Kindal pushing a sled and feeling the burn. This is one of the hardest fitness tests you can do.

Sled And Battle Rope Blast Test

I hate this workout.

Okay... hate is a strong word. I love to hate this workout... but the workout itself is AMAZING...

  • Amazingly hard...
  • Amazingly mentally challenging...
  • Amazingly cardio...
  • Amazingly strength...

And AMAZINGLY effective!

But there's a catch. You need two very specific types of equipment to do this workout:

  • A sled you can push.
  • Battle ropes.

It's likely the only women who can do this workout have gym memberships. But if you get a chance... try this workout. It's so hard... but the difficulty is what makes you feel great when you're done.

Let's get into this fitness test.

The Sled And Battle Rope Blast Test

Dan created this workout probably close to two years ago.

He really enjoys creating workouts he can repeat on a regular basis... workouts that allow you to improve and get better.

This was one of his insane workouts. It's simple to do:

  • 100 Alternating battle ropes
  • 1 Sled push
  • 80 Alternating battle ropes
  • 2 Sled pushes
  • 60 Alternating battle ropes
  • 3 Sled pushes
  • 40 Alternating battle ropes
  • 4 Sled pushes
  • 20 Alternating battle ropes
  • 5 Sled pushes

The goal is to complete the workout in as little time as possible.

You can rest as much as needed... but the clock is ticking.

Length Of Sled Push

The length of the sled push is 50 feet. So if you can do this workout... try to get around this length, keeping in mind you may have to change the number of pushes if say one length is only 20 feet.

Weight On Sled

Don't go too heavy. I used 191 pounds. This includes the sled weight and our sled weighs 101 pounds. I had two 45 plates on the sled.

Dan typically used 251 pounds. This is three 45 pound plates and one 15 pound plate.

Make it hard... but because we're going for speed don't go too heavy.

Battle Ropes

We have two battle ropes.

One is longer and lighter. This set allows you to battle rope really fast but... honestly... it's easier.

The other is shorter and a lot heavier. As you get better at battle roping... work your way to a set of heavier ropes if that's a possibility.

What If You Don't Have A Sled Or Battle Ropes?

This is not the workout for you. Sorry... not every workout I create will be home based. Most will be!

This is why you should join Fit Women's Weekly LIVE . Every daily workout I design is custom and designed for home workouts.

Let me think for a second 🤔... I'll create you an alternate workout.

Alternate Sled And Battle Rope Workout

To replace battle ropes... shoulder taps.

If you can... do shoulder taps on sliders.

To replace the sled... heavy goblet squats.

Let's say... 12 heavy goblet squats equals one length.

So here's the modified workout...

  • 100 Shoulder taps (on sliders)
  • 12 Heavier goblet squats
  • 80 Shoulder taps (on sliders)
  • 24 Heavier goblet squats
  • 60 Shoulder taps (on sliders)
  • 36 Heavier goblet squats
  • 40 Shoulder taps (on sliders)
  • 48 Heavier goblet squats
  • 20 Shoulder taps (on sliders)
  • 60 Heavier goblet squats

Break up the squats as needed. Listen to your body... but remember the clock is ticking.

DM on Instagram or YouTube and let me know if you want me to film this alternate workout. If I get 10 DMS or mentions... I'll do it!

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