Hearts Fluttering - 5 Minute Fit Finisher Workout

Do you love flutter kicks?

I do!

But I love most exercises.

Flutter kicks are a great exercise... but you can get lazy with them. We're not going to get lazy and I'll explain what I mean in a minute.

But first... let's get into this weeks 5 Minute Fit Finisher.

Hearts Fluttering Workout Breakdown

This workout has a few rules. Here are the exercises first...

Workout Part 1

  • Bullet point

    # Flutter kicks

  • Bullet point

    4 Lunge clean to press

Workout Part 2

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    # Flutter kicks

  • Bullet point

    6 Suitcase lunge pulses

Here's the rep schedule for the flutter kicks.

80 - 60 - 40 - 20 - 40 - 60 - 80

How Hearts Fluttering Flows

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    Start at 80 flutter kicks and go down and back up the rep schedule

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    In between each flutter kick set do the second exercise

  • Bullet point

    After you go all the way down the rep schedule and back up...

  • Bullet point

    Do it all over again... but switch to suitcase lunge pulses

If you have time or you just want to... keep going and switch back to the first exercise. Lunge to clean to press.

For this workout you're going for speed.

But you're also going for a heavier kettlebell or dumbbell during the second exercise.

Push it hard and focus on your crunching your core hard. We are going to talk about this as well in a second.

Go heavy and focus on strength when you use it. Getting strong is the name or our game.

Hearts Fluttering Exercise Breakdown

Flutter Kicks


Flutter kicks are simple in nature... but there's a specific action we are going to focus on. This will make all the difference in getting the core work we want.

Step 1

Get in a hollow hold.

Your shoulders are off the ground... pushing your ribs down.

Your legs are off the ground and you're working to balance your weight on your low back. This means you need to try to lift your hips up off the ground.

Start with one leg up and one leg down.

form tip

First... don't place your hands under your butt.

This is cheating in a sense because it tilts your hips up making it so you don't have to work your abs as hard.

Rather than sit on your hands... place them next to your body and hold them off the ground.

If you feel your low back coming off the ground... bend your legs at your knees. Your legs do not need to be straight.

When you bend your knees... you bring some weight back to your center of gravity. This will let you crunch your abs harder so you can push your low back down into the ground.

Give it a shot and you'll feel the difference immediately.

Step 2

Keep this HARD ab crunch while you flutter your legs up and down.

Each leg going up counts as a "rep".

Let's Talk About The Ab Crunch

When you crunch your abs... it's common for a lot of women to let their abs push out. I was guilty of doing this for a long time.

The key is first engaging and holding your abs down correctly. Here's how to do this...

Make An "S" Sound And Breath Out

Stand up tall. Breath out and and as you do... make an audible "S" sound... like a snake.

You'll feel your abs start to tighten.

Focus a little on your low abdomen... at and below your belly button.

Feel your abs burn and hold there for a little bit.

Hollow Hold With Legs Bent


Bend your knees to 90 degrees.

This is going to make it easier to focus on your abs crunching. The more you extend your legs the harder it's going to be on your abs. Right now we want to focus on the crunch.

Do your breathing technique to tighten your core.

Perform a hollow hold with your legs bent.

Focus HARD on pushing your abs down and keeping them tight. You may have to hold your breath as you learn this. As you get stronger and your brain gets better at communicating with your abs... this will get easier.

Lunge To Clean To Press


This is such a tough exercise requiring your entire body for strength and control.

Step 1

Get in a lunge position.

To better explain this... let's say start with your left left back and your right leg forward.

Step 2

Place the kettlebell or dumbbell on the inside of your right foot.

Grab the weight with your left arm. It really helps to perform a good clean when you have your thumb pointed back towards your body.

Step 3

Push into your right leg (the front leg) and pull up on the weight.

You want to use your leg and your arm to get the weight moving up.

As you step out of the lunge and into standing position... at the same time... you are cleaning the kettlebell so it lands in rack at about the same time you are fully standing.

Step 4

Brace your core... pull your shoulders back... and press the kettlebell up and over your head.

Step 5

When you come back down to the start... I suggest you re-rack the weight and as you step back into your lunge you are also lowering the weight all the way down to the floor.

This is an advanced total body exercise.

You'll need to play and practice with it so you can get the flow. Once you do... you'll start to move faster and with more grace. Make sure you focus on balance as well... any time you do lunges, balance is a key focus.

Suitcase Lunge Pulses


Let's not leave lunges. They are such a good exercise and I really love lunge pulses. They keep your leg muscles in constant stage of engagement which means results.

Step 1

Start in a lunge. For this example let's say... step your right leg back.

Have your kettlebell or dumbbell in your right hand as well... right next to your body like you're carrying a suitcase.

Step 2

Focus hard on keeping your balance as you pulse down until your knee barely touches the ground... or you're just an inch from the ground.

You want your front knee to move past your toes just a little. This puts your body's weight in a better position.

Step 3

Come back up and immediately go right back down as well. This is pulse for a reason.

The ultimate goal for this exercise is to go heavy. Because we're going for speed as well... you can go little lighter.

Let's Rock Out Hearts Fluttering

You are officially coached up and ready to knock out Hearts Fluttering.

This is a great little 5 Minute Fit Finisher workout. I hope you enjoy it.

Remember what we talked about to get the most from this workout:

  • Bullet point

    Focus on keeping your abs pulled in and rib cage moving down your body.

  • Bullet point

    Focus on your balance during lunges as this will make all the difference.

Let me know how this workout goes. I want to hear about the lunges.

Here are some other core workouts you can pair with this one:

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Okay... now go do Hearts Fluttering and DM me on social so I know how you did.

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