Kindal going up to the top of the toes to sky exercise so she can then candlestick her way out with some power.

Can You Candlestick - 5 Minute Fit Finisher

Today's 5 Minute Fit Finisher workout is a fun one.

It relys heavily on spine mobility and some coordination. This workout is advanced.

But I have a simple modification so anybody can do this workout.

Let's get into it!

Can You Candlestick Workout Breakdown

This workout is really simple in structure:

  • 8 Toes to sky
  • 1 Candlestick out of last toes to sky
  • 12 HEAVY farmers carry walks holding only in one hand

The hard part comes with the candlestick part of the workout. I'll explain this part of the workout in just a minute.

The only equipment you'll need is one HEAVY weight for the farmers carry.

Set your timer for 5 minutes and complete as many rounds as you can... but for the farmers carry... don't walk too fast.

The focus for this workout is:

  • The candlestick out of the toes to sky
  • Good posture as you farmers carry

Let's breakdown these exercises.

Can You Candlestick Exercise Breakdown

Toes To Sky

This is one of Dan's favorite ab exercises.

It's fun and once you get going... it will burn your abs like crazy.

Step 1:

Start in a hollow hold. Make sure your shoulders are off the ground and your feet are about one foot off the ground.

You want to be crunching your abs so aggressively that your low back is pressed into the ground hard. You want to crunch so hard in this position... you want to try and lift your hips a centimeter off the ground.

Step 2:

Keep your legs straight and lift them as if you were doing a normal hollow leg lift.

Step 3:

As your legs get to perpendicular to the ground... you're going to lift your hips off the ground and push your feet straight up to the ceiling.

To do this, you'll need to round your spine and roll all the way up to your shoulders. Take a look at the pictures.

Listen to your body because if your spine is not mobile or you have back mobility issues... just do the leg lift.

Step 4:

When you come back down... you'll roll on your back again until your hips hit the ground.

Then keep your abs crunched super hard as you lower your legs to the start position. But don't wait there... immediately go back up to the next rep.

The Candlestick Exit

Okay... here's where this workout changes up a bit.

You'll do 7 toes to sky as described above.

On your last rep... when you're at the top... on your shoulders with your legs straight in the sky...

You'll candlestick out of this position so you end up jumping and landing on your feet.

Step 1:

As you roll on your back... you'll bend your legs as your hips hit the ground.

The goal is to slap your butt with the heels of your feet. If you can do this... you'll put yourself in a tucked position. This is what will let you get on your feet from this tucked position.

Step 2:

Explode up from this tucked position.

If you're an experienced jumper... you can jump all the way up.

If you're not a jumper... just stand up from this position.

The candlestick exit is a great plyometric way to end toes to sky and get a little more ab burn too!

Toes To Sky Modification

I've already mentioned this... but I wanted to bring more attention to the proper modification.

Rather than going all the way up on your shoulders... just stop at the top of the leg raise.

Make sure you keep your abs crunched HARD with your...

  • Shoulders off the ground
  • Get your hips slightly pulsed off the ground

This is called a hollow leg raise.

Come straight back down to the bottom of the leg raise. And don't worry about doing the candlestick out... just stand up.

Farmers Carry

I love a heavy farmers carry.

Make sure you go HEAVY for this carry. The entire point of a famers carry is going heavy.

All you're going to do is carry your kettlebell or dumbbell like a suitcase... but you have to maintain really good posture the entire time.

  • Stand up straight
  • Keep your shoulders level to the ground
  • Keep your hips level to the ground
  • Keep your core tight and pulled in so you're standing up tall
  • Have your shoulder blades pulled back so you're chest is open

The heavy weight is going to test your:

  • Grip strength
  • Shoulder stability strength
  • Core strength and endurance

If you have extra time after you complete this 5 Minute Fit Finisher workout... do some more farmers carries and try to walk for as long as possible.

If you enjoy these carries... you have to go try the 5 Minute Fit Finisher workout called Don't Break . It's a fun workout filled with nothing but carries.

It's really tough but the challenge is what makes it hard.

Give Can You Candlestick A Go!

Go give this workout a go and let me know how you do.

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