. The weight continues to travel up.

Step 3

Your forearm will rotate around your elbow and just as the weight gets above your elbow... you press the weight straight overhead.

The floor snatch is a tough exercise to master. It takes practice so if you don't have the experience yet... use a light weight so you don't injure yourself.

Go Rock Out Ab Wheelie And Collect As Many Ab Wheel Reps As You Can

Go give this workout a shot and let me know how it goes.

  • Bullet point

    How fast were you able to get to 50 ab wheels?

  • Bullet point

    How many ab wheel reps were you able to get in 5 minutes?

I want to hear how you did so use the hashmark #5minutefitfinisher on Instagram and YouTube . I'll be on the lookout and make sure I comment and give you some love.

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Go get Ab Wheelie done!

And go follow me on my Instagram and YouTube Channel. Thanks for doing this with me!

Kindal squating and working her way through a tough metabolic strength workout

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