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How Many Days Should I Workout During The Week?

Stop over thinking working out.

It's not important how many days you "should" workout during the week... what is important is getting at least one workout in during the week.

One workout is far better than nothing. Let's talk about this...

In this article, you're going to learn:

  • The minimum number of days to workout and get results.
  • My top 3 favorite strategies to get your workouts completed.
  • Two day... three day... and four day workout templates you can use to get started today.
  • Plus how to know if you're working out too much.

How Many Days Should You Workout During The Week And Still Get Results?

Two days.

I owned my own fitness studio for over 12 years. I've had hundreds of members who only worked out two days per week... and I was able to help them achieve visible results.

Were they amazing before and after transformations?

No. But these women did:

  • Lose weight...
  • Considerable inches from their body...
  • Gained energy...
  • Built self confidence...
  • And built a repeatble fitness lifestyle!

I believe two days is the minimum number of days to workout and still get results.

But one is still better than nothing.

How Many Days Should You Workout To Make A Big Body Change?

I suggest three days.

I think three is optimal for most women.

  • It's enough to get some real results (espeically when you pair three workouts with eating clean)...
  • It's not overwhelming if you can make Saturday or Sunday a workout day...
  • It will translate into a serious fitness lifestyle...

I want to hit on that last point.

When you get three well designed... planned... and intense workouts completed week in and week out, your mindset starts to shift.

Here's what I mean.

Mindset of Two Workouts Per Week

I believe it's harder to maintain a workout habit when you only workout two days a week.


Because it's too easy in your mind to say...

"I only need to get two workouts done this week. I'll for sure get a workout done TOMORROW."

And you know the story.

Tomorrow comes and it's too easy to push your workout off again.

You never really get into a workout groove. With two workouts per week... you still have to force yourself to workout a lot of the time.

If this is all you can do... do it... I highly suggest you schedule your workouts with a day and time and DO NOT SKIP!

Mindset of Three Workouts Per Week

Working out three days a week is tough.

If you skip a day... you immediately start running out of days and the chance of failing to get three workotus done is real.

There's a little pressure to perform when you commit to three workouts per week.

Plus when you have six to eight weeks of not missing a workout... something happens inside you. You build momentum. It's a desire to workout because of how good it makes you feel.

Plus you hate to see this streak of workouts end. You see the effort you've put into the process.

With three workouts per week, you start to build a sustainable fitness lifestyle.

How Many Days Should You Workout To Kill It?

Four to Five.

I highly suggeset at least one day per week where you do nothihg but reset or do a stretch workout.

When you get into the habit of working out four to five times per week... things change.

  • Your body changes fast...
  • Your mind get's sharper...
  • You're more confident and excited...
  • You have more energy...
  • You move easier and you feel good in your skin...

It really does change how you think and act.

Strive for four to five. Built up to it... it does take time to build this habit.

But realize there will be times in life when you have to scale back to three times per week... or maybe even back to two times per week to keep any shred of a habit going.

And that's okay.

How Many Workouts Is Too Much?

This is not complicated.

If you feel:

  • Sore
  • Tired
  • Cranky
  • Guilty for not working out

And you feel these sensations or emtions day to day... you NEED to take a break.

I suggest at least one full day per week off.

One day where you do a stretch and mobility workout.

The 4 Most Important Things To Remember

1. Commit To Consistency

I didn't mention anything about how long these workouts should be. Don't worry about workout length.

I wrote about how to get motivated to go to the gym using my show up up dressed technique. If you're brand new to exercise, do this for one month and NEVER miss a workout. Your habits will change fast.

The key is to show up to your workout on consistent basis.

Even if you:

  • Don't workout (the Show Up Dressed technique)
  • Only do a short 5 to 10 minute workout
  • Do a 30 minute workout
  • Or go all out with a 60 minute workout

The key is to show up to your workout every time... no matter what.

2. Commit to Intensity

Intensity is close behind consistency.

It's a simple fact... our bodies adapt quickly to routines.

When you workout... no matter how long your workout is... push yourself hard. Get to those reps that are really tough and focus on them.

These tough reps are the ones that will change your body.

Not every workout needs to be a killer... sweat dripping... muscle burning session that leaves you laying on the ground in tears. (This is actually a bad idea.)

Just realize, if you want change you have to push your comfort zone.

There are dozens of ways to do this which is why I offer my online personal trainer program , Fit Women's Weekly LIVE. I design the workouts for you and make sure every workout pushing your body in new and interesting ways.

Plus I'm there for you when you need a rest day with nothing but feel good stretches, mobility, and active recovery workouts !

3. If You Mess Up Don't Push Off

Don't "short term" quit when you:

  • Have a bad week...
  • Miss a workout or two...
  • Are low in motivation...

This is what derails more women who're getting started with a workout habit. Most women hit their first rough patch and quit for a few months or longer.

This is why consistency is my number one habit.

When things get hard or motivation is low...

Focus on showing up to your workout... even if you don't actually workout.

Build that habit and the rest will fall into place quickly.

4. Settle In

Forget about daily and weekly results.

I've privately coached thousands of women and most expect outrageous results in two weeks. Even after I set expectations.

Why? Probably because of social media and all the lies in the fitness industry. Unfortunately, most of the claims out there are straight up lies. Use them for motivation, but realize what's realistic and what's fantasy.

Besides... once you get the results you want:

  • Are you goin got stop working out and eating healthy?
  • Are you going to be angry because it took longer than you expected?

Of course not.

So settle in.

Build your workout habit and I guarantee the results you've always dreamed about will come. Probably faster than you think... but let it happen through a habit. Not through tricks and gimmicks that always fail in the end.

Are You Ready To Build A Consistent Workout Habit?

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Now, go and start building your workout habit!

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